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  1. Its about beating the game, not just the dragon. They made that dragon virtually impossible to kill but I found a way to kill it solo that anyone can repeat and doesnt rely on petrify or anything. no idea what you mean by nudists btw
  2. Maybe step side to side a little bit to try and avoid the bug this time. It might be a memory leak, so a fresh reboot might help prevent it from happening this time as well. Good luck! The wurms wouldnt even be needed if i had more wall of fire scrolls... like i think if you had 29 wall of fire scrolls the adra dragon would just drop. as long as she stays standing on it for the duration im 99% sure that many walls of fire would kill her. Shame you cant buy burnt ladies anywhere or this would be my go to strategy.. Is it bad that the noise the dragon makes every time she is hit turns me on?? XD I hate her so much at this point i just want her to die. I might come back on easy with a full level 12 party and nuke her down over and over again and dance on her corpse. I didnt think it was possible to hate a fictional monster so much XD. Ive also been doing some number crunching. I need 97-100 to score a graze on it per wurm attack with the terrify debuff but no others, so thats 3/100 chance of a 1-2 damage hit, i get three attacks, on normal speed i timed the wurms attacks to be once per 7.5 seconds, so three attacks every 7.5 seconds, with a chance to hit of 3/100. 100/3 is 33.333 recurring so it should on average take 34 (rounding up) attacks to score one graze, the time for 34 attacks is 80 seconds, lets round that up to a minute and a half so thats a DPS of 1.5 (assuming its random if it hits for 1 or 2) every minute and a half, 3 damage in 3 minutes, some thats one damage per minute. The dragon has 500 or so HP ive read online, the scrolls of fire took it down to about a quarter hp so this fight will take about two hours. I have 800 HP and atm without any fatigue im being hit for nothing, hopefully with severe fatigue i wont die faster than the dragon. If it looks like im in danger of losing if i pause when the wurms fire and cast to replace them i cut the time between volleys down to between 5-6 seconds but that obviously requires much more micromanagement but if i needed to i could squeeze that extra DPS out
  3. There is nothing legit about death by silly glitch. Especially a glitch like yours. You didn't get caught by a momentary glitch you could make up for. You aren't trying to blame the game for your own mistake. You literally cannot move your character. You are just sitting there. Unable to do anything. I would not consider this a violation of Ironman if you restored because of such a slow and stupid glitch. I WOULD say you have to repeat the fight despite all the tedium. You decided to go into that fight with Ironman on, so you cannot back out of it now. No waiting until Level 12, even if that might have been a good idea in hindsight. Well its a good thing i didnt finish that book then... here it goes attempt number two. Last time all 5 of my paralyse spells missed so maybe if im luckier this time his HP will be lower when i start this trick. Oh well see you in hell dragon! I did take a detour to raedrics for a bit of fun but my gear level items etc are all the same so lets GOOOOO So 4/5 paralyse scrolls missed again but the walls of fire did more damage anyway. My greatest tip for this fight is to hoard walls of fire, i cant find anywhere in game to replace burnt ladies so if at all possible save them up for this (if you intend to fight this fight the way i am) So thats phase 1 and 2 done (pull and kill xuatrips followed by dumping as much DPS from scrolls as you can) now its time for phase 3 the boring bit.... I think a ranger or wizard would deal with phase three much better, you need ranged DPS, or even a cipher actually. Anyway time to sit back and watch, if it gltiches again im done. Even im not sadistic enough to do this three times
  4. aaand now its bugged so that i can no longer move or anything WTF.... maybe because i left it on overnight???? God what a waste of time... sort this **** out obsidian XD Im going to have to restart the game, no matter what I do my character cant move or do anything. The question is should i try to stay true to the spirit of ironman and do the exact same thing again or come back at level 12? I cant decide, guys? I mean that fight went on for like 2-3 hours last night and was still going strong, if i hit level 12 im not sure what difference it would make tbh. I guess if i got more wall of flame scrolls I would probably be able to win it without this trick but i dont know where to find nay more burnt ladies. I just dont think i have the willpower to do the entire fight again just because it bugged..... I mean its still a stalemate because the skirmisher hits me for like 1 damage every few minutes but my drakes are now too tired to hit the dragon at all so eventually (like several hours) i will die.... The only difference i can think level twelve will make is extra deflection, enough i think to make it impossible for the skirmisher to hit me at all. So. Given how boring that last fight was Ive decided to have a bit of fun before going back to it so this is me wallking up to raedrics front door and knocking loudly: I was just like bro you think you're tough. you havnt even seen mah dragons. Im not even sure if i can be bothered to do the fight again at all. It was working like he was close to death when it bugged out but the boredom factor was insane lol THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!!!!! In the game of thrones you win, or you die
  5. Don't you need Pallegrina to get access to that quest? Also, Act 1 is a lot of trouble against spirits. Sure, you can use scrolls to shoot them down with 'Fan of Flames', you could get some cool rings, maybe help with the Bronce Horne figurine and what not. Thats ok, but the thing is you need a lot of copper to get your hands in the propper stuff. I've found my self getting around 1.1k by the time I get to Gilded Vale. After a few easy quests (like the guy in the mill and the blacksmith crate), after picking up every possible loot (by killing everything I can kill and stealing everything without pissing anyone off) and after selling everything I had, I always end up with around 3.5k On my two PotD runs I had to sneak into Raedric's hold to keep stealing stuff and getting xp from disarming traps. I'm wondering, what's your strategy early on? you need to talk to her, you dont have to take her on as a companion
  6. Do you have an escape option, or are you facing down a dark tunnel of inevitability: victory or death? Yea it would be scary if it wasnt happening in such slow motion, as it is its just tedious, i mean i knew it would take a long time but this is draining all the fun out of the fight. However having thought through all my options i cant think of any plan that is more reliable than this one. yes a petrify trap+ nukes would work but the gret thing about this pull is that for whatever readons the adragans (which cast petrify on me=game over) dont follow the drake into the cave
  7. Starting stats were: Maximum might 12 constitution i think 10 dexterity max resolve min int max perception I think or roughly so. If I was to remake this build I would probably put might as normal to put int slightly higher and would max con, so basically i would max the three tanky stats. The reason for this is that both chants and summons SEEM to be entirely INDEPENDENT of your stats. When I look through my combat log etc all the damage and times are entirely fixed, the only thing you are able to affect is the ranges and so if anything int should be higher than might (no need to max it for a solo run as you wont have range problems if you are in melee and if you are kiting you would hit them anyway. For talents I took as many as i could so i went sword and shield, then cautious attack then superior deflection, then scion of flame (having discovered dmg from chants is fixed i would replace this with a different stat) I have second skin from allying with the knights (2 DR) and bears fortitude because I was terrified of petrify and paralyse (they both make you drop in seconds). As i see it there are two cons to this build: It is micro intensive Your DPS between level 4 when the phantom drops off and level 9 when you can get the dragon chant is absolutlely crap The pros are: Survivability, between summons and your crazy good defensive stats it takes something pretty hard hitting to even get close to scratching me. THe DPS from dragons chant is unreal, so much so that im expecting a nerf at some point TBH ALso invocation wise it doesnt really mater that much tbh. you want phantom, wurms, and either ogres or drakes (not sure which is better). The others dont really matter that much as most of the time you will spam those 3 invocations. Ive considered getting skeletons as well as it would make it easy to flank spellcasters if you drop all three of them right ont op of them
  8. It activates when you get hit by a critical hit. Im still wearing mine, they have saved my life many times over
  9. I'm trying to remember when I last heard such a call for moderation being said on the internet, a place that is famous for being anything but. Usually, the one that can shout their point the loudest in the most drastic language wins in that at least they get vastly more attention from either side of a debate. So this truly impressed me. In an ideal world it shouldn't but in this one it does. besides which you werent really overstating it tbh. The stronghold is useless, the only thing ive enjoyed it for is the endless paths but over than that its actually just a money sink nd a rubbish one at that. Mine is almost fully upgraded and it still feels dead as hell. How much effort would it be to drop some NPC farmers and villagers to make it fell less like an empty castle. Dont even get me started on hirelings lol.
  10. what?? The issue isnt bad rolls, the issue is that it it doesnt seem to even be dodge-able and even when it grazes its still instant death. Ive checked the rolls, cant remember the numbers off hte top of my head but this isnt just me crying coz i got a bad roll, it consistently hits me at the start of this encounter every single time as long as the AI decides to cast it and when it does im dead unless i managed to get my figurine out fast enough to protect me and even then im usually still petrified by the time the figurines die
  11. So... the cheese is ongoing, this is now on my trial of iron run This is going to take foreverrrr, and i cant just go afk because the wurms suffer fatigue, as it is they need to roll 95-100 to get in a hit of 1-2 damage, anything below that misses so when they get fatigued thier accuracy drops and it becomes totally impossible to do any damage. Ont he bright side Im taking damage even more slowly than he is and i used scrolls to get him to half health. Its all or nothing so im not sure if i should get outa book to read or not.... I mean what if something unexpected happens and i die??? For those interested in replicating this the trick is to use a spped boost, run past the xautrips up into the treasury, kill all the melee range ones but leave the two archers in teh middle of hte tunnel, the dragon will arrive a minute or two later and if you pulled the archers so that they are in the middle the dragon cant fit through to get to you. You have to be super careful with range as the range of breath (still one shots me) is juuuust shorter than vision, luckily the wurms seem to have longer range so thats all good. This would be so so so much easier if I had planned bmy build ahead for this fight (eg i didnt bother getting the ranged speed buff coz i didnt see the point) and if I had enough accuracy to hit him myself (eg if i was a ranger with marksman. If you zigzag a bit when pulling the xuatrips you get to the treasury just as you hit 5 chants (if playing chanter) I then summon my drake and use fire breath, activate dragon chant no1. There is a big ass bug that lets you cast the chant twice in a row (ie hits everyone around for 13 once and then again, if you switch between two dragon chants but you have to be quick, even on slow speed and pausing the second my combat log reads Cernai has started chanting i miss half the time, but doing this trick just gives you insane AoE DPS. though if you try to chain three chants together it only woks for the last two so to get the maximum damage you should cast one, switch to the other the instant it starts then wait till you see the dragons then repeat. To do this i had to talk to the dragon about its fading adra deposit supplies and pretend i was goig to help it escape, when you go towards the tunnel wit the treasure it warns you once, so when you get there pop any food or whatever you need. Also part of what makes this possible is that wurms attack reflexes not deflection, and the dragon has 112 reflexes and 133 deflection so im not even sure if it is possible to get enough accuracy to hit him normally as he has a pretty much permanent terrify (-20 accuracy) debuff to everyone, like i know when hes coming because i get terrified before i even see him.] Ok got a good book out, timed the time it takes for the worms to get fatigued, its 4 minutes other than that im slightly worried what will happend when my deflection drops due to severe exhaustion but i guess i can only wait and see
  12. I generally go for the tanky as possible + movement speed way build whatever class im playing
  13. For the record it is a single xautrip skirmisher, and if you have any kind of speed buff you can run around him without gettting hit once and its equally possible to get hit once or twice and run away. Similarly stun locks are rarely continuous, you will usually ave at least some chance to run away before you go from full Hp to 0, the only exception being the main hall in caed nua but you can prepare for that fight. The difference is that there is absolutely nothing you can do against petrify short of summons/figurines to absorb it and in the fight that prompted me to start this thread there are 4 mobs that can cast petrify instantly, even if I open up with my first spell as a summon i spend the next 20 seconds frozen, one hit away from death. Keeping in mind that this character has very high resistances in the first place (94 fort, 104 reflexes, 79 will, 119 deflection)
  14. Never mind havnt quite figured it out yet the big problem is that i cant wear him down coz nothing hits for anything unless he has a debuff on him.
  15. The point of solo play PoTD is that it is a challenge, not that it is impossible. Its teh way I like to play and the problem wth petrify is that it is not just instant death but its the kind of instant death you can do exactly NOTHING to counter You can't do anything about being stun locked, being 1 hit by some spell you are weak against (some corrode and fire spells can kill even a tank on PotD), being debuffed to the point of uselessness where you have such horrible stats that you constantly get crits (that might be grazes without debuffs) and you miss or graze. Should I go on? I don't think so. So I ask you again... why do you single out Petrify? You can't do anything about all the others either if you solo. The only way to counter each and every one of them is to summon some crap, let it take the burst, and/or divide and conquer. I single out petrify because its effects are many times worse than other spells and its duration is typically much longer. just talking from first hand experience if i get paralysed or stun locked I know there is a chance i can escape or get out of it, but if i get hit by a petrify, even if it just grazes I know one auto attack=I'm dead. The x4 damage is excessive because the defence maluses already guarantee you will get hit for crits so a crit x 4 is just instant death for all but the tankiest of tanks
  16. Going back on my word again ive found a reliable wa to kill the adra dragon solo with a chanter. Its super super super cheesy and pretty much an exploit but if you want a hint ill just say that it involves making your own doorway The adra dragon isnt actually dead yet but will post a screenie when she is. Im still on my non trial of iron but if it works ill do it on my ironman and god help me if she one shots me XD XD XD Ill rage and rage and rage. However im qutie confident ive figured it out and this should be easily reproduceable
  17. But what i got from the conversation earlier is that those petrify encoutners are pretty rare in a bonus dungeon which is purely optional (Caed Nua or how that thing is called). That being said i appreciate if the game has atleast one optional area where its nearly impossible to do solo. Its also something I would expect from an expansion: higher difficulty(not just inflated numbers) which means getting rid of solo mode as a achievement so that the game is not communicating that its possible or shall be done that way. To be fair its not that its impossible that annoys me its that its all down to a lucky roll. Its just annoying because without petrify these fights would be a similar level of difficulty to other similar level mobs, just the fact they use petrify makes them several times harder. Still i will beat it even if I have to cheese my way to hell
  18. The point of solo play PoTD is that it is a challenge, not that it is impossible. Its teh way I like to play and the problem wth petrify is that it is not just instant death but its the kind of instant death you can do exactly NOTHING to counter
  19. Well, as I explained above, the true lack of damages concerns the early game overall. You have to be very patient, try to find a good quality dagger or sword before the flail of Gaun, use the few traps and scrolls that you can find or craft. It's not the funniest part I have to say. Once you can reach the bay, things get easier: You have access to the 3 obsidian scarabs item as soon as you enter the city and you can also directly buy the Rotfinger Gloves, and that will bring you a lot of dps as well in AoE that on single mobs. If you feel you're getting tanky enough, you can even use a 2h sword for some fights (Raedric gives a good one, later on you can get Tidefall on Cain). Then the Blood plate is the ultimate item to get rid if the big packs of mobs. It's not the easiest class to deal damages to be honest, and every pack of mob is kind of a challenge, but it was worth the try. And don't worry, I leave you the rest of the classes, I think i'm gonna have a small break for now, I need to sleep Ah ok, I saw your posts above I was just a bit confused hwo that was enough. So basically all your DPS is coming from items and better gear
  20. in PoTD there are plenty of fights where you come up against enemies that use petrify and i already limit myself to not using the super OP moonlike the game should be balanced, i shouldnt have to balance myself can you hint me where? i probably never noticed petrification during the fight but i could imagine its more noticeable in a solo run than playing with a group. However as someone mentioned already there was a lot of safe or die spells for instance in D&D (finger of death insta dragon kill anyone?) i beat the adra dragon myself in the first playthrough with aloths gaze of the adragan but it didnt felt right (for myself) so i decided to pump in a lot of tries and finally beat the dragon with a physical damage aproach with some druid spells to support. I remember starting my first topic after the adra dragon how ****ty wizard is except for those cheesy spells which were mentioned: sliken, confusion,sleep and gaze without those i'd say there is no need for a wizard in my party. And before the fan of flame argument comes its a decent lvl 1 spell but in terms of raw damage hands down druid wins. well adragans and vithraks both have petrify and on PoTD they appear in relatively high numbers in the lower levels of endless paths, furthermore the spider level has crystal eaters which either cast petrify or paralyse but can remember which right now. Ill conceed that its rare but atm im trying to solo the adra dragon on PoTD and there are 4 adragans that cast petrify the moment they see me=gameover :'(
  21. in PoTD there are plenty of fights where you come up against enemies that use petrify and i already limit myself to not using the super OP moonlike the game should be balanced, i shouldnt have to balance myself
  22. Can anyone think of a way to kill the adra dragon solo? having now explored a bit more and survived past the initial stages (superb armor with extra corrode DR means i can survive even if they cast breath) Im not sure if its possible. I mean adragans are my 3rd least favorite mob out there and there are enough of them to lock you with petrify for years, the xautrips are more annoying than a problem but they make kiting problematic. I mean i havnt even started thinking about how to kill the adra dragon tbh, 4 adragans are a bad enough fight by themselves lol. I mean i wanna kill it but im thinking i might just do the quest for the loot. All the dragon drops is a couple of scales which are good for enchanting but... meh. I mean I just keep thinking about the fight and I just dont think its possible. I think in lower difficulties you can sperately pull mobs so you fight it alone but here the mobs are too close together they are connected by sight so I cant reliably attack them seperately, and even so 4 adragans, all i need is for one of them to open with petrify and im down. I mean there is nothing i can do to dodge petrify... although i think i may have found a way.... ill be back with the result
  23. I get that its supposed to be the best spell out there but in its current form it's frankly ridiculous. Makes fights where you use it instant win, makes fights when its used on you instant lose, its impact on battles is just beyond stupid. They might as well rename it instadeath, if you want a spell that is that powerful why not just make 'death' which deals 1000% damage on hit. The issue is that it is by MILES the best spell out there, the difference between it and the next best spell is galaxies wide.
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