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  1. Intelligence can be useful, depending on your build. Perception is skippable unless you're desperate to try an interrupt build. Resolve is a bit less skippable, since you don't want to get interrupted. I know, mate. That's what I'm asking. I'm making a DPS Range Rogue just like OP, but I'm not sure which to dump first. Rogue doesn't have many duration abilities, and little to none AoE abilities. So doesn't that mean I should just drop Intelligence all-together? For example - Might = 18 Con = 3 Dexterity = 18 Perception = ? Intelligence = 3 Resolve = ? I'm not sure if you
  2. Might = Max Dex = Max Con = Min Intellect = 18 Resolve = 16 Perception = Min Does this sound good? I don't know if I really need Resolve, Perception or even Intelligence. I don't care to RP. Help.
  3. It really comes down to what you want your priest to do. But usually you'll want to pump Intelligence as much as you can, then you would go Might. Pump Dexterity for faster casting.
  4. I see. I see! Thank you. Should I drop Perception to 8 or keep it at 10? I need Might so I can heal better. Every Priest build encourages Might.
  5. Hello! I apologize for the sudden spike of Priest threads, but I have so many questions and it's killing me! I'm building a min/max Priestess to maximize her capabilities, but I'm a little troubled. What attributes can I drop? I obviously need Might and Intelligence, but I was thinking of dropping Con to 3 and adding some points into Dexterity to speed up casting time, plus dropping Perception as low as possible and put the rest in Resolve. Or do I have all of this wrong? This is a little difficult or I'm thinking about this a little too much.. Do I need Resolve, Dexterity and P
  6. I've recently been playing as a Priest and I'm getting the impression that you're not really a reliable damage dealer, despite the amazing healing capabilities. Does anyone know a stat build for a good dps Priest, if that's even possible? I'm new to the whole stat thing so I wouldn't know where to start on that.
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