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  1. Stop with that "unplayable" bull**** already... I finished poe 1 on potd with party, solo and ultimate run... I see no true difference in "difficulty" versus poe 1, both games were very easy once you learned game mechanics, because poe 2 have easier mechanics you just learn it instantly, there is no learning curve but that's about it. Sure Sawyer wanna tune this and this is very good but I feel you will all end up disappointed if you expect any challenge. If you got any brain and gonna min/max meta builds you will faceroll everything no matter how he tunes it, just like we did in poe 1. P
  2. That's not entirely true ;p however in poe 1 broken builds/ideas are not apparent to newcomers as much as in poe 2 P.S mod move this to general discussion please.
  3. WIth Blessings of Bereth you can start with main char wizard at level 4, extra gold,+2 all stats and vendor that sells gloves with +2 power level to evocation spells in Port Maje. Mix that with Infuse with Vital Essence Nature Godlike for another +2 power levels and you are probably highest damage dealer at level 4. Chillfog ticking for 37 damage in big aoe that also blinds? I would understand if you called that imbalanced but weak or worst? Nah, you just haven't found enough game breaking **** that make wizard strong. I just hinted you one above. I'm sure there are more.
  4. To OP, dude its isometric rpg. Those games were always imbalanced unless modded to oblivion with ultimate hardcore mods (that with enough dedication you made trivial anyway with some specific class combos). I agree that things are easier to a bigger spectrum of classes than in PoE 1. It seems that PoE 2 took directly opposite approach than in PoE 1, they began with tuning making everything closer to trivial. In PoE 1 after release things were too hard due to broken mechanics and bugs. In time they fixed most bugs mechanics and by doing that opened a way for players to make content trivial beca
  5. I wouldn't go Evoker for solo. U loose transmutation and conjuration spells this way. You loose Chillfog and Arcane veil right off the bat in early game and they are probably the biggest tools to get you anywhere early. Without Arcane Veil you will probably drop instantly vs alpha strikes in some scripted fights that get you surrounded at start of combat without letting you ambush enemies with empowered fireball (like in Nekataka for example). If you want to go Evoker badly for some RNG oomph then I think you must multiclass it with some assassin or sth that let you get out of combat, smoke bo
  6. Yeah, I never play casters in RPGs for this reason. Never met system where they are balanced. They are either garbage or overpowered. Hence why I stick to melee or some semi-casters. In my party playthrough I ditched out Aloth because of that. Empowered Fireball- BUM! Great combat, thank you. Yea pretty much In PoE 1 I played so many times with wizard both solo and party that I'd say it was even stronger in right hands because you could cast with jedi speed at times. That being said in PoE 1 you needed to nail self buffs rotations/priorities before you could unleash all your destr
  7. I've been tinkering with different builds proposed on these boards as viable solo potd and even tho I like many builds so far I really should've gone with my first gut feeling and just roll single class wizard without a subclass. With that cheap Bereth Blessing that give you some cash and spawn a vendor in Port Maje you get gloves that give +2 power level for evocation spells, pair it with nature godlike +2 power levels after infuse with vital essence (level 2 hp buff spell) and its just mad damage with fireballs and missiles spells. Empowered versions just 1 shot things or whole encounters (i
  8. About people, yet again I guess I'll repeat after Boeroer again... maybe with enough repeating you will understand it... subjective:P about devs doing it this way? It laid foundation for them to balance the game easier, that's about it. You totally skip the RPG element of how classes feel and play, wizard that just reload his full repertoire every fight feels against generic class fantasy that's my main point. I agree with you tho that with per rest if you choose to exploit it and overkill everything by using your best **** each fight is stupid, I was playing differently aka saving as much as
  9. Or maybe contrary to what I said this is true, people being overwhelmed by being just a part of a bigger world right from the get go. I like that approach also, makes you feel small and try hard to work your way up from the undertow.
  10. I don't know. What people are you referring to? I never heard amassed voice flaming on PoE story, I always thought it was generally praised and appreciated duh? Anyway i'll try to dig with you assuming what you said is actually true. First thing that comes to my mind is maybe a setting? Its being semi-realistic middle age sort of fantasy and maybe by not being hyper fantasy it makes people expect a novel of Tolkien proportions? It's just a wild guess tho. For me some plot twists in poe 1 were breath taking, mostly in vanilla game, dlcs were more d&d fashioned stories.
  11. So why wouldn't you use those spells even knowing you'd have to rest anyway? Your complaint makes no sense. Because of the age-old question of "what if I need it for the next fight?". I use spells myself a little more but I know that "resource anxiety" pretty well and suffer it especially when dealing with consumable items and finite ammunition, so I can sympathize. Either way I'm happy with either the first Pillars system which offered some per-encounter abilities for spellcasters to use alongside the per-rest spells, or the Deadfire per-encounter system now that I've tried it - bo
  12. This is highly subjective. I like 4 per-rest spells better than 2 per encounter - because it's more powerful when you need the power - and in trash fights I need no spells. So I would be cautious with the random facepalms. So per-rest having more power when you need it, then auto attacking 80% of the rest of trash/combat, especially with full per-rest classes like mage/druid/priest, is better gameplay and what you'd prefer? You don't need spells for trash? Wut. Maybe if you're playing normal difficulty or otherwise casually. This isn't an mmo, there is no "trash" If you only need sp
  13. So why wouldn't you use those spells even knowing you'd have to rest anyway? Your complaint makes no sense.
  14. Just going thru potd semi speed run using 6 druids... Holy **** this is nasty. It required a bit of micromanagement early game although all fights vs beasts were freebie due to charm and paralyze versus beasts. Now my party is level 9 and I gotta say... SIX relentless storms + returning storms + nature's terror mixed with 6 plague of insects while under form of the delemgan and moonwell is a bit too much for this game to handle I don't micromanage anything at this point its just using 1 guy to cast form of delemgan and moonwell at start of the fight and others just get relentless storms + re
  15. I'm thinking about playing death knight archetype Devoted + Bereth/Skean Priest as second class. Sounds good?
  16. Obviously you wouldn't be able to multiclass everything. Yes I agree about bg2 multiclassing but as I said it worked there just fine because you had environment that reacted to that in a rewarding way. About classes being same or different (some worse). That's the design flaw of the environment, if we had world that have you include a "weak" class in your party because at some point this weak class is vital to get through some scripted encounters or you name it then it would be acceptable but as it stands and from what I've seen from beta videos and fights its kinda flat in that regard. P
  17. I don't really care that much about multiclassing tbh. If it ends up sucking big time I won't cry as I find it more as a forced feature to make PoE2 look like it expanded on the first game. If they make it work then its all good but I doubt they will. I'd care for multiclasses if it actually had some flair to it but the way it looks from videos (i don't have beta) its just that you play your main class but make it a bit more versatile by mixing it with mechanics of different class which is cool but I doubt game will provide environment challenging enough to actually require that much versatili
  18. That's interesting what you're saying in a sense that it made me think... I actually finished game solo on potd with multiple classes (only the ones that doesn't require skipping/splitpulling content) and with multiple parties. Each time I'd say it was overall easier for me to finish the game solo than with a party and that's a fundamental observation to be had I think. Because in solo you build to be self sufficient, tanky enough to be able to deal enough damage to kill before you get killed but with party you build a machine, if one gear cease to function (gets one shoted as you got careless
  19. Its a hard topic, guess I'd need to see full game to make my mind, when I think back to poe 1 wizard i guess it would be harder to finish all the hardest end game fights without highest level spells, but then being able to specialize into evocation and have double spell procs paired with lets say priest multiclass for some immunity spells? Its really hard to judge at this point. On paper it seems weak to give up highest level spells just for something that you can probably cover more or less with scrolls and potions but what do I know, I don't have beta so... I see some value in having "ba
  20. Hold on folks, I'm getting confused here. Please step back and define "balance" for me. Because what I can gather from people touching balance vs difficulty setting is that balance is a freedom to derp around doing stupid **** with their chars, playing in unthoughtful way expecting it will all work just good enough to enjoy the story? Are we seriously devolving, as rpg fans into this community that values laid back experience more than some semi-intellectual dig that these games used to provide? I mean sure its all imbalanced once you figure it out but atleast figuring it out part used to be s
  21. I don't get that part with balancing game around tcs players... what's supposed to balance the game for players of all kinds is difficulty slider itself. If they design a game in which on one difficulty one build is complete boredom because its borderline op and makes your game trivial but on tcs is just enough to cut through then I'd say they designed a game poorly and it has nothing to do with prioritizing tcs or casuals... There are multiple design layers that can bring balance, first and the one people focus on here mostly atm is how you can build your char, but its a bit pointless doi
  22. What was the solo play opening thing in poe 1 for wizard was a lot of fast cast self buffs that you pretty much had to put on yourself each fight, majority of the difficulty in hard encounters was actually getting to buff yourself up in time and surviving before getting 1 shoted by 10 enemies using their alpha strikes on you. Killing stuff wasn't hard, pretty much all of early game on my potd solo wiz was dominated by chillfog, combusting wounds and rest was just a filler, buffing up, debuffing when needed etc, once I had my fight placed with buffs up, enemies sitting in places i want them in
  23. > I’m a back beta tester what does that mean? I mean we play the backer beta and we all help test the game right? but I just mean I have access to backer beta and I don’t agree the comment he made about multclass a. It would be nice if you disagreed by actually facing the opposing arguments with some numbers, facts etc. The guy you disagreed with was just summarizing video by Nerd Commando which was quite in-depth review of the current state of the beta. So what are you precisely disagreeing with? or rather what argument would you bring to the table to face some facts that we
  24. I think you haven't tried using Kalakoth's Freezing Rake on a group of Torn Bannerman that you just landed a Gaze of Adragan on, fast huge aoe that hits for 250-300+ in one hit on probably one of the strongest human opponents in the game. Still petrify from opened up this combo which makes you right in a way that debuff is strong here but then if you had no way to deal massive damage quick in big aoe to cash out on short petrify (even if it lands its often like 2-3 sec on some targets)
  25. Thats unfortunate, I really enjoyed soloing as wizard in PoE 1. But I can't say I'm surpriced as after I finished poe1 with solo wizard on potd I went on and thought "hmm so 1 wizard was possible, it was challenging at times but I turned out to be insanely powerful later so lets try 6 wizards for some crazy fireworks" and well... game just exploded with how easy it was so if I were to think about party balance then I'd say its a good change in PoE 2. Would be kewl tho to have an option to go solo even if it was very hard. But then there is a difference in "fun" factor that comes from challenge
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