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  1. Thanks so much!! Was there some way I was supposed to know that the temple was a higher difficulty? I had had a hard time coming through the previous map, got irritated when I was 2-shot by the bear, and finally decided I was going to draw a line in the sand and finish a piece of content. I ask about difficulty because Elvarein says it is a "level 3-4" with a full group. Knowing how to judge difficulty would be tremendously helpful..... The rest of the tips here are huge, and I'm ready to go back into the game and refocus my efforts.
  2. So.... ciphers -can- be successful as ranged DPS? I started with a bow (because of some background trait), but one I saw that the main spell I chose was a frontal cone, and that that was his main damage ability, I gave him a pair of daggers. Thanks for everything so far, seriously.
  3. Obviously, no one -has- to help me, but I'm frustrated by my experience so far, and I feel like I'm missing something key. I want desperately to love it, but I need to fix my approach. First, my background: "Back in the day" I played all of NWN 1 and 2, and their x-pacs. While I know neither of those are technically an IE game, I thought that was close enough. Playing PoE, I'm worried that I might have forgotten a lot. My character: Moon Godlike Cipher. I'm willing to re-roll this guy to enjoy this game, if that's what I need to do. From some of my reading, I take it that this is
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