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  1. So i knew that durations were not INT dependent but recently ive noticed that damage and healing seems to be independent of might too. Can any dev confirm that chants are unmodifiable? If so what is the logic behind that? it makes chanters pretty independent of their stats, what the point in having INT and MIGHT if two of the things you get from those attributes dont apply to almost all of your spells
  2. Where is your damage coming from if i may ask? You beat me to it, ive been trying to solo my way through the endless paths the last couple of days but i was gonna do a paldin run what classes are still untaken maybe we can divide them up between us dont think anyone has done a ranger, havnt seen a druid PoTD either. maybe we should write a list and have a race
  3. I agree tbh, he destroys my solo play PoTD chanter in one hit despite my chanter being built 100% tanky. Im thinking I need to enchant corode DR and see what difference that makes, Im thinking as long as I can avoid his first attack and kill his adds beforehand i might be able to kite him. MY goal for today is to kill him
  4. Once you get to chant level 3 you kinda gotta accept you are only gonna get 1/2 invocations for almost every battle in game, i would have gone for ogres but given im a melee tank i didnt want them getting in the way of my chant hitting people, and the terror aura drakes apply really help with tanking (-accuracy means they miss more often). I would be interested to know how the ogres hold up as well but i guess i thought the drake was more appropriate given i have like 3 chants build around the dragon chants xD (Double dragon, Dragon of Fortitude, Dragon of Haste). Im probably gonna get the ice thing as my second one because im often surrounded so 7 spikes of ice would be great
  5. @Omnicron I think people fuss too much over base stats tbh, I get 18 deflection from my base stats, the other 103 defelction comes from abilities gear and i assume level and class (I counted and it didnt quite add up) Now the issue with such a low deflection that you have is that everything will crit you, at level ten i have 175 endurance with 17 con, thats roughly 20 HP from my con value and 150 from my class choice (cba to check the numbers), the issue here is that 20 HP is nothing at all compared to how hard crits hit. so imo you get more our of higher defences than you do higher HP, potions are pretty easy to come by so per encounter i can get hit for about 3-4 times my endurance if I need to, comparatively its pretty hard to boost your defences in a similar way. Anyway i would be curious how it turns out for you, given the only other cipher run ive seen relied on S/L to ensure traps and spells hit its a very all or nothing class as far as I can tell. The reason im so in love with monks and chanters is because I see their damage and tankyness as far more reliable. Havng said that when i was fighting the spiders i used like 20 camping supplies, had to keep my summons up and avoid the petrify they apply with AUTOATTACKS. I shat myself a few times I came so close to permadeath, petrify is my least favorite spell in the world it needs a nerf badly but it basically turned me from a tank that got hit for 1-2 damage per hit nto a bit of paper that could get two shot, luckily I had a spellbind remove condition but yea.... thats level 12/13 i think of the endless paths. There was a point in there somewhere...but i cant really answer any questions about wizards, the only wizard ive even looked at was aloth in my first run through. As for maewald its actually much easier than people think it is, get some sugar from the inn and you should be able to seperate maewald from his spirts, if you block the doorway with a figurnine he will cast some aoe on it and he often kills his own allies this way, take down his allies first IMO as they are pretty weak and drop pretty fast, its especially good if you can kill the fire one near him as it explodes. As soon as you see him start to cast eat some sugar and move out of the way, after a few embarrassing misses he will start autoattacking for no damage and you can move in and finish him off. The real trick is just to not let him him his spellswhich is easily achieved by moving out of the way. Same thing goes with the druids you fight later that Ive heard people complain about. I mean hell the game TELLS you when they are casting and what they are casting even at the cost of an engagement attack or two (lets say 20 dmg) its worth dodging a nasty spell (easily 30 dmg and up and often applies a condition as well)
  6. Don't forget to give monks some love, Less flashy but they have great base stats, particularly accuracy which is the hardest stat to boost in game. Sadly their late game plateaus somewhat relative to spellcasters but they don't get nearly enough love As far as the range thing goes that's relatively easily solved with a spare set of heavier armor, or one of the biggest tricks I've learnt is in abusing how the ai targets, they will target based on the defence stat they are attacking ie me lee attacks target the lowest deflection unless engaged, but on top of that they peel off the defend casters a great emergency button when you are surrounded is to cast a figurine right on top of the enemy squishes, they will usually all disengage you except one or two and go to help their caster, giving you time to position etc
  7. The two Ive found easiest have been monks and chanters but i know ppl who have done it with several classes. Solo play often reduces down to smart use of scrolls, figurines, and potions so i think it depends on your playstyle. My current run my chanter was mediocre until i hit level 9 i think it was, i was building him full on tank so his dps was laughable then when i got hte dragon chant everything changed, now i just walk into a room with a few potions and heal up while chanting, short of a stun lock there are very few dangers to me any more. Level 13 of the endless paths before level 9 these forge knights were steamrolling me in every fight, now.... not so much
  8. No but on my non iron man run i died 3 times before i decided it was too risky. There is literally nothing I can do if he opens with the breath, it crits for 195 corrode damage and I have 175 HP. Waaaaay too risky, i mean if i can level to 12, and get better gear and guarantee i dont get one shotted then ill come back. I mean im brave not stupid, no point going into a fight where I can get one shoted and there is absolutely nothing i can do to dodge it. Like even with speed boosts I cant run from the blast radius fast enough. Im thinking if i come back when i have 200 or so HP, kill the adds first (i read that if you accept his quest to go kill the dragon hunter you can go and force attack his adds), stack 5 major potions of restore health, open with speed chant and kite, she moves super slowly so it shouldnt be a problem to kite forever if I can avoid that ****ing breath. Then I can spam drakes at her. I havnt survived long enough yet to work out if she has health regen or not. If she does have health regen then Im gonna need to use paralyse scrolls, not sure if one or two stacks would be enough, but if i have 5 pots thats about 800 endurance to work with assuming i use them efficiently, If im gonna kite and spam drakes i wont need a figurine so i could get with 2 stacks or paralysis scrolls and maybe 5 wall of flames, im thinking if i can keep her on some form of hazard field thats the most reliable way to take her down. I also still need to pick my other level 3 chant and invocation. The fire one is awesome but i dont really wanna get close to her so thats out. But yea im still level ten so i think this is definietly a fight i need to come back to. If she doesnt have HP regen then that makes it muc much much easier, i can spam summons to wittle her down, takes forever but this run has like 20 hours of play in it now no way am i gonna restart if i fail now. Im also thinking I wanna be stacking reflexes for the AOE she does. If im honest its tempting to just do her quest and get access to the treasury that way, like the only thing she drops that i want is adra dragon scale for the highest level enchant. But i want the dragonslayer achievement (not enough to risk permadeath though). Anyway think thats enough for today, have a few quests to turn in like the forging of the blade thing
  9. You have to do into the inn and upstairs and manually click on the bed as far as i know, which is actually less than helpful as the greatest time eater in my games are the loading screens and so its faster to go to a proper inn and buy two sets of camp fires and rest in the inn, that way you get three recharges for the same number of loading screens lol
  10. **** that..... gonna have to come back when im level 12 or something but its stupid that he one shots you right at the start, where is the skill in that
  11. Fiaally figured out how to clear level 14, had to use a couple of semi exploit l found :/ but i needed the dps and I needed to split them coz of the stun lock. So yea despite the thread title I broke my own rules, i did two things i consider exploits, i abused the ai pathing, and I cycled between two dragon chants, this makes your damage go through the roof as ill explain: The dragon chant does a total of 40 fire damage and 40 slash damage, as far as I can tell these numbers are fixed but the game could be lying to me as i cant see the actual value of the enemy HP so im relying on the combat log. The chant applies a DOT at the start of chanting and damages at the start of chanting and every two seconds after that meaning each DOT hits for about 14 damage combined. Again not 100% on this number. Now this spell already does a LOT of damage to opponents but if you cycle between two chants that both apply the dot you get the first hit every time you start chanting. Whenever you stop chanting the dot duration goes down to like 1 so you cant apply limitless DOTs to the same enemy but you CAN hit it for 14 about 5 times faster than the DOT would normally hit. Needless to say this lets you absolutely NUKE the crap out of any squishies in your nearby vicinity. So i figured out how to separately pull each of the mobs present on level 14 (apparently you can avoid this fight with high int which if you can DO because you dont get much from them and its a very hard fight) the fight doesnt end till they are all dead even if they arent engaged with you (meaning a passive endurance regen will let you get back to full HP between pulls, so: For the paralysing Adragans these are actually the easiest to deal with, you just need a summon up and if you are tanky enough they will always attack your summon not you, even with high fortitude its hard to avoid the paralyse but its not that big of a deal, if you made it down this far you should be able to deal with these anyway For the spirit of Caed Nua you want to blow all your cooldowns, he hits hard, terrifies you, and is tanky as hell so the best wa i found to deal with him was to drop a couple of hazzard fields down (or petrify if you have access to it but i didnt) and just try to hide behind your summons. Like i said this is the guy who is gonna be hardest so use everything you have if you need to as everything else you can take down with summons and chants. THe most important thing is that his deflection is high enough that your chant misses more often than it doesnt so do NOT use the cycling trick, if it lands you wanna get the full duration out of the DOT. For the primal wind things you need to watch out for the stunlock, its painful and risky but if you get in close and use the chant cycling trick above you can get them down very quickly so unless you have the worst luck you should be fine. These were the only fights i was really worried about for my trial of iron save because even stacking stun resistance etc you can get stunlocked to death, that and I was wearing plate so i was most vulnerable to chock dmg. If possible you want to charm one or two of these right at the begining and pray that they get killed by their own team. The other named spirits are tough but straight forward fights, i mean the risk is really from the main spirit and the wind things. The cloak that the boss spirit drops is only JUUUUUUST good enough to be worth the difficulty of the fight, it is a great cloak but that fight was probably the hardest ive had so far coz i had to juggle so many different things at the same time (items rationing, endurance management, making sure i had enough DPS, breaking the AI, avoiding stunlocks like they are the plague
  12. I get lots of mats for enchanting and scrolls and potions, im now on level 14, plus some pretty good unique gear (eg a superb sabre)
  13. made it to level nine. I am the new vampire king :D me and my pet dragon. Its raining dragons: Not sure i can go lower, vithraks are too luck based, i mean i can dodge some of the cc with figurine spam but im not really prepared enough to deal with the paralyse spam
  14. Im currently clearing the endless paths wanna see if i can solo the whole thing. So far most things dont hit hard enough to kill me so i can heal any damage and my level three chant does 40 fire dmg and 40 slash damage to everyone around me. I have the firgurines to throw out distractions if i come across any troublen but this chant has turned the game into easy mode again lol
  15. Anyone have nay tips for how to do this room? I have 3x fire traps and the figurine. Playing with Cipher level 4. with the figurine you should be able to position yourself in the corner in a way that they cant reach you, from there 4 scrolls of fan off flames should be able to kill them all, as a cipher you should also try to be mind controlling them
  16. Yea being able to tank helps: If anything i would build him even more tanky as i just found out that your level 3 aoe damage chant is totally unaffected by might and from scion of flame, thats a wasted talent point....
  17. So something i have come across while playing my chanter is that the dragon thrashed the dragon wailed (level three chant) applies nice DOT on enemies in the aura. I was thinking how i could maximise my damage and was looking at my combat log and realised that the damage from the chant isnt continuous, it applies at the start of the chant and continues even if you are stunned or switch chants. Furthermore I found that the dot can stack if the previous DOT is still active when you begin a new chant. So to test a theory I made two chants, one called 'here there be dragons', one called 'double dragon' and I found that when you switch chants the DOT duration reduces so that you cant stack it, so you cant do unlimited damage, however you can recast instantly if you miss which reduces the luck factor of combat by quite a lot. IE you can guarantee that your opponent is suffering from it. Another thing ive noticed is that the damage from it seems to be entirely unaffected by might at least so says the tooltip. I mean seriously? is there anything at all that affects chants? if might doesnt affect their damage and int doesnt affect their duration then is there ANY POINT AT ALL in getting these attributes? i mean seriously? Im really hoping this si just poor labelling but i have 18 might and the tooltip reads the same. Can anyone confirm if might has an effect on this spell? Checking the combat log reads that a normal hit does 40 fire and 40 slash damage over 12 seconds. this is with 5 int and 18 might. Soooo if im understanding this right there is basically nothing at all you can do to affect your chants, which makes int only useful for its range and might pretty useless too.Im trying not to rant here but if this is all true then in makes chanters fall outside the game rules that every other class follows...
  18. So my dps just went through the roof: Running maximum might and scion of flame, other than that its full tank: 121 deflection 71 fortitude 95 reflexes 72 will for some reason i cant enchant over my sanguine plate so wont be able to upgrade it to superb when i hit level 12 so i think ill switch to something else at that stage, i mean ill still keep it for fights against fast attack speed but as it is i dont really get hit often enough for it to pay off and the dps from my dragon chant>>retaliation. Quite importantly getting knocked prone DOESNT stop you chanting so i just need to watch out for stuns i think
  19. hmm, i think chanters are one of the most versatile classes out there so i really hate when people say they can only be playd 'X' way or that they suck when played 'Z' way, its just like well play to your strengths
  20. the higher level chants are often worth the longer chant time, for example when i turn on y aoe fire damage everyone around me dies, ill open with speed buffs, kite till i can get a summon up then ill switch to fire and nuke the **** out of whatever im fighting
  21. Thing of it is, even if you didn't have a personal rule against dumping stats, you still probably don't wanna do it on PotD anyways. it depends, i find that dumping int on a chanter that stays in melee range is worthwhile as you will always hit mobs and allies near you and durations matter very little to you. But i tae you point, in general dumping a stat is almost always a bad idea On hard or easier, dump the hell out of stats all you want. PotD will punish you for having bad resists, though. Will rarely comes int play though, and if you get perception (i think) you can make up for bad int TBH if ive learnt one thing from min maxing the hell out of my chanter its that your starting stats arent really that important compared to your gear and talents/spells The thing about will-gated attacks is mostly the fact that they tend to be really debilitating when they do happen. yea but unless you are in solo play you can afford one party member to be crippled by will attacks, and in solo play and kind of cc=death regardless of your will/fortitude/whatever.
  22. Thing of it is, even if you didn't have a personal rule against dumping stats, you still probably don't wanna do it on PotD anyways. it depends, i find that dumping int on a chanter that stays in melee range is worthwhile as you will always hit mobs and allies near you and durations matter very little to you. But i tae you point, in general dumping a stat is almost always a bad idea On hard or easier, dump the hell out of stats all you want. PotD will punish you for having bad resists, though. Will rarely comes int play though, and if you get perception (i think) you can make up for bad int TBH if ive learnt one thing from min maxing the hell out of my chanter its that your starting stats arent really that important compared to your gear and talents/spells
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