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  1. Seems like 95% of today's gamers dont want to read. Anything. So this thread is no surprise. /comes to quest giver /clicks 'continue' until quest is given /time to create a thread blaming devs for your lack of reading comprehension Its always someone else's fault.
  2. Gah, see its things like this that should be more apparent to the player. Perfect example of this is 2nd floor of catacombs, I always find something very nice in there, whether I can use it or not and its frustrating when you cant reload to find a better item
  3. totally sell it and the cape from the starter cave and buy some real adventurers with it
  4. The Keep itself would do well with a buff. As it stands its pretty much just a mid game money sink. Granted we have the main quest to contend with but they could have added more meatiness to it, NWN2 keep was fkn awesome. I was hoping this was going to be along those lines. I like the security /prestige premise but there's no interaction with the place unless you're optionally going to defend it yourself. The shops offer weak loot, it never upgrades on your level or on the act...I really like the Keep just wished they given it a bigger part in the player's game experience. As for the bonuses, I NEVER sleep at my Keep - the trip alone isnt worth it, nevermind the fact that the inns offer way better bonuses
  5. So some no-name from some forum made a negative review about this game...this warrants response threads?
  6. I give mine a pike to deal 2nd row dmg in between spells, works for me
  7. Act III seems like a different game altogether, its short in the amount of places to visit / travel to but seems to take forever.
  8. I think their origin matters a lot. Im not going to follow some man made creation, its tainted by the agenda or the influence of its creator. Yea it makes a huge difference on the origin. They are supposed to represent ideals or virtues, but being created my man, you have to question if that ideal is in it's purest form or simply a flawed interpretation of (a) man's concept of this idea.
  9. Also the 'Kolsc didnt send me' line should be flagged as a lie since there's literally no way to get to the Keep without encountering him, he'll even approach you in town if you do the Mothers Plea quest before heading out there
  10. I've been rerolling different chars / party combos and trying things in different ways to see if there are any different outcomes to the story / quests and Im finding there are simply certain levels at which you can and cannot do stuff. Raedrics before lev 4 is impossible for me That quest for the Valians at the bridge, this is usually just something I do while running around in DB. I mop the floor with these guys (at lev 7), tried them at lev 5 and they ripped me a new one, even though I had better gear and better understanding of how to engage them. If you have a ranger the best thing to do is send the pet to the door, this activates the spawn while keeping your group nice and tight at the entrance. Then I usually slicken then fireball, the end
  11. Its an irreversible move that can cost you hours of playtime, Im not one for handholding but that bit should to be explained more clearly to the gamer
  12. Did I read somewhere in there the fighter is literally the worst class in the game? Anyway, there are many flaws in the OP, maybe play the game another time through. The animancers didnt cause the outbreak at Heritage Hill. How could they when they couldnt even figure out how to operate it. There are no Gods, there are the ideals that the Engwithians created via their machines Obviously there isnt a giant pink beam coming out of the body when Thaos transfers vessels, thats for the player to understand what's happening, so I think it would be pretty hard for all the guards to instantly pounce on him 2 seconds after what appear to be an old man stretching his back The rest of the post just boils down to a lot of generalizations on weapons and combat that I didnt agree with (Soldiers being literally useless takes the cake) like Bows being 'useless' cause 'they dont over come DR' chanting being 'useless' cause something about one of the 3 enchants (which is pretty generous) you didnt like chanting for human dmg is a no brainer...when most people have problems with shades...and would probably put that on immediately
  13. whats the difference between camping (camping fire) and camping (visionary scene), I always felt like the visionary campscene meant I was going a little crazier?
  14. Only if you use clothes, which you really don't have to. Put him in proper armor and he's going to do fine. True but his speed is incredible in just clothes, and it's only a few levels before he starts coming into his own. End game my monk had 96 deflection and I figured the chants I wouldnt use for his weapons I put towards clothing. But in the end I ended using that robe ffrom the tier 3 bounties, still incredibly fast and very decent damage for fists.
  15. ok I'll go rogue then for my ranged party slot - warbow Thats a shame about ranger, seems they always mess up the archer in these games - either they never hit hard enough or fast enough
  16. well Im not switching multiple guns and rifles and pistols and whatnot in combat like Im Mad Max so what was decided to be the best overall weapon for ranger
  17. I tried Marked Prey on my 1st hunter but the battles dont justify its use. Most battles are over in under 2 min, I eventually pick it up much later and give it a shot on some of the higher end bosses and bounties...meh If it was a mark until the prey died, yes thats good, but 30 seconds? Maybe I dont use it right (mark / stay on him while others kill rest) but it seems like having everyone focus fire is much more effective than pulling him off to *maybe* kill one target before 30 seconds is up I am torn between the war bow and hunters bow myself...if you spec right, maybe the speed of the hunter can make up for its lack of power, but that Superb warbow on the last tier of bounties...its a beast. I dont know how people like Arbalest and pistols, its like having a 5 man party cause they're out of the battle so long reloading
  18. ... Anyway, until your monk has some abilities under his belt, he his definitely a glass cannon and needs for your tank to engage 1st You also want him in a robe (I enchanted clothing for mine, even less recovery). Get him TW fighting and spec peasant or whatever unarmed is under. Once he gets that monk speed ability, he takes and keeps top dps spot - you can literally watch him fly from mob to mob killing them while your team is still on the 1st mob from when the engagement started. He is ridiculously powerful but needs to be watched in the beginning' Monk speed is better than boots of speed to me cause I dont want anyone flying off and away from the party during dungeon crawls, monk speed is combat only and rocks
  19. I would not recommend doing those quests / handing them in at such an early level - the payouts are extreme and you'll be running around act 3 maxed out (and probably bored)
  20. too situational, unless you're making your own - short of a tough boss fight I rarely go looking for extra firepower
  21. Tall Grass is for sale at the weaponsmith in Dyrford Village Warbow with Superb and 2 other chants drops off a mob in the 3rd round of bounties (only 3 but I cant remember which)
  22. Thats the thing, they were so short I was like 'nahhhh, that cant be it' and Eder and Aloth will make mention of their thoughts about it later on in the game, so I always thought there was more to it, a second part. Eder's only seems longer than it really is cause you need to get the rep to speak to the historian first. But even if that's the end of the quests, Im not swapping Eder out for anyone else cause he's undroppable as a tank and I need the CC of the wizard, not to mention the fact of the last 3 only Pallagena has any real appeal - and the game isnt really long enough to get to know the last 3...well, I mean, if companion quests last as long as getting to the next town maybe you can but still...
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