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  1. As for the Luminous Adra potion itself, it's never specifically stated that this is something that the potion can do - however the "healing qualities of Luminous Adra" are implied in multiple situations, even simply visiting the Luminous Bathhouse. I also have a tendency to try and get at least one of every type of item, since there's no telling when something might be useful or allow alternative ways past quests. I'd actually had the potion sitting in my inventory since fairly early in the game - since you conveniently get 2 Luminous Adra dust or whatever it's called as early as the Engwithan Digsite. I figured, a potion that expensive has to be useful for something besides just drinking.
  2. You can. After you give the Luminous Adra potion to the leader, the two nameless Principi captives are still there and you can simply walk up to them, untie them and tell them to walk out of the nearby hole (receiving the Moderate Positive Principi boost as well). It takes a little longer, sure, but they remain in the room, unharmed, regardless.
  3. Antipathic Field = AoE (damages anyone in the path) Ectopsychic Echo = Foe AoE (only damages enemies in the path) Been this way since PoE1
  4. Seems like it... Here's what I did, if you'd like to try and replicate it to see what I'm talking about. 1.) Craft a Luminous Adra Potion (the super expensive one that takes 2 Luminous Adra and like 1k to craft) 2.) Go to the Tavern in Shattered Reef (the "Eel" place), and talk to the undead tavern keeper. He'll offer you a drink (of blood). There's various ways to pass the check, but I did Constitution if it makes any difference. 3.) This will trigger Copperhead to want to talk to you. Do so, and agree to meet him at his busted up ship. 4.) Visit Copperhead and do all his dialog stuff but DON'T try to take off his helmet, just look at it while its still on his head (if you can). 5.) Climb/Kill your way up to the top of the tower as normal, but when you talk to the dude up top you can tell him something to the effect of "you can survive without needing to consume essence", after which you'll be able to give him the Luminous Adra potion. If you have Pallegina in your party when you do all this, she'll rather plainly state that she doesn't know why we'd need an undead army, but agrees that she's also not the one doing the negotiating. The Watcher will then be able to say something to the effect of offering to work out a trade deal with the VTC to secure Adra potions for Shattered Reef. ....and that's as far as I got with it. PROBABLY should try doing more VTC stuff to see if that'll open it up. lol OH! And SNEAK your happy butt out of the tavern... Getting spotted turns the whole tavern hostile, which makes you have to kill the tavern keeper. If you manage to get out of the tavern without a fight, can use the tavern properly after you give the big boss the Luminous Adra potion.
  5. Or was it Serafen? Serafen's "Wild Mind" ability can sometimes cause.. undesirable effects like that.
  6. Odd.. I did Crookspur well before also. Not to mention that I got Aloth's quest to advance to the Wahaki part well before I got sent to them by the Queen as well. Aloth's quest progressed just fine. I went the comedy/diplomatic route with the Wahaki to get access to the lift, if it makes any difference. Was basically just view a few rooms inside the temple area, which Aloth will make a few comments about (without opening a dialog window), talk to the leader, read the leaders soul.. and then tell Aloth about it after you walk a few steps out of the leaders throne room. Finished his quest without a hitch. Got sent to Wahaki later by the Queen, and just plopped the head in the leaders lap. Someone "read the bones" to apparently make sure I was telling the truth, but it still got them to agree to follow the Queen without a hitch. I was mildly annoyed that absolutely none of the Wahaki that I liberated from Crookspur dungeon chimed in to vouch for me, but that's kind sort of a non-issue in my opinion. Didn't really advance to far in the RDC questline since they all seemed to want me to break stuff that I didn't really want to break - plus after discovering just how uncaring Maia truly is, my opinion on the RDC went pretty sour. So I was/am unaware that/if RDC send you there as well, though I couldn't see why they would either. And I guess I never went far enough into Princepi questline, since while I... partially like them, I didn't really want to get "locked" into the Principi path for Ukaizo. As far as Ukaizo goes, I really find only the Huana path, solo path, and possibly Shattered Reef path (if I can figure out how to properly get it to open up) interesting. Huana is cultural, which I can at least respect - everyone else only seems to want access out of greed. I'll likely at least follow the other paths, despite my disinterest in them, fairly soon simply to see if I can find any (more) bugs or glaring issues. Feel free to message me if you'd like to compare notes or something! Cheers!
  7. Then you've stuck your foot in your own mouth, as you've already demonstrated that Alchemy does indeed boost poison effects. Just because the UI does not reflect it, doesn't mean that the effect itself is not affected. I believe it was you who even commented about items/weapons working properly despite incorrect UI displays. I really shouldn't have to say this, but you can keep the snide comments about your personal opinion of me to yourself. This part of the forum is for bug reporting and game related issues, not proposed flame wars. Cheers!
  8. You forgot something... You also get a "Party Bonus" to all skills, up to +10. You generally only see this on level up. Say for example your party is only Eder and the Watcher. Lets say the Watcher has 10 Athletics, and Eder has 2 Athletics. When you click the + icon to level up Eder, if you highlight Athletics it will say "2 self + 10 party bonus". Again, this only applies up to +10. As a result of this, your entire party effectively has "6 Alchemy" as a result of Maia having 6 Alchemy. The only time this doesn't specifically apply is with Athletics, actually. Since characters will not actually receive the Second Wind skill until they personally have at least one rank in Athletics. Formula: Party1 - 0 Alchemy Party2 - 3 Alchemy Party3 - 9 Alchemy Party4 - 15 Alchemy Party1 would have an effective Alchemy rank of 10 thanks to Party4's Party Bonus. Party2 would have an effective Alchemy rank of 13 thanks to Party4's Party Bonus. Party3 would have an effective Alchemy rank of 19 thanks to Party4's Party Bonus. And Party4 would have an effective Alchemy rank of 24 thanks to Party3's Party bonus. Hopefully that clears things up for you.
  9. It's tied to the major, general respec bug... The devs are fully aware of it, and I'm assuming it'll be one of the things included in the next patch coming out early next month (though don't quote me on that, as I don't work for Obsidian - I just know that they're fully aware of the respec issue). Many things go all wonky when you respec a character. Devoted lose there weapon prof and only keep unarmed. The Watcher loses all training skills (and Gift of the Machine, if you had it). Sometimes you'll "skip" levels on a respec. The list goes on and on. Never heard of or seen chanters completely losing access to chants and invocations as a result of it though. But, given how wonky respec'ing has been already, I can't say I'm surprised either.
  10. It is, actually... Since you you killed the leader, I'm pretty sure you also noticed that when you loot the area... you also get his noggin (as with a bounty quest). While he is a quest giver, he's also a bounty target...of sorts, associated with the Huana questline (a quest given by the Queen personally - though I wont spoil it for you).
  11. Remember, the slavers view slaves - including Handsome Eliam - as "merchandise". They're not going to ruin "merchandise" and lose out on the profits associated with that "merchandise" if they can just kill you and put the product(s) up for auction again....
  12. Try this then (this is the route I usually go); 1.) Tell the Ogre Cannoner at the gate to "Hurry and let me in", so you can get the diplomatic option. 2.) Bid 2k on Handsome Eliam, and talk to the lady who then tells you to go inside and give your monies to the leader. 3.) Talk to the leader inside (Serafen will look him up and down, and then say something to the effect of "I've been waiting a long time to lay eye on you") 4.) Tell the slaver leader that you only bid on Handsome Eliam so that you could kill the slaver kingpin (the attack option). You will have to kill everyone on both two maps (as well as the dungeons, if you're so inclined) as well as manually open the gate used by the Ogre Cannoner who let you in. But Handsome Eliam will remain unharmed, unless you actually accidentally cast an aoe on him - the hostile npc's will not target him at all. Handsome Eliam will then be completely bewildered, thank you, and then ask you what you think he should do. You then have the option to recruit him to your crew for free. You can also choose to release all the other slaves tied to the surrounding posts - though they're unnamed and will just run away without a word. My "thing" is, is that after killing the kingpin, Serafen doesn't have any special dialog to show gratitude for the massive favor you've done him, Handsome Eliam, and all the other slaves, as well as the entire Deadfire for essentially crushing slavery in one fell swoop. Cheers, mate!
  13. On the crafting menu, yes, it only shows the "base value" of a poison (or potion, or drug). After you have one crafted, or purchased, in your inventory the values will be adjusted to reflect whatever character who's inventory you currently have active.
  14. lol yeah it does.. Alchemy improves not only the damage per tick (3 seconds) of a used poison, but also extends the duration. I can post a few screenshots if you'd like, showing the difference between 0 Alchemy, 10 Alchemy, 20 Alchemy and 500 Alchemy (used for testing purposes). There is a very notable difference. You're probably only looking at poisons with one character (probably the Watcher). Try switching to a different character and just mousing over the same poison. The damage values and duration will be different. Cheers, mate!
  15. Has nobody... actually looked at Serafen's character sheet? His background IS "Slave", and if you pay attention to his conversations, behind all of his jokes and innuendo he was a severely abused slave at that - most notably being repeatedly abused by Malnaj. Not to mention Furrante being uncaring about him, and tossing him to the Watcher at the beginning of the game as an adult would toss candy to a child to try and get the child to follow them, simply because he believes the Watcher would be a more useful pawn than Serafen. Of course he's going to be upset if you opt to help the slavers, and rightly so at that! He also gives several, and I do mean several, verbal and visual cues about this if you bring him with you when you enter Crookspur. Truth be told, if I were to have any gripes about him at all in regards to the slavery thing, I'd say that I'm a bit disappointed that he doesn't seem to have any "thank you" dialog for killing the slaver kingpin with him in your party, despite him giving multiple cues that he wants to see the man dead.
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