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  1. Holy crap Sun and Moon also have enchant "33% chance to recast fire spell/attack after 0.5 sec". This gotta be auto include item for fire nukers - high level priests, meteor wizards
  2. You empower some big late game 6sec (base) nuke and drop it from stealth into group of enemies to KO most of them with your alpha strike. That's not a bug per se. Just lame way to play a game but I'm not judging:) Although if a build guide specify that this type of playing is required then I'd admit its not a proper guide. I'd like builds for potd to be tested as valid for fair'n'square encounters, without resetting combat or splitpulling mobs etc.
  3. Just remove monk from the game in next patch and release him again after it's closer to normal class than to cheat. Its not even swift flurry, I did few test runs up to level 10-13 with multiple tier 1 damage/dps classes and monk outshines everything as dps and its not even close, my monks had often 35-40k damage while other tier 1 dpses like 10k tops. Single class monk at high level is probably even more retarded than multiclassed (give him a chanter with replenish resources gg). T There are some other broken combos like priest/pala with chanter that becomes immortal... forever... from le
  4. Book of Storms doesn't have anything unique about it tho I think? Its found on island south with Amira ruins or sth like that. There is a mage there with skeletons and demiliches.
  5. I used it 24/7 at its level range. I'm playing duo death godlikes priest of bereth + troubadour chanter. Its a slow duo to start with so this charm made things both safer and faster once skeletons became a bit too slow for midgame encounters. I'm at level 14 now with this duo so its a faceroll. At 13 you get this invocation that regenerate resources so with barring death door from priest and casting 2-3 times a priest spell that prolongs buffs by 10s base (with max int and +3 powerlevel from death godlike near death state it jumps quite a bit up so don't need to spam that much). I then use
  6. The more I think about this whole subject the more I'm leaning towards thoughts about games that become feature heavy. I mean if it was a sandbox game like Skyrim where u're tossed in a world and have some bare bones quests and tutorial to give you general idea what the world is about but in the end you kinda have to forge your own version of "fun" in them. I get a feeling (even tho I'm completely fine with that as meat and potatos of the game is enjoyable - char theorycrafting, how the combat feels in general, setting etc) they tried to provide themed means of travel to make players conn
  7. I agree on one part tho but thats another topic entirely... a lot of islands are ****ing boring holy ****. Seriously they packed like 10+ islands that have nothing on them. A pond with 21 water and some gay rice farm to vendor your crap? wtf is the purpose of jam packing the world map with empty zones. Imagine in poe 1 if you had a full zone size of i dunno... district of Defiance Bay with just some berries on a bush and a wandering generic "Lonesome Merchant" that sells flint and tinder + camping supplies. People would flip the table having extra loading screens just to explore empty zone...
  8. I too, hate when people try to excuse or justify the poor ship combat/mechanics with the lie of "Ships were intended as a stronghold, not for combat" especially when Obsidian stated different so many times. There are no excuses here on my side even tho I justify a lot of it with valid arguments, apparently its only "poor" if you expect more than a mini game from it. I don't, I consider it just a mini game with a bonus (especially that you got option to just go straight into regular combat with your chars which is bread and butter of this game) and I find it does the job it ought to d
  9. Yes there is the cool idea to travel AND battle ship. Few people pretend to mix the things. I LIKE the idea of free travel with ship. MORE, than caed nua. Caed Nua was only really useful with free rest with boost. But the portative-stronghold idea is a different thing than the textual battle mini-game between two ships. Frankly guys, I sincerely hope Obsidian will change deeply battleship with DLC. For me It is the priority. I'd want extra options for traveling in case I wanted to sell my ship and not use it at all ;p Then i'd have to find some maps in dungeons for uncharted te
  10. That's why a concept card was the best idea. Battle ship is absolutely boring. Even people said they "like" this feature, they describe a routine absolutely boring jibe > fire > jibe > fire. Short, it is invasive and not interresting. A card game, more conceptual but also far more fun was THE solution. A tray with square. Token with effect. Moving with bonuses. Eventually call others ship in the tray (factions etc.) For a real battle ship, strategic and interresting. War of position, of passive and active ability. Passive : +25 % of speed sailing during 1 tour. A
  11. Haha yeah, if they did we'd probably have to clean cannons ourselves in real time with a mini game that looks something like opening locks in Skyrim or if it was text/dialog based then we'd need excel spreadsheets to have 0.12233454% (exactly) chance of survival ( Leeroy Jenkins ref ). Derp.
  12. It's a matter of expectations I guess. I never expected naval system in poe to be a thing that would rival with depth of char creation and land combat. I treated it as a immersive way to travel around and free up the player from otherwise nightmarish system (imagine if you had to travel to port area of every city/island, then move to NPC that sells trips to various islands and travel that way). In addition as far as a mini game with some soft management cherry on top it does the job nicely I'd say.
  13. Sunless Sea falls more into category of management games like Frostpunk (from the recent ones) than a fully fledged rpg. I mean you bring a good point of game where naval theme is in depth and engaging but you bring a game that is entirely built around that, that's not a very valid solution for poe 2 in which use of naval theme is more a mini game and immersive way to travel around the world.
  14. I don't understand why people dislike naval systems, it has pretty much everything this game consist - it has scripted dialog arcade thingy, it has combat, it has resource management (supplies, crew, ship inventory) and it provides immersive way to travel around. I mean it would be kewl if we had real time ship combat that includes animations for shooting cannons, boarding and all naval maneuvers but lets be real here:) It's pretty much as good as it gets. I mean how would you do it differently before it turns into some Sea of Thieves pirate simulator? Especially after you compare it to s
  15. Or roll a shattered pillar or a wizard;p About aggro, enemies tend to target chars with lowest deflection, you can cheese around it by equiping biggest shield possible on your damage dealer at start of combat while unequiping shields on your tanks. Sure this way your tanks will suffer alpha strikes more but they are still probably gonna survive as they wear heavier armor, got more hp and higher defenses. Once alpha strikes are done you can switch to your dps set on your damage dealers and to shields/whatever setup you're running on your tanks. By the time enemies will understand what happe
  16. In Temple of Ondra in Old City Ruins under Nekataka. If you play solo and you engage in combat with this boss, sometimes he instantly uses his swallow ability but animation doesn't go off and you're perma locked in some weird knockdown status where you stood but your char model is gone. Another issue is that they need to make doors close behind you once you engage this boss because as it is you can just throw spells from outside of his range (he doesn't move) and once you run out of spells you can just run back to ruins, wait for combat to drop and you can run back to the boss with your sp
  17. Its not only the setting that is more cheerful but evil rpg aspect is gone pretty much, I haven't found anything comparable to poe 1 sending a child to be devoured by a dude on top of defiance bay tower for extra stats or sacrificing one of your party member in gruesome skaen effigy ritual. Its not just the setting of deadfire, its like a different universe in which your char, if it was evil in poe 1 it can no longer be as evil in deadfire. I have a really hard time roleplaying as evil sadistic monk type having no evil story companions to choose from, all story companions so far are a mer
  18. To be fair that book has a negative on it, if i recall correctly. Every damage you eat interrupts spellcasting, so you better buff that wizard well or keep him out of harms way. Oh that explains a lot;) I thought that it adds interrupt to your damage, but you are right, since I started using that book I was getting interrupted much more, I thought its just regular interrupt that you get occasionally from enemy attacks but I guess i'll be getting rid of that book for now then:P
  19. Yeah what I said earlier: Eothas is just a McGuffin for you to roam around Deadfire and get involved in interesting stuff. Not the most exciting critical path, but at the same time not a bad thing by itself. I know of an even worse RPG than Deadfire though:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tlxRCi9OvZo Inb4 you get crucified for touching fallout, holy grail of all rpgs! But I agree with you lol. Classic rpgs developed some sort of double standards, we treat old rpgs like fallout or baldur's with awe and we tend to idealize them but towards newer creations we're approaching it with guns rais
  20. WIth Blessings of Bereth you can start with main char wizard at level 4, extra gold,+2 all stats and vendor that sells gloves with +2 power level to evocation spells in Port Maje. Mix that with Infuse with Vital Essence Nature Godlike for another +2 power levels and you are probably highest damage dealer at level 4. Chillfog ticking for 37 damage in big aoe that also blinds? I would understand if you called that imbalanced but weak or worst? Nah, you just haven't found enough game breaking **** that make wizard strong. I just hinted you one above. I'm sure there are more. So now those
  21. Can't say much about Deadfire's story, but to me the PoE story only got good in retrospect... I mean, even if the "twist" isn't really imaginative, it has interesting context throughout the game. Many of the main story beats, as well as the side stuff, get quite some more depth, once the ending rolls around. Also, the world and characters had just the right balance of familiar and strange... but that, again might just be me. Yeah during the actual game it was meh. That said at least White Mach was compelling all the way through and showed the learned something. I was really so
  22. Who said main story should be long? There is no standard in a genre saying it should be XX hours or its bad. I'm very happy with the game as a whole, we get an much more dynamic world with day, night cycles, stunning graphics and effects for that kind of game, much of the content is voiced. I'm happy to give up some of the main story length for more immersive world as a whole as it provides great platform for later dlcs to expand on game length.
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