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  1. As a pure tank paladins are pretty crazy for soaking up damage, you can basically soak up any amount of damage if you go full defensive. Having said that the utility a full def paladin brings to the group is debatable as unless you are in a narrow environment and can block mobs reaching your squishies they dont really 'DO' that much.
  2. Not really, the delay is what balances them IMO, if you could get summons that quickly your party would be invincible coz you could spam summons like crazy, i mean thats a phantom every 8 seconds lol. PS- i guess they could nerf the invocations but i think tis pretty well balanced, in my 4 chanter game its a lot of fun trying to survive long enough but if you do survive its gg with 4 phantoms, phantoms hit like trains especiallyat level one compared to the dps you put out You can only have one summon spell out per character, so no, you wouldn't be able to spam summons. No but you can use them to form a wall if you have 4 chanters, being able to refresh every 8 seconds would make my current build invincible and its already pretty powerful.
  3. Ive played around and i think that if you are going full chanter tank putting points in both is needed tbh. You do get more bang for your buck with damage mitigation though, but without constitution you drop in seconds to true damage
  4. So i thought it would be a good idea to know what NPSs are secretly carrying OP items so to get the ball rolling: The brothel guards guarding the private room upstairs in the brothel in ondras gift-drop three exceptional quality weapons two stilettos and one rapier The commander of the Knights crucible- drops one fine knight crusible chectpiece (heaviest chest in game) Lord Raedric- drops the sword justice, defs worth getting These are just the people I have noted, i have yet to go on a mega kill spree, the reason i think this list is useful is because sometimes the loot is much better or worse than you would expect, like the merchant in the market of copper lane who sells all those awesome weapons drops nothing of value.
  5. Not really, the delay is what balances them IMO, if you could get summons that quickly your party would be invincible coz you could spam summons like crazy, i mean thats a phantom every 8 seconds lol. PS- i guess they could nerf the invocations but i think tis pretty well balanced, in my 4 chanter game its a lot of fun trying to survive long enough but if you do survive its gg with 4 phantoms, phantoms hit like trains especiallyat level one compared to the dps you put out
  6. Im doing a similar thing with the knights crucible, though i plan on doing a few quests for them first maybe, i dont think they are integral to the story. the problem for me is a did a quick test to see if the loot is worth it and the loot from the leader of the knights is barely worth the hassle of killing them all, still i fits with the RP ive got going (Im rping that i follow the god Wael and am strinking down the followerers of all other gods (got an ARR in the story setion im gonna update))
  7. The Arrow song is also OP, and some areas the corpse-explosion invocation can just be brutal. Chanter is easily my favorite class in this game. I used a stop watch with both a 20 int and 10 int chanter and the time to get 3 chant markers was identical: 18 seconds. My invocations always ready the same time for both thats why i dont max intel as a preiority except to increase my shout range, i am so confused aboout the time though, i havnt formally timed it but its the time for three chants to finish, each chant is 4 seconds duration, instant cast. Where the hell is the number 18 coming from??????
  8. yea i was thinking that i was 99% sure he was wrong but didnt want to say coz he seemed sure he was right XD, and im playing with 4 chanters XD (though im not even bothering to twist chants atm.
  9. Btw ive found that killing the crucible knights is really not worth it but that the immediate reputation effects are tiny
  10. Really? if you dont like them dont click on them lol. This is such a stupid complaint to have, its extra content if you want it and it is how the game was funded. There are so many non-backer npcs to talk to as well you are really making a big deal over nothing. PS- if they werent backer NPCs they would be generic no text npcs, it isnt like they would be replaced y better npcs
  11. What is your build like, it could be that you are being very ineffective with your squad
  12. So for my first couple of goes i tried to max my rep wherever i went but having seen no real benefits Ive decided to play as chaotic neutral, if i see something i want ill take it, my question is is there any point maxing out your rep? are there any drawbacks to being hated? Im planning an assault on the crucible knights, if i do this will it interfere with my main quest line (im on ironman so its important)
  13. there is a hidden gun in the tutorial area by the camp you find sparfels water at, if you sell the gun to haoden or whatever his name is it sells for 750 gold. When you get to the tavern you can then buy 3 custom heroes right off the bat, you can either pick up aloth and the priest or make a couple more (i like to run full custom). The game is vastly easier with 6 people, a basic build is to have a heavy set paladin centre of your front line, a barbarian to the side for splash damage and another melee on the other side, have a priest in the back row to heal and two dps/cc/utility guys as well. try running a mixed team to get a feel for all the classes then make your dream team. Im currently running 4 chanters (melee tanks that can summon monsters) with a priest and druid for heals but it took a decent amount of balancing to get my chanters tanky enough to survive on the front line, i may replace one of them at some point but that would ruin the whole 4 godless chanters thing i have going on (one of each type)
  14. Playing PoTD with 4 chanters and with the longer tougher fights using chanters is almost cheating, you can just spam summons for the entire fight once you survive the first 12 seconds (dont know where you are getting the number 18 from you need 3 charges and each chant lasts 4, 4x3=12), the chants are also pretty cool, the speed buff makes kiting possible!
  15. Having said this I am still playing around with it and think that maybe intelligence 10 might be best to allow some chant overlap and large enough cones to hit a few people, i think its dexterity that you can get away with tanking as chants are instant, you can then use the points to buff damage mitigating stats and get a super tank, the way Im playing the key to my build is surviving 12 seconds into the fight
  16. Yea so because chants dont stack I've found it easier to run with each chnater having a a dedicated chant, my intellect is 4 so the loss in efficiency from overlapping chants is very minor but it guarantees I have 4 buffs running all the time, i could get extra dps from the aoe drain but my dmg output is mostly from my summons. The biggest problem tbh is surviving the 12 seconds to cast them but using speed chants and kiting i can delay the engagement until they are ready in most games but given that i am running path of the dammed ironman it gets close sometimes ive had to be very careful (though I still brute forced my way into raedrics keep (pics below) Pretty much all my talents and gear is going towards making them tanks but even so they get two hit pretty often. Im not sure if i should swap out my druid for a real tank. My priest i think is essential to the build to recover the HP, at least until they are tankier but i might get a second priest or paladin to soak up more damage, the summons do so much damage tnat survivial is my priority atm. Im about to kill raedric so ill see how it goes. tbh im considering respeccing putting the points in might into a tankier attribute.
  17. Im currently running a four chanter build so i can answer some of these questions. Might is useful for chants and invocations that heal or damage so is a good stat to at least put some points in, i maxed it for all 4 chanters Constitution pretty self explanatory, max it if you are gonna be near the action for the tankiness, i maxed it for all 4 characters Dexterity is good for reflexes and attack speed, so less aoe dmg and more dps, I left it at 10 for all 4 characters Perception makes it mroe likely you interupt and avoid dmg through deflection and reflexes, I left it at 10 Intellect is a good stat, bigger cones and range of auras and more overlap between chants (at max intellect one chanter can run two auras with one second of one aura ) but due to my playstyle i reduced this to 4 for all of my chanters (melee tanks so range not an issue and because i have 4 chanters overlapping chants is pretty pointless as they dont stack) I can confirm that buffs do not stack, but i am unsure if debuffs stack or if the healing you get from chanting stacks. Summons last till the end of combat and are my main source of dps/ Resolve is very important as you really do not want to be interupted while chanting so i maxed this out.
  18. Apologies if this is not the right place to post this but it seemed the best place to do so The four Godlike met when Naeris the hunter pulled Ceranai from the wreckage of the wreckage of a slave ship due for defiance bay. Had the ship reached its destination Ceranai would have lived the rest of his days in servitude. Enslaved at birth for no reason than his rare features Ceranai had long ago given up any dreams of freedom, for should he ever escape his fiery countenance would allow him no anonymity. Naeris too had known rejection her whole life and had resorted to an isolated existence in the forests, living off the land. In the village Ceranai had grown up in he had been the sole Godlike for miles and though he knew he was not the only one of his kind he was shocked to meet a kindred spirit. Naeris was an unparralled hunter and her affliction allowed her to easily blend into the forest. She knew that the Ceranai's wounds were beyond her ability to repair and so took him to a nearby town. Both Godlike were refused entry but a sympathetic guard told them of a dwelling to the north where an afflicted healer and her companion lived. The pair struck out for the camp and upon arrival the moonlike Tiala rushed them inside to and began her work. The healing looked like it had no chance of success until Rugoroth entered and a strange thing happened. Naeris was holding Ceranai down to stop him moving and Tiela was at work stitching his wounds when Rugoroth laid a hand on Tiela's shoulder for support. Upon this contact all four Godlike were transported to a vision in a realm not of the world, where the ground shone with a purple glow and the sky was dark. A voice spoke and though it made no sound all four Godlike heard it in their minds. "The Gods have abandoned the people of this land, families are torn asunder, wars wage throughout and the Gods watch on. I am the God known as Wael and though I am weaker in power to my brethren I can no longer watch as they ignore the suffering of the world. My connection to this plane is tenuous and already I feel it fading but know this: I am your creator, the walls between planes is weak at the moment of birth and at that moment I empowered each of you with great abilities. I am sorry that you have lived such hard lives but know that your suffering was not for naught, it all conspired to bring you here in this place at this time. With the four elements working as one you shall have power greater than any one individual and I task you to use this power wisely." As the voice finished talking it faded in volume until the last words were barely a whisper "You must right the wrongs of my brethren and mend the land. Alas I wish I could say more but my power wanes, go with my blessing, you must save us all" And so the Godless Godlike were formed. End part one- I have some nice pics from my assault on raedric's keep that i might use but I don't want this to be particularly long so Im probably gonna grab some screenies from several different quests and put together a couple of chapters. Ill see how it goes
  19. One thing I just learnt is that its one summon per person, meaning I wasted a spell getting two of them skeletons and phantoms, oh well....
  20. So I wanted to do a horsemen of the apocalypse type thing so i wanted to make a 4-1-1 build with the 4 being 4 different godlikes. Im playing on path of the dammed difficulty and gotta say its going well so far (even though im not very far in yet). Even without stacking auras the invocations are crazy good, phantoms hit like trains and 4 phantoms destroy most encounters (Though i tried brute forcing my way into raedrics keep and didnt quite manage (level 3,2,2,2,2,2). Im having loads of fun with it but was wondering how things stack. encouraging words heals people as long as you chant which sounds great but the heal is quite small so does that stack? Do auras stack? One aura is -10 concentration, -40 concentration would be insane. If they do stack I would probably get all my chanters to rotate my two favourite chants. For this build Im building the chanters as tanks, the idea being they only need to survive long enough to get some summoned help, when the help arrives its gg. To this end I put intelligence to 4 (they are melee and given i have 4 chanters i wasnt really that bothered about overlapping chants) and put all my points into might and constitution. When I can afford it Ill give them all heavy armor and I need to decide if that makes them tanky enough or if i need shields as well. running with a cipher is fun and they do lots of damage and cc but if needed i will swap out the cipher for maybe another priest to make sure the chanters survive (or i could use a druid to root enemies until the 3 chants). Anyway point is that i think this build is awesome but im open to suggestions on it, here are the pros and cons as I see it: Pros- Crazy dps from summons you can really screw with the ai pathing by placing lots of skeletons once you have the summons up you should be safe unless they are getting killed faster than you can summon them You can afk on fights once your summons are up as auto attacks should win it. decent cc with the knockback leaves open two party slots that you can play around with buffs and debuffs everywhere (I really need to figure out what stacks though to optimise it) Cons- Untill you hit 3 chants your DPS is pretty low Chanters do not make the best tanks Lack of variety on your team could make it hard to deal with situational fights May not get full dps from summons if they dont have room to attack Having 4 chanters may reduce buff efficiency if buffs do not stack
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