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  1. Samael, thank you again for providing that save and letting us know of this issue. It's now fixed and will be included in the next patch. The problem, in this case, comes from having only Serafen out of all possible companions in your party. It's not an ideal solution but until the patch comes out you can dismiss Serafen from your party (or replace one of the other members with one of the game's companions - e.g. Eder or Xoti, etc.) before the conversation with Eothas in the Ashen Maw. Alternatively, you can also use console commands. After the convo drops, type this in console after enabling cheats and then press enter: StartConversation oei_player 04_cv_post_magrans_teeth 11 Apologies again for the setback and I hope this helps! Jorge
  2. Sceydwin always appears near the forge, close to the The Court, once Benweth has been dealt with and Aeldys returns to the fort. Will look into her dialogue a bit closer to prevent any confusion though! Thanks again for the heads-up!
  3. This has been fixed and will be included in a following patch. Thank you everyone for your help in narrowing this one down! Jorge
  4. This has been fixed and will be included in a following patch. Thank you everyone for your help in narrowing this one down! Jorge
  5. Maqjav, thank you for bringing this up to our attention. I wanted to say that, yes, the translation of the journal in that specific phrase you mention isn't ideal. That said, the quest is working as it should. Seafol leaves with the prisoners once you free them. If you return to Aeldys then she'll let you know that the prisoners made it safely and then she rewards you Jorge
  6. Of Like Minds isn't a requisite quest for any faction's progression. Given that you sided with Aeldys during that quest, neither Castol nor Furrante will advance Of Like Minds. That said, the quest should've pointed you to return to Castol if you had it active when completing A Shrewd Proposition (the pirate quest about the slaver faction). If you were able to acquire Of Like Minds after having completed A Shrewd Proposition then that's a related issue we'll look into. Thanks for the heads-up!
  7. We've already fixed being able to complete the Hasongo quest during this meeting unless you've actually reached the lighthouse and spoken with Eothas. However, this info and save you provided allowed me to address a related issue - the Hasongo quest would not be granted during this meeting in cases where players explore up to a certain point of Hasongo, as you did. In your particular case, you should be able to get the next quest in the line after talking to Eothas in Hasongo (through the adra pillar). Thanks again for the very detailed info - it really helped Jorge
  8. Thank you for the save file. I've developed a fix and it'll be included in our next patch. Not only will the cutscene not play again but I've also added a fix for your particular case to make sure that Flaune reappears (internally we were unable to reproduce that part of the issue). Your help was much appreciated - thanks again! Jorge
  9. This is fixed and now being tested for inclusion in the upcoming patch. Thank you for your help! Jorge
  10. Hey there! I'm forwarding this to our QA folks. They'll find a crash log really useful because it does sound like a crash that happens under very specific circumstances. My gut feeling is that something related to the grub's abilities or models (vfx, shaders, materials, etc.) isn't jiving well with a particular hardware/driver. But that's just a hunch. It'll require looking into it. Thank you for bringing this to our attention - much appreciated!
  11. Thorough list. Thank you for putting all that time and effort - it's much appreciated I'm going to forward this to our QA for follow-up Jorge
  12. Hi! It took me a while to find this post. I'm looking into the issue (as now I have a savegame provided by Sidushi). Also looking into the possibility of the bell sequence not firing when stealthing. If you (Ironstrom and Celestarion) would be so kind as to provide me with a savegame then I can better test for this (I admit, it's rather strange, as I've never seen any problems with this scene in all the time I've spent with Deadlight, from its initial design to its final touches of implementation). Thank you again for bringing this to our attention and for your patience! Jorge Btw, Sidushi, I just found what went wrong with your playthrough. You attacked Benweth at his command post and somehow managed to retreat from the fight and leave the area. That wasn't supposed to happen I designed this so that Benweth, once he knows someone is after him, won't leave his command post. I had a safeguard there to prevent combat from ending if Benweth spots you but something broke it. My bad. This will be fixed in the upcoming patch. I really appreciate your help in pointing this out and am sorry that the issue affected your playthrough
  13. If the guards couldn't be convinced to leave the lift down for you beyond half a day, exit through the south chambers in the Old City Ruins (there's a way to open that sealed door from the inside)
  14. I've implemented a solution for this in the upcoming patch (2.03). It's now being tested: - As long as Cwineth is still alive, it's now possible to take Esmar prisoner even if you've already cleared the way for the expedition by dealing with the stelgaer that block the escape route at the northern edge of the Northweald.
  15. Hey, Grokitach! I've got a retroactive fix for a case like yours already slated for the next patch. Even though the solution to the problem should cover all edge cases where the convo doesn't start at the end of the encounter with Thaos, I was wondering if you remember whether your character (Draxx) was afflicted by some specific status effect when the fight ended. That may have been the cause of the dialogue not starting properly, and I'm looking into possible solutions that run deeper than the fix I implemented. Thanks in advance! Jorge
  16. Hey, folks, I just wanted to let you know that we're investigating this issue. Thank you for the info and the associated files - we'll keep you posted. Jorge
  17. With the retroactive fix included in the upcoming patch, all three faction leaders will invite you to the hearing provided that you've completed their second quest - even if you have another faction's second quest in the journal (so, in the Doemenel's case, completing the Changing of the Guard will have them get you in the hearing). This assumes there's at least one of those second quests completed. The leaders will only give you these quests if you've not accepted a second quest from one of the other factions - that's intended, even if you murder a bunch of people of that faction, because the factions want to know that you're working to further their interests (a character that helps their enemies first and then slaughters them will not cause a faction to be forthcoming with its trust). Jorge
  18. Thanks for the heads-up, Benlitz. I'll send a link to this to our QA and look into a fix for this particular issue. Daemer, we've not seen a significant number of reports where party members get stuck. There are always console command solutions, of course, or turning off the comp without manually exiting the game Still, given its reliability, I'd not be concerned about running into a possible issue (any that arise will get solved as we tackle them). Jorge
  19. Yeah, we've taken notice that this happens more often than we expected. We're planning a solution for those cases where the geography/landmarks of the area do not clearly convey that a new area lies just beyond a transition.
  20. I've just double-checked Galawain's vision dialogue. While the way in which this dialogue was structured doesn't match the others, as you noted, it's possible to resolve the quest normal. Galawain will make an appearance through the same dialogue branch you're getting once a resolution to the stalemate between Sul and Oernos has been found. Jorge
  21. Try to exit Elmshore through the south-eastern exits (lake shore will be north of you, rather than south). Ideally, the north-eastern exit should also work (I'll flag this to be resolved for an upcoming patch). Jorge
  22. We found that it was still possible to hit a particular dialogue path with Clyver that would let you pick up Winds of Steel even if you had Bronze Beneath the Lake or Changing of the Guard active/completed. In order for this to happen, you'd have to first ask Clyver about a second job (after finishing Built to Last), then decline to take it and get, instead, the second quest from either the Dozens or the Doemenels. After that, asking Clyver about the animancy hearing invite can bypass the checks against the other quests being already active in the journal. tl;dr version: Yes, it's possible in 1.04, but it requires a rather unusual set of actions for the issue to occur. Jorge
  23. I'd like to confirm that we've already put a fix for this, which will also work retroactively for those folks that got Winds of Steel and Bronze Beneath the Lake (or Changing of the Guard) in their saves. The solution is getting tested and scheduled to appear in the next patch. Thank you for your patience, folks - I know this issue in particular has been significant. Btw, I take the chance to remind you that you can always have Lady Webb give you an invite if you've angered one of the factions from which you acquired a second quest (Winds of Steel, Bronze Beneath the Lake and Changing of the Guard - e.g. attacking one member of the Dozens if you've got Bronze Beneath the Lake will make Webb give you the invite). Jorge
  24. Dukefx, just to clarify a bit and lend a hand, I can confirm that you can indeed sneak without turning them hostile (if the guards spot you, though...). Also, there are ways to convince Glasvahl to let the spy from the Fangs go. Jorge
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