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  1. Tried it for a bit. Was fun in the early game at least, but i have no idea how it would feel later on.
  2. Would be cool if someone could watercolour this one for me. I am quite inept when it comes to that sort of thing. =/
  3. Would be nice to see the Soul Whip weapon particle effect bug be fixed too. Would like to to a playthrough as a cipher. =/
  4. If i recall correctly, he can't use lv3 spells untill he is lv 5.. Maybe 4.
  5. Man, i would really like to find a fix for this. Started my Cipher playthrough and it is really grinding my gears.
  6. Nice, thanks bro. I'll continue on my other save for awhile then =)
  7. Hmm,, okay, so a Pale Elf from the white that wends where most pale elves are said to live.. Let's say from the capital city there,, if they have cities, do they have cities? Or do they simply live off the land? I can't make a Pale elf leaving his ancestral home without knowing anything about that home.
  8. Nothing that really tells about their culture and way of living. Just that they have lived where they have for a long time, and are rare in northern lands..
  9. Thinking i'm gonna make me a Pale Elf. I like to know a bit of lore when i make a char because it helps me roleplay the character better, but i have no real idea what Pale Elf culture is like at all. Are they rural? Technologically simple? Tribal? How is their architecture? How do they govern themselves? Is there a place i can read up on them? I tried the wiki but it had no info at all.
  10. Gameplay feels better overall, good patch, keep it up!! <3
  11. The model should be tweaked a bit,, made to be a bit narrower while still feeling like a fairly long large sword..
  12. I read about zweihander dueling in a fairly old book on dueling with various swords so it was probably a thing back in the day.. I have a zweihander at home and it's only about 3 kg's,, really not that hard to wield, only a bit technical because of how long it is.. It's important to note that they aren't really very wide at all. The technique is very different from other two handed swords like the claymore and such though. Two handed blades in games should be no larger than a claymore, if they are they should be put in a sepparate category.
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