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  1. You should read through my thread. I just finished triple crown solo and most of your questions are discussed in quite high detail in that thread. Quickly though: You dont really want to bother with the temple at this level. It is far far far more trouble than it is worth. Also its possible to get to level four if you go to the bridge zone, run around the skirmisher (even if it paralyses you for a while you will at some point be able to run away between attacks. Then get the quest in that zone to recover that guys supplies which is a very easy quest that can be completed without any fighting. You 100% want to save your fan of flames for the phantoms in caed nua (and even then you really wanna hoard burnt lady as its one of the few herbs you can never buy so there is a very limited number of fire scrolls in the game (especially wall of fire which is super useful later on)). 4 scrolls should be enough even if you have terrible luck. Anyway like i said the key to hitting level 4 is to run past the skirmisher. Unless youa re confident you can beat him just come back later when skirmishers arnt such a big deal. The threads that you will find helpful are: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76328-solo-play-tips-not-exploits-potd/ http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73488-soloing-poe-sucess-so-far-hard-dificulty-expert-mode/ http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76488-triple-crown-solo-tips-and-tricks-lets-compare-notes/ Feel free to ask me any general questions though my playthrough was very chanter specific you might be surprised how much items come into play. Also if you are gona be taking any kind of damage plate armor is almost always best. Take a look at how damage is calculated to get a feel for how big a role DR and each individual defensive stat plays.
  2. Also just to add this was my first complete playthrough XD, i didnt even finish my non trial of iron save (beat thaos, didnt click the machine) So if you look at my steam you see I got like all the achievements at the exact same time: Looooool. So yea nice playthrough, chanters are OP I crown myself the triple king of cheese and if anyone wants me to share some of the more cheesy things I did PM me or add me on steam so that the devs wont patch them I think the single biggest problem I ran into was adragans and the adra dragon pretty much everything else was a breeze once I had figured out the mechanics, the adra dragon and adragans were the only things that punished one small mistake with death so when fighting them I had to be perfect which took lots of practice and theorycrafting beforehand. Whats quite funny is that despite getting the triple crown solo i didnt get the no knockout achievement, the two usually being mutually exclusive but because a couple of times i died but my summon won the fight i did technically get knocked out XD
  3. So Thanos taken down. I had some kind of bug that made only one statue follow me and none of them even tried to chase me which let me go out of range so i could have used a cheesy spamming of summons tactic but it wasnt really needed. The only risk was if i was both knocked down and he used pillar of holy fire and that was when i needd to pop my heals. but really that was the onyl spell that hit me for anything even remotely scary. The statues did 9-20 crush damage when they hit and they missed a fair amount. What helped was that when i got a chance i would run around the outside building up charges then that let me blast out ice shards and apply a stack of dragons when I ran in. Im not sure how i feel about this fight. I didnt really cheese it but I feel like a bug made it easier for me, though the bug happened in both save games so maybe its working as intended???
  4. Soloists are of zero concern in any balance discussion. Either the solo achievements were a joke by the devs, or, my own pet theory, Josh's way to bait out the cheesers so he can find the cheese and quash it in future patches. They are probably a joke by the devs, three crowns mirrors an achievement in EU4 another paradox game called three mountains taht devs have explicitly stated is meant to be impossible... Still its a stupid spell, especially when adragans get unlimited casts on it, it makes them the second hardest mobs in game just because of one spell
  5. Yea but we are a valid part of the community, there needs to be SOME way to avoid instant game over without cheesing
  6. Tbh I dont even care for its functionality the problem is even when fully updraded the place is dead as hell. Like give us some peasant NPCs or something. Its like a graveyard but when you ask the statue how its going she like omg ur so popular
  7. My game keeps crashing when i try to fight thaos :/ Yea i shred him with a few chants and he doesnt hit me for anything as long as i dodge his aoe thing holy fire whatever its called. But my game keeps crashing ffs] ***s sake this game.... So it crashed twice and now it wont even load properly
  8. Kk, yea i have just short of the max fortitude possible and it still always hit me. Its ust stupid i cant do anything vs it
  9. Backer designed NPCs, not important to the plot but people seem to hate on them quite a lot
  10. what?? The issue isnt bad rolls, the issue is that it it doesnt seem to even be dodge-able and even when it grazes its still instant death. Ive checked the rolls, cant remember the numbers off hte top of my head but this isnt just me crying coz i got a bad roll, it consistently hits me at the start of this encounter every single time as long as the AI decides to cast it and when it does im dead unless i managed to get my figurine out fast enough to protect me and even then im usually still petrified by the time the figurines die Are you even reading?! High defenses don't mean anything because of d100, i.e. I'm agreeing with you that it's not dodgeable i.e. even really bad rolls will at least graze you. You'd need at least ~185 targeted defense (on PotD) to have a good chance to dodge which is pretty much impossible to get. I did read it, i didnt understand what you said. Are you saying that a roll of 100 will always hit or what? what do you mean d100??? I really dont understand what you mean. It targets fortitude are you just saying that its hard to get a hgih enough fort value to counter the spells accuracy or....
  11. its because some think they "have" to play solo ond PotD thus raging hard when they are petrified. No-one thinks we have to play solo... I was fine playing full party until it became far too easy. It is possible to challenge the player without adding instadeath to the game. Also im not in favor of the player being able to use it either its like adding a missile launcher to a game like rome total war its overkill because its so much better than every other spell in the game that other spells dont even come close, also i could understand if the durations were shorter it might be a bit fairer but a graze lasts something like 6 seconds, thats six seconds in which 1-3 attacks will kill you (i can take two). Its also not like I havnt beaten it anyway i just dont like having to resort to cheesy tactics ranging from things that i view as semi exploits like taking advantage of the braindead AI just to overcome bad design decisions and abusing game mechanics till they break to burst down anything that has petrify
  12. For any interested Im now going for the sky dragon, will post my strategy and results in a bit assuming i dont run into much trouble, looking at its stats it seems much better than the adra dragon. Wow. That wasnt even close to the adra draon in difficulty, i didnt even need to prepare than much. Needed some healing but the dragon chant gt him low and I finished him with the ice invocation. The ice invocation destroys mobs with big hitboxes as they get hit by at least a couple of them and each hits for a good 20 or so. I mean its a great way to add some burst to an already high dps class. Chanters are really so strong at level 3 chants and invocations.... The fact it couldnt 1 shot me opened up so much more room for mistakes. As it was i used 3 paralyse scrolls, 1 hit it for 8 secs which let me apply two critical dragon chants (16 seconds i thing for a total dmg of 100 damage each) and combined with the ice shards it just dropped so fast. Im a little confused tbh i really wish i could see how much each DOT hits for because it dropped TOO fast. Like i has 490 endurance and aside from a few autoattacks all i really hit it with was those two dragon chants and 40 damage from the ice shard..... Could it be that chant damage IS affected by might and scion of flame despite being labelled as fixed. Is there any way to PM a dev? i really want an answer to this question. I mean the combat log says its fixed but im not sure how the dragon dropped so fast if thats the case
  13. Id be fine with either. If people want an instant win button/instant lose button they should play with console commands, things like that shouldnt be in the game by design. Literally the only thing i can do with adragans is send in a figurine/summon first and try to burst them down before the summon inevitably dies (and even then they have unlimited casts. I mean seriously? why the hell does the ai have unlimited casts) I thought the point of games like this was that you were supposed to be on a similar footing to the mobs you fight.
  14. It makes monsters with petrify stupidly OP, it also makes fights where you use it stupidly easy. My chanter is max level full defensive and when i fight an adragan i just pray they dont cast petrify because despite having +100 in ever defence it always hits for about 10 seconds and I get shredded because its stupidy OP. Either reduce the duration or the debuffs but in its current state itsjust retarded. Its broken to the extent that when Im assessing how dangerous a fight is going to be the first question I ask isnt how much damage do hey do or how much hp do they have the first thing i check is if any of them cast petrify, then paralyze, then stunlocks. At least give us scrolls/potions to defend against petrify....
  15. Its the most broken spell out there. I made a thread QQing about it yesterday
  16. In another thread someone was testing priests and buffed to a high deflection. Problem with a wizard is their base stats are garbage tier. Even if some of their spells are god tier
  17. Tried to count how much damage I took and i think it was something like 50 total but could be slightly more coz i have passive heal. My HPs low because i havnt rested since i killed undead raedric. I think my biggest problem with this game is the restriction on camping supplies. I mean it just adds tedium to have to keep going back to inns to pick up more
  18. Just find a peasant not in visual range of any other character and kill them if you are in a rush. Either that or just wait. Ive come across so many clothes but i always sel them
  19. So turns out that killing both of them does actually affect some things, the dialogue for this quest is different if you only kill raedric Didn't he learn the first time lol i guess some people just need to be taught the hard way. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE. Also tip of the day, if ou get a bad visitor to your stronghold you can just kill them lol. no drunks in my castle. Not that the stronghold matters at all anyway
  20. Im level twelve, i havnt done it but the character model looks like some of those I killed in the endless paths called Cean gwla, accuracy 64 so it can only graze me and i normally kill them within a few ticks of my dragon chant. Level 9 really changed the game for me. I built full tank for all my lower talents etc and that one chant changed me from a meatshield with summons into an aoe machine of death
  21. I no longer get hit by most monsters, Ive now equipped the shield i found and my deflection is now 137, at 137 deflection they have to have an accuracy of at least 53 just to have a 1/100 chance to graze me, they have to have an accuracy of 88 to have a 1/100 chance of getting a hit in. The adra dragon has an accuracy of 108 but it applies terrify. I mean i can quite literally walk into most situations and stand in the middle of the room. Sure i get flanked but it doesnt make much of a difference. Pretty much anything from act one cant hit me at all, things from act two can graze me if they are lucky, things from act three are almost accurate enough to hit me but not quite, and i dont know about act 3 my real weakness is debuffs, i dont have a great HP pool so if i get hit with several powerful debuffs I can get shredded pretty quick
  22. what was really annoying was afterwards the combat wouldnt end and i realised i had to clear the map, and i hate adragans almost as much as i hate the adra dragon (they have an unlimited supply of petrify, moonwells, and storms (that stun on hit) Luckily I have an unlimited supply of summons. This is my summon graveyard: XD Ive also gotta say the gear i got was not worth it at all: the only one of those I might use is the shield and even then i would have prefered a large shield
  23. BTW for people interested in the dragons stats on PoTD: Two dragons down. One to go. And @knownastherat Im just saying that I dont see the point in stripping your companions. I bet there is already Pillars of eternity porn out there somewhere but i dont really see why someone would bother putting it ingame.
  24. I'm not sure what you gain by doing this other than making yourself ineligible for the achievement? Why would you bother with this, if you want their gear you can just kill them
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