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  1. Not sure if it's a bug or working as intended but the spell's description says "Enemies caught in the path between the two will suffer Corrosive damage." except it also damages allies. I bring this up mainly because other spell descriptions differentiate between enemies and everyone. Like Amplified Wave only hits enemies (and says enemies in the description) and Wilting Winds hits everyone (and says anyone in the description).
  2. I voted to wait mainly because Bloodborne. I'm one of those people who like to play those games to death while people are still figuring them out and the coop is abundant. A great single player game can wait. Of course, not everyone wants or cares about the PS4 and/or Bloodborne but for me, I can wait to receive my goodies. Also splitting things up can just lead to problems, the disc can be damaged or lost in the mail, people may forget about receiving the game, or other human elements messing things up. Receiving it in one big, complete package is the best option, in my opinion.
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