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  1. What people are missing in their contemplation about which difficulty setting was ment as "default" is that they are all "default" but for different people. You get people that can't invest much time into the game but still they want to finish it before some next game hits the market so they have lets say 2 weeks to finish it, they won't go for potd trial of iron because they'd never get to mid game not knowing the game at all and having just 1-2 hour to play every now and then. Then you have people with more time, if they also come from gaming places that have baldurs gate etc in background t
  2. I didn't participate in beta but I heard voices that casters got very handicapped in terms of casting speed and generally need to be put behind a wall of tanks now to do anything. Do you feel it's gonna make soloing the game as casters impossible or just as in poe 1 it will just take some slow and careful early game before you can grow into something than can hold on their own?
  3. I started poe on potd. I had a hard time in my first playthrough using unoptimized original characters only. I never finished that session, I quit the game in act 2 kind of disappointed by bugs and imo unfinished state of the game, difficulty was fine but then again hard to say how much of my hardship came via potd setting and how much via bugs... I came back after more than a year when WM2 was just launching and I went for solo potd wizard and I finished it that way. I like potd the most because its easy on this setting to be punished by the game when you turn lazy and careless. Also on potd
  4. Write a few words on wizards. After playing them solo on potd Poe1 i'm in absolute love with the class. With every other casters I found atleast one thing I didn't like... like with ciphers the need to use conventional weaponry to generate focus. Priests having to selfbuff 10 things every god damn fight. Wizards felt so good... im replaying poe1 again with solo wizard and with new items from deadfire its so OP like I don't even have words but thats beside the point. I guess the only pure caster other that wizard that I enjoyed was druid. However I tried druid as a shapeshifter and in end game
  5. I got to level 13 on that monk, finished most of act 3 but didn't touch wm at all. But yeah Noonfrost (upscaled) gave me a cancer because both dampening magic and deprieve the unworthy there made me unable to really capitalize on flame potion... not to mention those elves got crazy high fire resistance it was pain to kill them. They didn't really do much in return but all those mobs were healing each other for eternity. Being reliant on retaliation that much isn't my thing. Probably should just respec to some totally different build now for higher level content but I'll leave it for now. Im cu
  6. So to sum it up... the cone from Torment's Reach would proc stun on hit/crit from weapons that have it. Would also cone damage heal you from damage done via damage to endurance enchantment? Its not "on hit/crit" effect per se.
  7. In that case it seems that Whisper of Yenwood was picked by Dr <3 (Author of "The Anvil" btw kudos to him) purely because it has +con which is the most important stat for this build. I guess in for a "getting pommeled" setup I'll just pick a weapon that have a most defensive bonuses hmm. Maybe Forgotten Tear of the Beloved or Spelltongue for Corrosive Siphon. Wondering how much hurt can Vent Pick + Badgradr's Barricade do :D
  8. Ah thanks so basicly Torment's Reach (if dual wielding) is a hit with 2 weapons that deal damage separately, gets 50% crush bonus and reduce might, all in cone. So if weapons got lets say Disorienting or chance to stun etc it will also proc in cone if I get it right? Thats nice. I got retaliation shield yesterday, using hiros mantle already so I'm trying to find out best weapon setups for that monk. As a main setup i use MH: Whisper of Yenwood Offhand: Misery's End both with burning lash. But I don't know what to use as a main hand weapon for setup with Sura Supper Plate I basicl
  9. Does it proc on hit effects from specific unique weapons? Does it fully benefit from weapon bonuses like DR bypass etc? Also a bit offtopic question: if a weapon for eg Whisper of Yenwood got +20% grazes to hits on it. Does it mean it only applies to attacks made by that weapon or gives a character +20% chance to change graze into hit globally? For eg when using an item ability like combusting wounds from ring of searing flames?
  10. I went with the monk. The Anvil build. I was afraid i'd have to splitpull, cheese a lot but man this is so much power. Retaliation + Battle Forged + Rooting Pain while using Ring of Searing Flames and Rotfinger Gloves. I went yolo for Sanguine Plate quest at level 6 or 7 and I demolished those fools. I had Merciless Hand by then so Torment Reach made ribs fly all over the screen.
  11. Biggest challenge for me when I was solo were packs that had "Deprieve of the Unworthy" ability. But most of the time it was just enough to initiate combat (as wizard) with frost ray on the guy that uses it to root him in place, run away beyond range from which he can cast it and when ray ends just watch for him to appear out of the fog and drop either slicken, shadowflame, confuse on him. Same goes to enemies that had "Form of helpless beast". Those were easier because they are both squishy casters and cast time of this spell is long so gives you tons of time to react. Worst part of this
  12. Roleplaying:) Honestly after beating the game with solo on potd 2 times now I don't think I'd find real challenge in doing party runs. Although it offers a lot of funny combos and synergies that are satisfying to pull off... something you don't get playing solo.
  13. Ye with multiple druids you absolutely keep full screen of enemies stunlocked forever but you really have to turn sound effects down because its like multiple steel pans hitting the marble floor... constantly. Its the rain of steel pans. Btw its also a funny thing to initiate combat from far far away using multiple tornados, it kicks the combat right in and it gives you all the time in the world to buff up, summon ... multiple firestags and well you know where the fun is:P I called it Highway to Hell combo because enemies have to run thru endless wall of flames and all they enter is milions of
  14. Rip, just asked to have a rough estimate if you were already past some roadblocks but since you got to 16 then I guess it passed viability check:P
  15. I don't mind using doorways and such because ultimately its part of a scenery and its a valid strategy, sometimes enemies jump behind you or use push abilities to knock you out from choke points so its not like AI is hopeless to overcome that. Although in reality its very effective if not for survival then for utilizing aoe to biggest effect. I guess AI could be improved in a way to make them not clump up at the doorway but instead spread in the room, corners waiting till you're free to engage. That would make it so much harder for casters that rely on hitting full groups with aoes. I mos
  16. Yo. So I've recently reached lvl 16 on my potd solo runs with druid and wizard. With wizard I'm a bit further, just have part of wm 2 left + its bounties and thats it, just thaos left after that. With druid I kind of got bored and the constant trashing of relentless storm made me dizzy :D I've also started a 6 party play-through with a "tribe" party that consist barbarian as MC + druids (off tank + shifter + ranged/implement) + 2 rangers. But I'm feeling its gonna be too easy now that I nearly beat game twice with solo chars. Especially that druids got so many "enemy only spells" and
  17. I went back to my 6 wizards party... holy hell things are so easy:P and then I imagined 6 druids O_o 6x returning relentless and avenging storms?? god... as a matter of fact ill go for themed Glanfathan party - multiple rangers + druids and a barbarian, could be fun. I think my ears wouldn't survive 6x storms hammering at the same time. Its already getting unbearable with 1 druid:P
  18. Yea thats what I normally did but this fight is scripted as ghosts appear out of thin air after you grab the key. Its like lighthouse except ghosts are nastier. I thought its a mandatory encounter isn't? I mean its a key you need to get to gain access to the forge level am I right? Anyway about priest, nah I'll skip that idea as I really begin to dislike endgame that is reliant on buffing up each fight. It gets very tedious already even on a druid... It was a challenge before I got tornado because I could ofc initiate the fight with overwhelming wave and get 1 or 2 buffs off before I got e
  19. I guess my next solo run gonna be a priest Who needs to stack defenses if you get Litany against major afflictions Immunity to Charmed, Terrified, Stunned, Petrified, Paralyzed, Dominated, Immuity to Weakened for 20.0 sec
  20. Another roadblock, wm1 durgans battery, in the mines on the lower level where you loot the corpse for a key and bunch of wraiths, sirens and spectres show up. I get dimenshional shifted stunned into even more ghosts before I even get to use figurines, cast any scroll or drink any pot. I have time to cast fast spell and thats with maxed dex, gloves of quickness. After stun lands I get my preservation items proc which is ok but I just get chain stunned and I can't do ****, I don't get very damaged when I'm stunned, heck they don't even hit me that often because with preservation procs from both
  21. Oh I might play a bit with druid charm on Sky Dragon or Bog Dragons then. Anyway I was close to forfeiting my potd solo run yesterday at Cragholdt, I dunno why I was so hesitant to spam pots and scrolls. I guess I thought I might run short for even harder fights but then at some point I opened my store chest and saw I got enough Topazes for 25 scrolls of Confuse so I just dropped the leash. After getting through Concelhaut I got invigorated and one shoted 2 dragons. Wondering what the next challenge will be. I'm looking forward to Llengrath, Radiant Spore and Kraken fights also got n
  22. Alpine down, a bit harder but i went for easy strategy which is confuse scrolls. I was able to have 50-60% chance to land lowlevel dots so I applied them all, after all mobs were dead alpine was "injured" reapplied all dots again, he went after concelhaut visage, buffed up with avenging wrath dropped petrify it landed for 9 seconds, instant scale breaker into boar form - few quick hits for 90+ gg.
  23. Adra dragon down, super easy, druid level 2 spell hold beast and gg. With scroll of valor, accuracy vs beast III from resting I had 90% to land it. Even forgot to use scale breaker until in the middle of fight and didn't use conceulhaut visage at all. Used boar form to finish her off. Boar even without any talents hit quite nicely. I was surpriced adra dragon is immune to petrify but not to paralyze which is like weaker effect. Also not immune to hobbled, prone weakened etc.
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