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  1. Bloodmage + Tactician = brilliant at level one with chillfog. Easy to cover all enemies by pulling to corners etc. Seriously check this out lol. Not that wizard really needed brilliant ever but its a funny gimmick. Deffo super OP early game, later its irrelevant I guess. For sure its a good way to approach Woedica challenge - you could go into fights with no spells use bloodmagic or scroll and brilliant your way up without mashing rest button all the time.
  2. i played a little bit of witcher 3 and i could tell early on that it was a more attractive looking skyrim with a better script but also with batman mechanics. he even has that detective vision lmao. i really cannot understand how so many people are like wow this is like the pinnacle of gaming a very basic batman controller mechanics and unlock system spun off into mad max and fantasy. its really straight console gaming for people that want to play games that feel like movies. they think the closer the game is to being like a movie "you" star in the better it is i want to play a game, i als
  3. Who are you baiting this hard lol?:D Call of Duty rpg of the year please - I roleplay a soldier there.
  4. Already talked about it, i won't rince and repeat, so in a nutshell: -Good ol' Might Attribute which i want to see dead once and for all. -Per encounter crap/auto heal after combat, which seems to reflect pretty well what Blizzard had in mind while developping their hack n slash "Diablo 3" ("Players should feel powerful" and "Nothing should get in the way while killing things") I can bear with everything i dislike, but these. It's already patch 3.0, so i guess that's it for the little hope i still had. 1. might: wow did you even play poe1? 2. auto heal: wow did you even play poe1
  5. Surprisingly I found playing solo often times "easier" than with full party. The fact that you can stack best equipment on 1 char and don't have to worry about managing squishies in ur party makes it easy. The way AI clumps up close to your main char allowing you to utilize choke points, corners and hit them all with spells like corrosive siphon, chillfog while only getting hit by few of them in return is prime example of that. That being said solo chars tend to be over the top tanky with a lot of sustain and just enough damage to cut through. Nothing rocket science about playing solo. I used
  6. Did not ask for help against the dragon. I let Waidwen go and brought King / Inquisitor back to the Wheel. What would be the difference? If you ask for help they regenerate the glyphs on a timer as well as do damage to the dragon. If you don't ask for help, I believe you can only use the glyphs once IIRC. Good to know, but that would not be "solo". Voidward, Rakhan Boots and Cauldron Shard all give +corrode armor. I will try that too. Just have to get the items together In this sense even using animal pet isn't a true solo. Using NPCs is technically still playing solo if
  7. Hi there. I'm coming back to poe 2 and I decided to solo but with roleplaying build. I went for Vampire Death Knight using Wizard/Fighter multiclass. Wizard gonna use only spells that debuff, drain hp, do some frost, corrode, raw damage spells - basicly going for dark themes, no arcane fire, wall of many colours etc. I chose devoted and gonna build it for greatswords. I'm using mods that allow multiclasses to get 8th and 9th PL abilities + mods that speeds up casting, recovery times for both player and AI (wanted to make it more poe 1 in that regard). Also gotten some addon with extra ite
  8. To OP. Don't you get access to 2 more tiers of abilities as single class? That's a crazy boon over multiclass. Most of these high end PL 8 and 9 abilities are not only very powerful but also flashy and satisfying, while multiclass is stuck using mid tier stuff over and over for most of the game single classes get to diversify their gameplay in shorter intervals. Imo this suffice.
  9. PoE2 too hard topics start to emerge? Good to know devs finally cater to people with brains. If you got no brain, hands, play with monitor turned off, go for the story mode whelp.
  10. I based my score on RP value as understood by me. That alone brought it to 6/10 but then I waited for patches supposedly fixing balance etc and I asked myself "Hmm is this game replayable" (I stated before I finished multiple playthroughs but in truth I finished it once and rushed the second half due to #trivial issues, the following playthroughs were just to test classes, however got to max level on each) and the answer was no... I sat down thinking of the ways I could replay this game, including inventing plentiful handicaps to battle triviality of the game that just erupts in mid->l
  11. Hey guys. So I wanted to share my bit about the game as I finished it three times and I waited for balance, overhaul patches to give poe 2 some chances before giving my final thoughts... Before going into detail i'll just say how I personally rate it as roleplaying game first and foremost... 4/10. Ok... ok... that's low. Before everyone jumps on me saying "Woah dude, game plays great, the graphics! the animations! it's clear improvement over first installment... sure they have some balancing issues but that's only because they attempted to give us even more than in game one in f
  12. You and I must have played a completely different game. D: OS 2 complexity is a myth. Even as half wit u gonna run into one of 20 builds/synergies that entirely break the game and make everything trivial af. Even poe2 is hardcore compared to that. I agree tho that BG 2 writing was far from "immature", especially compared to poe 2, bg 2 was dark af, even into cinematic saying that you were kidnapped "there was no malice or hatred, no mention of an old score, only quick capture and promise of grim deeds to come" and then a sequence of horror like screens and tortured screams... now pair th
  13. I never quite understood that anxiety from using stuff. If you need it later you can restock at XX vendors that restock after X hours.
  14. 2 PL was huge early game for nature godlike wizard because early spells like chillfog were also too high with its base damage so adding 2 PL was elevating chillfog damage to nuke-like levels while being a constant dot. Now with 2PL reduced to 1PL on nature godlikes and base chillfog damage nerfed I wouldn't say its so epic anymore. I'd rather play a race that can wear a helmet to get this mask with illusion PL and terrify spells per rest on it. Even tho it's probably not the best choice either. There are many powerful high level hard hitting spells that could benefit from illusion PL but they
  15. You couldn't craft Whiteleaf even prior to patch. You could craft many other drugs but not Whiteleaf, you couldn't also craft some other drug but I forgot which.
  16. I'm going Sage Nalpazca/Wizard for my first 1.1 potd solo. Prior to 1.1 I'd lean toward saying Nalpazca/Wael Priest was stronger but with nerfs to buffs and minor avatar coming so late I don't think its optimal anymore. Just have to find a way to elevate Will save to retarded levels so I don't get cucked by dampeners all the time.
  17. I gave example of Nalpazcas because that's the only class I know is currently op in general terms but also hard countered at times. Maybe you're right but I still question people who work hard to make themselves invulnerable by stacking over 200 deflection and defenses and then complain that they are invulnerable, they worked hard to get to that state so they got what they wanted. I know its sad argument telling people "don't make yourself op" but at the same time if you balance it all you won't really introduce any tactical depth to game that simply just wasn't designed to have any...
  18. Its not a matter of answering those exact questions, I like to think about it with Nalpazcas as an example - they can ramp soooo much stats, % damage etc from drugs and pots that once you see it all stacked you have to instantly think "ok this drug needs nerf, this pot needs nerf, this synergy also needs nerf" but instead you can just let them be and spawn more arcane dampeners around the world... bam tactical approach introduced without chasing your own tail with endless balancing patches. Easier said than done obviously but I dunno if pursuing balance is any good in game like that. With
  19. What is your problem exactly and with what? Turning Wheel should stay as it is now. It's really nice that your abilities last longer and you don't have to recast them all the time, like when you play a berserker and lose 5 INT all the time. I know it sounds nice, but the player should be able to negate the penalty the most, not flip it entirely. There is no other ability in the game that allows you to do that. That is my problem with intellect bonus of duality. I'm not saying it should be capped at half value, I'm saying this causes balance issues. I personally don't want
  20. I think poe 2 was designed to give you tons of xp from quests so you can actually start RPGing the game and choosing what quests to make and which to skip. You're not playing mercenary, pirate, scumbag char? Skip bounties or just hunt those "evil doers" if you're some paladin, priest type. You're playing bad guy? Stop helping Huanas and feeding poor Roparu. Think about your playthrough like you used to in classic rpg paper games instead grinding every content that is thrown into your quest log. You run into issues and disappointment because you removed rpg aspect from rpg game. I get it that t
  21. I think your tale falls into Deadfire Stories category. https://forums.obsidian.net/forum/124-pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire-stories-spoiler-warning/ You're welcome.
  22. I don't even know what to address here. You made title about getting too much xp then mixed up open world in this followed by blaming scaling just to finish it off with mentioning op abilities. I think this should go to suggestion sub forum as this post teaches no lessons, it just voices your preferences.
  23. I'm currently playing Nalpazca/Wael Priest Contemplative, its in no way refined state and even running defensive drugs, not using any potions and after I buff with minor avatar its not uncommon to score 200-300 damage stunning blows on enemies that are tanky (fist attacks perma 15 pen). This is using lightning strikes, turning wheel, transcendent blows. I can easily see that even after nerfs and introducing more enemies in encounters it will still be enough damage to overkill things tripple times over. You get great defensive wizard buffs with wael for early game. The only problem I can se
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