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  1. Phantom, wurms, drake. I like drake for the fear aura, but the ice spell is actualyl my fav top level spell because if you do dragons x 3 then cast ice spikes pretty much nothing will be able to Mind you share full build? What songs did you use in what order, what spells did you choose, what summons, what talents etc. I am especially highly interesed in your Songs. TY! For songs i sung the movement speed song mst of the time, in a fight pre level 9 i would open with it for 3/4/5 chants kiting as i went, get summons up and hide behind them, w=ten switch to whatever chant i felt most approptiate and attack from range. Some slow battles but mostly ok. level 9 was gamechanging as the dragon chant combinded with my insane tankyness meant i could just run into fihts and aoe everyone
  2. If you know which fights are going to cast petrify you can make your first action to be using a figurine, mobs will often target these rater than you. You basically ahve to plan each fight with pertify ahead of time,if in doubt split pulling is always a go t strategy/
  3. Phantom, wurms, drake. I like drake for the fear aura, but the ice spell is actualyl my fav top level spell because if you do dragons x 3 then cast ice spikes pretty much nothing will be able to
  4. Again its not the cheese that i disagree with, its that you dont have to mix max to get a high enough deflection to deflect everything, and your dismissal of other skills as useless means you wont be getting the most out of your tank. EG knockdowns are important and fighters get access to two good ones, you dont see the point in reflexes and you value int over dex, one of which makes a couple of abilities longer and the other gives you faster abilities and an attack speed that isnt laughable
  5. It's 143. Or 158 on potd. Hmmm ... doable without any temporary effects whatsoever? Let's see. Take a level 12 Wild Orland Paladin w/20 Perception, 20 Resolve, Song of the Heavens, Hylea's boon, +10 deflection ring, Lillith's Shawl, maxed-out Faith and Conviction, Deep Faith, Cautious Attack, Superior Deflection, Weapon and Shield Style, a hatchet, a superb large shield, and some +2 resolve item or other. So that's: 25 Base + 36 levels + 15 perception + 12 resolve + 10 ring + 11 Faith & Conviction + 2 Deep Faith + 10 Cautious Attack + 5 superior deflection + 28 superb shield + 6 shield style + 5 hatchet = 165 deflection /low whistle Whoa, that's quite obscene. Breath targets reflexes though so you are screwed for that
  6. I would get you nerfed motherf- I might see the futility of my efforts but perhaps I'd be as likely to flee as to try to run past you. I think it's an absurd idea either way to strive to get hit as a tank. A tank should be good at handling incoming damage and at directing it at him. That the latter part comes trivially unless you're not alone in melee doesn't mean we should give up the former to be nice to the AI. He's still sporting a shield which is the worst weapon setup for damage. He still has no big hitting abilities. I don't see this obsession with making your tank a one man army. He never needs to be one. It's all about how well your party can handle the fights. My cannons can be made of glass when their tank is made of diamond. Straw man argument. There is a big difference between useless hunk of metal who blocks doorways and tank who can do things and there is also a big difference between tank that can do things and a one man army. I'm not saying a fighter should tank,dps, juggle, do backflips and yodel at the same time. I am saying that reducing him to a hunk of metal that just stands there isn't gettimg the most out of your team
  7. Well, you do need someone to stand in that doorway.. Yea but you want that person to do more than just sit there playing with themselves
  8. Why are we discussing adra dragon accuracy? The fight is about CC/lockdowns and full nuke. Because the Adra dragon is a unique monster with the highest in game accuracy so it's a good example to talk about deflection/accuracy because if the dragon can't hit you then nothing can. Also as far as the Adra dragon goes the two main problems with it are the breath, which you can actually tank with a high reflex extra corrode DR tank ( obviously keep your squishes out of the fall out zone) and you can hit the dragon with spells that target reflexes) (15 wall of fires will kill the dragon (scrolls))
  9. My complaint was nothing to do with cheese as I'm a big fan of dairy. My complaint was that your build is pretty simplistic to the point of "anything that doesn't increase deflection is a waste of time" Which I contest as I think it's a pretty ineffective way to play a tank. Warriors have a great base accuracy so by dumping dex you are ensuring one of your most reliable hitters basically never does anything. A stationary, no damage dealing meat shield is actually a terrible tank because it brings nothing to the team that you can't get from a doorway
  10. 1) Has very little effect of your game what faction you side with aside from RP fanatics 2) I thought it was really clear from the dialogue text that siding with a faction was exclusive. I mean of the two (knights and dozens) that i have sided with they made it clear i wouldn t be able to side with otehrs and when i refused to side with the other one they made it clear it was exclusive as well. Anyone who didnt pick up on this clearly ddnt read the text that quite clearly states that they wont tolerate split loyalties etc etc
  11. Talk to him, pull him into a bottleneck, focus the mages, win. Not an easy fight but not a hard fight by a long way. With two wizards it really shouldnt be hard to burst the squishies, then you just pick off the melees best you can. (Its hard to be specific without knowing all your spells and i avoid the premade compainions due to thier terrible stats so i dont have much experience with them
  12. There are only about two enchantments you can get on shields. Herald (+5 all defences) and the bash. Given that enchanting the alrger door upwards is the only way to keep the second enchantment into the late game t really depends what you want, bash or herald. Personally i think herald is better as if you have a shield you are probably talking about a tanky character anyway so + defences is always good. It isnt really that complicated a decision given the lack of options, you have a choice of size (small medium large), quality (normal all the way up to superb) and a choice of the two unique enchantments, and the only shield i have ever seen the bash on is the larder door.
  13. not true, the difference between a crit, a hit, and a graze is massive, saying it doesnt matter implies that anything below 80 guarantees a crit and thats just not true
  14. Not true, they have similar base stats and fighters have pure defensive skills and cc that are probably better Defender doesn't stack with deflection buffs, like Shields of the Faithful. Virtuous Defense doesn't stack with all defense buffs, like Circle of Protection. Fair nough, still think the cc is worth it
  15. Switch to ranged next time, cant move but can shoot. Because of the said luck I do not believe in TCS It's really quite possible to do every fight reliably, it's just a matter of planning
  16. God I totally skipped over that paralyse shout......that would have made my solo triple crown run soooooo much easier lol.... God chanters are so OP
  17. Not true, they have similar base stats and fighters have pure defensive skills and cc that are probably better
  18. Great advise, i would add that if you cant burst it out it really is worth shifting the battle out of its area of effect. I feel like too many people seem to forget that AOE spells are generally easy to dodge. This isnt the first thread complaining abut druid spells and the other thread im thinking about had an even smaller area of effect. Like everyone was saying about maxing reflexes or burst him down etc and no-one even bothered to mention that you can dodge it entirely by moving just a little bit. I mean it even tells you when casters are casting and tells you what they are casting, its possible to take 0 damage (aside disengagement attacks) from most AOE spells. This one usually hits a couple of times before you can run away entirely but still. Its like people forget they can move in combat. Ive seen so many people moaning about the maewald fight which I find almost funny given how easily you can dodge all his spells until all he does is auto attack with his wand. Maybe the reason AOE is often so powerful is because it is also so avoidable?
  19. I disagree with all my heart. One of those in front and five glass cannons in the back. I "sacrifice" even more on my fighters. You better listen to Akimbo because he speaks truth. Seems to me that Akimbo isn't playing on PotD, where the damage your fighter tank puts out is completely negligible. On everything up to hard, yeah.. no need to minmax. No need to even create your own fighter because Eder can tank just fine. If you build a character like a tank in the OP, then your fighter will put out negligible damage on any difficulty level. It's still overkill, even on PoTD to build a tank like that. Might 10 Constitution 10 Dexterity 3 Perception 15 -5 Intelligence 3 -12 Resolve 15 -5 22 points saved cost = -10 deflection -Duration on skills that don't matter so much. Using a Wild Orlan we get - Redistributed: Might 18 (+1 from location included) Constitution 10 Dexterity 17 Perception 15 Intelligence 3 Resolve 15 If you want the deflection, but don't want to entirely gimp might: Redistributed #2: Might 17 Constitution 8 Dexterity 10 Perception 20 Intelligence 3 Resolve 20 (+1 from location included) That said, is it wrong to build an entirely tank focused character, with 5 glass cannons? No, of course not. I just think that it's overkill to do so and personally prefer a stat allocation like one above. p.s. It's also funny that you assume I'm not playing on PotD I assumed you had stated you werent playing PoTD or that comment is actually bordering on insulting, Its like oh HE is DEFINITELY not playing such a HARD difficulty level. I half agree with you elsewise, in that i think you dont want your tank to do nothing else (ie ignore everything else) but at te same time if you can get your deflection up to 140 or so its worth it because almost nothing can even graze you anymore
  20. Monks>all Edit I forgot: Chanter>monk>figher>paladin>>riposte tank rogue>tankpriest>tankmage I think tank chanters are stupid broken because prtty much nothing alters their chants/invocations meaning you can build them 100% tanky and still do insane damge/buffs/summons with them
  21. I'd sjst like to point out that min maxing is pretty overrated unless you are on PoTD with a party that is smaller than the full 6. I would also put DEX at the top of my list of "Stats you should never ever dump" Unless you literally want a meatshield that does nothing min dex is terrible. Its like watching people fight in slow motion. As far as race goes i agree with a previous poster who questioned why you talk about them so much. aside from the wild orlan, and the moon godlike i would argue that the racial abilities won't affect your ability to tank much at all, and I would also comment that 1 point in an attribute also has a negligible effect so not really that important. Apart from that I also disagree with a large number of your statements. Extra HP per tick adds up, especially when most mobs hit you for very little in the first place, getting more passive HP heal means you are even less likely to ever need to use active heals. Save boosting talents are often great, i mean I got bulls fortitude on my solo run exactly because some debuffs are so terrible that you really dont want to get hit by them (petrify and paralyse being the obvious ones you really dont want to get hit by). Also the way you dismiss movement is a bit alarming given that the best way to tank is often to avoid damage, IE you often dont want to stand in teh middle of a fire tornado or whatever AOE spell is cast on you, so moving out the way is really the obvious thing to do with pretty much any AOE and is almost always worth taking a few disengagement attacks I have a few other minor issues but your build isnt bad or anything, I just think you speak far too often in absolutes with words like worthless, best and worst. I also dont see the point in increasing Int in your build, you barely have any duration based spells, and you could have not tanked your dex value, which even if you are determined to do as little damage as possible (and this build seems to revolve around the idea that having a tank that can do any damage is a bad thing) boosts your reflex value which is the second most targeted defense right after deflection.
  22. The range on storm is big enough that clustering/not clustering doensnt really matter anyway, either tank it and take your damage like a man or run away out of the area of effect and kill the druids when they follow
  23. so what you are saying is that you are content with paladins as tanks because you only use them as meatshields. That's fine for you i guess its a SP game play as you want; but by that reasoning is there really much point giving them a weapon at all? Why bother with a paladin at all, why not send a sword and shield barbarian in? Im quite in the middle of this debate generally as I think paladins are decent support tanks but have a terrible DPS but this is probably the worst defense of a class I've seen. Fighters barely take any microing in the first place for one thing but evaluating how good different classes are based on what happens when you just click attack and leave them at it is a terrible way to talk about the class' potential. I mean to take it to an extreme that's like saying that priests are a bad class if you just give them a want and get them auto attacking...... Also as for into the fray not working for you im not sure whats going wrong there, ive never had a problem with it. Why would you want barbarian with a shield in the first place? Thats a Fighter for you , and as already discussed thousand times Fighters and Paladins both are good tanks with different purpose , i mean fighter is totaly useless after he engages 4 enemies , while paladin can still heal / buff / revive I wasnt seriously suggesting using a sword and shield barb I was trying to say that if you dont care about getting the most out of your characters by min maxing thats one thing, if you cant be bothered to micromanage and base your decisions on that then thats something else. The guy i quoted was saying that less micromanaging was somehow an advantage of paladins over fighters, which a) I contest to be true and b) isnt representative in any way of which class is better
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