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  1. I'm in the same position as Insolentius - I failed A Shrewd Proposition after hanging Aeldys and siding with Furrante, which makes no sense. Furthermore, I now can't seem to complete the VTC quest Of Like Minds, who's success is tied to helping Furrante with the slavers. Let me know if you need a save file showing this.
  2. It's now possible to return Terms of Trade and Storms of Poko Kohara to Director Castol in the event of Alvari having been banished by the VTC council Agracima!
  3. Bumping this thread - I'm still unable to complete this quest after the latest patch.
  4. Good to know the Gamepedia wiki is being worked on. The Fextralife wiki isn't bad, and the people who run it include content such as their analyses of potential builds which is nice. But I'm not a fan of the way they present class/ability information with icons and mouseover tooltips. I'd rather a table - much more device friendly. To that end, I'm happy to help create the pages for each class, unless you have that covered? Are you adding Deadfire-specific info on classes to the existing class pages or creating new ones?
  5. I'm trying to complete the VTC faction quest Terms of Trade but there's no one in the HQ that I can turn my quest into. Backstory: I completed a few VTC faction quests including A Vote of No Confidence, where I chose Director Castol over Lueva Alvari. The latter was exiled and she's no longer in the HQ. I then went to Tikawara/Poko Kohara for the first time and completed all of that. Terms of Trade was updated to say I had to return to the VTC in Queen's Berth to tell someone what I had done, but no NPC acknowledges the quest is complete. I assume I had to tell Lueva Alvari, but I
  6. I didn't completely upgrade Modwyr either before completing the quest with Yngfrith, but I assume all the traits Modwyr gets after the quest is done is what you'd get from upgrading her.
  7. This confused me too initially until I realised it was meant to be a torch. But why is it a sabre?
  8. Update on this - I stumbled upon Oswald in that dungeon with xaurips and Woedica cultists. I let the cultists kill Oswald and the quest 'Lost Dues in Good Faith' appeared in my journal and completed itself.
  9. First visit to Sacred Stair in Neketaka, I completed the quest Eulogy for the Dead, encountering Yseyr the Barbarian. I can't remember how, but I got Engoliero do Espiers (maybe I stole it?), and left Yseyr alive. Progressed through the game some more and in Dunnage I got some dialogue with Captain Furrante about the history behind Yseyr and Lucia Rivan. Went back to Neketaka and spoke to Yseyr again. There was new dialogue that basically repeated the information learnt in Dunnage, but this time, I cleared a Perception 20 check in an option which led to Yseyr giving me another Engolier
  10. The NPC Kahn in The Wild Mare (Queen's Berth, Neketaka) is supposed to give the quest 'Lost Dues in Good Faith', but for me she didn't. I've still been able to progress quest-related dialog with her (finding the journal and her telling me to find Oswald at a certain location), but the quest is not in my journal.
  11. Not sure if this quest is bugged. The quest was given by Nirro in Neketaka to make contact with VTC headquarters in Queen's Berth. Once there, I met with the director at the VTC offices (Lueva Alvari). Exhaused the dialog options but then nothing. In my quest log I have only one step completed for this quest but it's showing as finished (greyed out). I feel like Lueva has a missing dialog option.
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