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  1. I would have to agree on this one, you can't really define a rotation that would work all the time because not everything has the same defenses, and ideally you want to use spells that target the opposition's weakest defenses. I will say that I opened with Chill Fog almost every encounter though, and I would almost be tempted to say that I think the spell itself is overpowered. I'm not 100% sure before Secrets of Rime, but late game on lower DR targets it was ticking for 15-20 damage and usually landed a blind on that same target. Blind has great offensive value for the deflection and refle
  2. I did most of the side quests available, I did not do a single bounty though. I killed Adra for the sake of upgrading to superb, though it was with Petrify so nothing special really. I gave it a few attempts before resorting to Petrify, but even with a buffed to hell Wizard I just got wrecked regardless of my DR. One thing I will say is despite almost needing to go there with a Wizard for the grimoire Noonfrost is terrible. There are issues with both the Wizard's Arcane Dampener and Paladin's Deprive the Unworthy and permanently stripping talents and passives so be careful if you go there
  3. I forgot about Bewildering Spectacle, but here is a video of the encounter in question, with some helpfulness from the confusion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14S-APkY3Eg
  4. Chill Fog and Slicken were both amazing for me, with Chill Fog being pretty much my opener for most of the game. For instance, the bear encounter can be done by opening chill fog, and then letting them mass up in it, then following up with a Slicken. Typically, the bears will be blinded by the fog, then the slicken is a hit/crit due to the reflex penalty. You can then follow up with back to back fan of flames, which do a lot of damage due to the massive Reflex penatly of blinded/prone. I specifically did that encounter with no armor to cast faster. Even if you get bad luck and the big bea
  5. Hey all, just completed the game with a solo wizard on PotD difficulty and wanted to share the build. Though most of it will probably be pretty obvious. Atrributes 15 Might, 15 Dex, 18 Int, Rest 10 I suppose this is more up to personal preference, I typically just stick with a balanced stat spread. Skills 3 Athletics ASAP After that typically mix and match between Mechanics and Stealth with a priority given to Mechanics Key Spells Level 1 - Chill Fog, Fan of Flames, Slicken, Eldritch Aim Level 2 - Bewildering Spectacle, Curse of Blackened Sight, Mirrored Image, Concelhaut's
  6. The focus should be less on paladins and more on the fighter vs dragon example provided. The video shows a fighter eating all attacks of the dragon, even the meant to be avoided, high damage breaths, and coming out on top with room to spare. Now this is as seen, and as stated with no consumables, potions, pausing, changing of position, etc. He also stated that the rolls were terrible and this was likely a worst-case scenario. That is a problem. There are far too many topics complaining about Path of the Damned being too easy for it not to be a problem. All it takes is imagining a party s
  7. The Starlit Garb is hidden on the floor of the Glanfathan home on the left right when you enter Elms Reach. At least I'm pretty that's where it is.
  8. I only really have two ideas: Liberating Exhortation - Maybe make it grant immunity over the duration to the hostile effects that were suppressed on activation? Right now the same effect can be immediately reapplied even while the previous one is suppressed which really doesn't make a lot of sense, and this would also vary it a bit from the priest counterpart. Sworn Enemy - There could be two variations, an offensive, which would be the current iteration, and a defensive variation. The defensive variation would be presented as the same debuff on the enemy but instead would give it -1
  9. While I will concede that duke's video proves a fighter is mostly superior to a paladin, I disagree that it proves that the fault is with paladins. The main thing I gather from the video is that if anything, fighters are far too powerful. After maybe the first 30 seconds of the fight or whatever, it is entirely possible that the person playing the fighter could have afk'd for the rest of the fight, with it bearing no relevance to the eventual outcome. To me, there is a massive problem with that, and this is not directly tied to something simply being an auto-attack class. The breath attack
  10. Hello all, I've been playing a solo PotD playthrough as a Paladin and I cannot really fathom all of the hate that Paladin as a class has been getting. I have completed the playthrough already with a monk and I have to say that the Paladin thus far has been vastly easier, if not entirely effortless for a fair portion of the game. Linked below is a video of me solo'ing the Sky Dragon on PotD difficutly with said Paladin, without the use of any traps or any real "cheese" tactics that most people would use, even with a full party. I can't attest to how well a Paladin functions in a group becaus
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