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  1. Hmmm.....so my main is a Chanter with Int of 18. Is it not advantageous to have about +50% to AoE? That makes my chant area much larger and their effects last longer? Btw I have and will continue to only take summon invocations because Diablo II summonmancer.
  2. "chanters' close association with the Lost gives them one final, passive power: Ancient Memory. This ability activates whenever the chanter is in combat and grants low-level Stamina regeneration to all nearby allies. It is not as strong as a fighter's Constant Recovery or a priest's Holy Radiance, but can affect even faraway allies at all times." http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66195-update-78-the-leaders-of-the-band-chanters-and-priests/
  3. I'm trying to better understand how Chanters work. There have already been some tidbits in the Chanter Assistance thread but that thread doesn't outline what the base attributes do for a Chanter. Might...clearly this affects weapon damage but does it affect summons? Does it affect damaging chants and invocations? Dexterity...says "affects the character's Action Speed with all attacks, spells, and abilities" so I assume this works for everything except chants? Perception...I assume this stacks with the Concentration-attacking chant? Intellect...for chants and invocations, what
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