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  1. So I'll try and go through this step by step to make sure I get it right. When I first got to Twin Elms, I approached Teir Evron and got the main quest update to enter and talk with the gods. However, I figured I'd visit Oldsong first and maybe do some side-quests and stuff. So I did, picked up the quest from the priests of Hylea to clear out the dragon, the quest to look for the woman's missing sister in Noonfrost, and finally, The Old Queen and the New King. Since that seemed contained to the same area, I figured I'd just solve it straight up, and went to Sul's lair. But I didn't feel ri
  2. So, the network adapter workaround is still working fine for me and all, but I'm getting kinda sick of having to use my wireless which while stable, isn't giving me quite as much oomph as I'm used to. Also my wireless refuses to activate on start-up for some reason despite making sure it's set up to, so I gotta do a pointless network fix whenever I restart. With 1.04 these issues are still not fixed and reappear the second I try to go back to LAN, is there any sign of progress? While I happily suffered the minor annoyance for my first play-through, it's really killing my urge to re-play the ga
  3. As someone who had the problems referred to in the linked thread, that's a completely separate issue. In that case, the audio played exactly as normal, it simply had a delay of several seconds before they started playing. This happened both for soundbites you get when selecting/ordering characters around, and for actual dialogue. Using the workarounds in the thread solved that for me completely as well as the other issues mentioned there. Now that I've had the chance to actually play I've gotten the same issue as Niranloh. Whenever Calisca has a line of dialogue (not the soundbites which a
  4. Ah, it seems like I got it working in the end - I just disabled my local connection and connected to my router through wireless instead, and now I'm not getting inventory lag or audio delays. Not ideal but close enough, thanks for the help.
  5. So if I disable all my extraneous network-connections (3 wireless adapters and a bluetooth adapter that aren't doing anything) and just have my local network active, that should solve it? E: I'll try the above, thanks for the advice. E2: I already had IPv6 disabled unfortunately, and turning it back on did nothing.
  6. I don't run Hamachi or any VPN, so this won't do me much good, but it's nice that people are finding solutions at least! E: To clarify, I deactivated my local network and launched the game, and it runs fine! So it's definitely something connected to how Unity handles network connections, and not an issue with Hamachi or any other program of the sort. But I'm the kinda dude who tabs out constantly, streams music while playing, etc so I'll probably just hold off on playing until it gets fixed or I'm desperate, hence 'won't do me any good'.
  7. Hopefully a workaround or fix is found soon, between the inventory lag and incredibly long load-screens the game isn't really playable for me at the moment.
  8. I've got a single, partitioned HD and my Steam directory and all games are on the second partition (D:).
  9. Funnily enough I actually updated all my drivers yesterday (was hoping to wrangle Dark Souls into playing nice even though I knew its PC issues are game-related and not my machine), so they certainly should be.
  10. Yeah, I also have this exact problem - although I haven't gotten to combat yet, everything else is working fine except for those exact three issues. I also noted it's just the game freezing - I can tab out and browse Firefox or even tab over to WoW (I tried) without any slow-down or issues with my computer performance. Since I can also run seemingly more resource-intensive games fine I figure it's not my PC that's an issue. E: Running Steam version. Windows 7 64-bit i7-3610QM, 2.30 GHz 8GB RAM GeForce GT 650M
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