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  1. I use this composition atm: Wizard Tank Chanter wild orlan OT Chanter wild orlan OT Melee Rogue Cipher ranged Priest I'm thinking about throwing 1 chanter away tho, not that its bad but its kinda boring class for me, I'm quite used tho they are solid OTs that dont require any babysitting.
  2. Hmm I guess I assumed he's a Wizard Tank because he can make a shield around himself to tank Balrog uber 1 per rest HIT, he also utilized choke point and kept Balrog engaged... try not to call that on-spot tanking finesse:P
  3. Thats why I cheat and give myself unlimited camp supply with cheat engine... Yes yes... I'm low... but leaving each dungeon 2-3 times just to go back town to resupply is not much fun and since I only consider this game fun on potd... I wish there was some sort of charity organization in game where I could compensate in gold for whatever extra camp supply I get with cheats.
  4. And then when party is outside and crying they are like "I told you guys we should have used that camping supply for our mage, look what you've done, now he's ****ing dead!". But seriously, I enjoy wizard tank A LOT! going in like a boss at lvl 3 Potd readric main entrance and living to tell about it. Oooh. I feel like my composition is totally OP. Wizard Tank moon god, 2 chanters wild orlan, priest buffer, cipher and rogue. So ****ing powerful. I was tempted to mix in druid in place of 1 chanter but I feel like creating more distraction with summons and extra offtank gonna make my rogue
  5. Hardened Veil, 200 deflection, bulwark against elements, blind... Gandalf is wizard tank. I consider argument solved.
  6. Having said this I am still playing around with it and think that maybe intelligence 10 might be best to allow some chant overlap and large enough cones to hit a few people, i think its dexterity that you can get away with tanking as chants are instant, you can then use the points to buff damage mitigating stats and get a super tank, the way Im playing the key to my build is surviving 12 seconds into the fight Well surviving 12 seconds shouldn't be hard with moon godlikes right? Currently wondering if there's a way to regen health (not endurance) somehow as right now my only way of healin
  7. Yea well I don't believe it will be as moddable as... i dunno Elder scrolls games, even bg2 had a quite low mod base compared to elderscrolls genre but I guess thats due to lack of construction kit. Time will show.
  8. Im playing on Path of the Damned and they are hard but all it takes is some smarts. Can't take them regular approach fine... using aoe but it hurts your tanks too much? fine... flank with mage and use aoe then but it takes too much time and if mage gets jumped he's dead meat? fine... lets just give some basic lore lessons to your tanks and craft some aoe scrolls, mission complete. Hard and forcing you to really explore all your options? yes. Frustrating at first? Yes. Satisfying after find a way? OH YES.
  9. Hi, I'm wondering is this game moddable? If yes then is there some "Construction Kit" of a sort? I'd really want to lay my hands on it and create port from baldurs gate and create different classes, like a death knight or sorcerer or create some bg2 items like vecna robes (++ casting speed) or even some crazy spells like time stop or accelerate. Wondering if thats possible.
  10. I just read first post and it got me wondering... how other rpgs were different in terms of limiting your assortment of equipment, in baldurs gate 2 if you were a sorc you couldn't use a swords, why? because you are a sorc obviously and sorcs don't use swords, like I dunno sorcs had different arms that ain't fit to hold a sword or what? its a game limiting mechanic preventing you from just making all mage party, why pick warriors if mages can buff themselves to insane levels and get the same levels of DR as warriors or other plate classes, they could also buff their thaco to the same levels di
  11. On Path of the Damned there is no way to fight ghosts at party level 3 of without using environment, I keep my hard CC spells when they teleport to my casters, when they do that I drop my CC on them so i can get distance, but its a dangerous situation because if you get scared and rush your melee to help your casters and stop blocking other ghosts in narrow door pass or corridor you end up in a world of pain, you get flanked, you try to focus teleporting target but he teleport away again, you're forced to move again but you're flanked so you get disengage hits = dead in 4 seconds. I learned th
  12. Path of the Damned huh... nope, u're supposed to be damned here, not looking for fancy solo adventure, if you ever make it out alive you will be battle scarred, loose a lot of friends and delve into whats left of your sanity for afterall you're lucky to be walking and breathing. But seriously now, I think its kinda sad but you can't possibly solo that game without deep knowledge and finishing the game few times "normal way" first. I know I know I loved to solo bg2 with my sorceress (after getting time stop, spell accelerate and vecna robes it became cheesy to the bone but whatever), doubt its
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