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  1. but the all range one isnt about weapon damage, except for the one ranger using a bow. everyone else is about spell damage.
  2. what about mixing them all as fighters then? i am thinking shield because i feel like deflecting and taking less damage to begin with is better than healing after being hurt. why do you think it will take forever to kill things? i would've thought that the amount of snipes and aoes would kill everything even faster than the melee no?
  3. Barb/Fighter - dual wield, const/might/resolve - frenzy build, consistent damage dealer with minor aoe. heavy armor Chant/Fighter - two hand, might/int/resolve - passive buff and occasional AOE damage. - heavy armor, health buffs Monk/Fighter DW - dual wield, const/might/resolve - crit base damage with periodic bursts. - medium armor, health buff. Druid/Fighter DW - might/dex/resolve - elemental claw damage, switch forms to fill in gap. - medium armor Priest/Paladin 1H/Big Shield - might/int/dex - back line heal and buff, but uses a giant shield and Wall ability. - light armor One thing i am trying to do is to make it so that every character is equally as tempting for NPC, so no target is ever focused on deliberately. do you guys think this will work? as for the all range... Ranger Paladin - bow - might, dex, resolve - medium armor. single target dps Wizard Paladin - pistol/shield - might, int, resolve - light armor. aoe dps Cipher Paladin - wand/shield - might, dex, int - light armor. debuff and minor aoe dps Priest Paladin - wand/shield - might, int, resolve - light armor. heal/buff/aoe Chanter Paladin - pistol/shield - might, int, resolve - light armor. aoe/buff just spitballing ideas, do you guys think these will work?
  4. the thing is, so far im like 45-50% into the game, let just say i just fought a big something at a very deep deep place. and ive never really have problem building up focus on my cipher. she starts out with like 50, uses all of it and by the time ive made other party members do their stuff her focus is back to 25-35 with a bow. ive never needed to wait for her :S also, does certain stats increase accuracy or is that only from items? the last thing is, i understand in regards to firing targets with DR but when i go into a fight with the whole team, cipher shoots at the same time as everyone else so the first shot is mostly grazes and misses cause no DR happened yet. by the time she finishes reloading and a bunch of debuff had been applied, the mob is already pretty much cleared :S
  5. i really dont understand it, they have less range than bows and cross bows, like 0 accuracy, does crap damage and takes the longest to reload. it hits 6 times but 5/6 are grazes and misses.. so its like a regular bow shot but 4 times longer. i cant even think of a class its good for. i mean i thought Cipher would be it to build Focus but since it misses so much and is so slow i get more out of a bow! Can any1 explain this to me? i really like having diversity of weapons so i want to include it but i just dont see the use.
  6. i see and to backstab with range or melee i gotta get within 2 meters which is.. really difficult for most fights in narrower spaces... and i also notice once i attack with my rogue, the game pauses cause i engaged and then everything charges at him before he even fired. even though he didnt get discovered.
  7. I know rogues do extra damage from stealth with a certain early talent but.. how does one start a fight in stealth? enemies always see the team before getting close enough and my rogue has high stealth. unless the rogue has to initiate the fight? also is there a way for a rogue to restealth during a fight?
  8. but apparently this bug is very common what happens if i keep getting it... damn thats too bad though theres no work around.
  9. So, there is a certain quest that caused me and apparently many to be stuck in a location and unable to leave without game crashing and the only way to leave is to cheat to an other location. however now my achievements are disabled.. anyone know a work around? Thank you!
  10. I guess maybe they are so passive and inactive for most fights besides auto attack that i feel they are bad... what do you guys think about Chanters as tanks. possible?
  11. yeaaah. i guess i could give the character no intellect and put it in constitution
  12. I kind of want to try a Cipher tank; high resolve, int and perc which makes all conversations awesome. I will be going for the few faster powers like Mind Wave, which are also cone based and very good up front. The only thing is i havent figured out how to deal with the slow attack = slow focus gain with heavy ass armor.. i mean, i guess it doenst matter as much since i dont need the cipher to do heavy damage. just burst out all the initial cone attacks and debuffs to hold aggro and he can just stand there with a shield till the cows come home while the range teammates fire away. you guys think this will work?
  13. The phrases come one after an other, and they take like 3-8 seconds to finish each. invocations requires 3+ phrases utter. that means a chanter cant use an ability until at least 9 seconds into a fight, which is actually a very long time when so many characters are doing things at the same time. at least for me most things are half dead if not all and the only time my chanter uses an actual invocation is like boss fights... but i also feel a lot of the invocations arent really that strong for that long of an investment In addition, since phrases dont overlap, the effects kinda wear off when the next one starts and.. it just seems kinda weak. Am i playing this wrong? i feel like with so many phrases if i put more than 3 in a chant it will just be these short kinda crappy temp effects with not much yield. Their ranges are also really strange, like unless i dump max int in the chanter, its either gonna buff melee or range but not both. if anyone has any advices, please feel free to share i really like the idea of them but it just feels so crappy.
  14. hm, i havent paid attention to that before. usually if i party member is near 1 endurance i restart the fight cause its a boss fight that didnt go well. stil, its weird they just change target. so tanks are really there to be a wall to block as long as possible until they teleport...
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