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  1. Obviously I'm referring to broken ones, cadhu, giftbearers, deflection chest I forgot the name of.
  2. I see, I might consider replaying Contemplative class post patch, I had a blast playing it right now, it turned opie opie after getting unlimitted stunning fist. I bet even post patch u'll be able to stack so many stats, +% damage on nalpazca that pure damage will just break the game by mid levels. I mean atm with maxed alchemy, having +8 PL with nature godlike, ascension pot, priest inspiration and all the +% damage drugs, pots, lashes I was hitting stunning fist full attacks for over 300 at times so... and thats at level 16 without minor avatar yet.
  3. So all single target priest buffs got 0.5 cast now? This means I got 0.5 base cast Minor Avatar on my Nalpazca/Wael Priest? I'll take that if all I lost is some lash damage from turning wheel and lightning strike. 1 less PL on nature godlike sucks a bit but it was too good lets face it. How about wizards? They nerfed Concussive Missiles, Missile Salvo, Meteor screen wiping or still same ****? How about skill scaling items? Capped at 10 or still broken?
  4. I like lightning strikes more myself because its more "fair" but objectively swift flurry is better for raw damage output. Lightning strike may be at best equal if you wanted to pick Swift Flurry on a monk that went out of his way to have absolutely NO hit to crit conversion. I'm running Nalpazca/Wael Priest Contemplative solo potd atm and I have lightning strikes because its weaker I respecced for Swift Flurry for fun and used maxed alchemy merciless gaze potion, I was generating tripple, quadra hits with auto attacks all the time. That goes without saying that with Lightning Strikes you
  5. Im very curious about formula for those damage calculations u've made when I just nuked fire dragon for 1900 damage with empowered missile salvo alone;)
  6. Erm isn't it trading your damage from spells/attacks with those keyword by turning it into self healing? I thought that this is how it works.
  7. Playing this class as nature godlike and it doesn't seem so far that any weapons can beat unarmed so far (im level 13). 2 free PL from nature godlike and another ~5 PL from potion and +1 PL from Acute priest buff elevates unarmed to some crazy values. I'm thinking if any weapon combo setup can beat that. Any ideas? I've been thinking Xoti sickle with maxed religion and both enchants could be potentially insane at 4 stacks as offhand (after clearing some trash with empowered flagellant path), pre stacks it stinks sadly obviously but after u kill just 4 enemies it can grow to like +200% dama
  8. 1. This can be related to many things outside of your hardware, I don't have any long load times myself, its few seconds all the time so I dunno. I have it on ssd now and its faster but on hdd it wasn't bad either, nothing close to 3 minutes to see menu screen lol. Maybe like 30seconds on Hdd tops. 2. Same issue here, this has to be a bug. 3. Dunno here. Never done this quest line. 4. Maybe your party member is too far away to contribute to your dialog. Some dialogues/tasks in game are main char only and party can't contribute. 5. Well talk to the owner:) She's near market
  9. Builds? What builds. Skill tiers have so obviously "good" and "bad" abilities that making build guides serves no purpose unless maybe self serving or for some pure pure newbs. It's no longer like poe 1 where it actually mattered to have a proper or else "efficient" ordering of learning skills. Even if they improve difficulty a bit, guides will boil down to - "build tanky by picking weapon and shield spec up to level X or unless you can obtain item X,Y,Z then respec into dual wield/2h". We can no longer experiment with ordering, we can't respec stats etc. I don't think you guys will be renowned
  10. Correct, you have to win a Will saving throw, that's your defense against it. Enemy accuracy still roll against your Will so effects that makes enemy loose accuracy work to make you have easier time resisting it. Other than that as mentioned above, you need to CC enemies using that. You have full book of tools to do that tho.
  11. I agree, people that argue balance threads even tho devs and Josh admitted from the start it's gonna be their priority are some weirdo white knights. Balance in a single player game like poe is something entirely different than multiplayer game, it's not about leveling the field for every player, its about securing integrity of the content and having a difficulty -> challenge curve matching creators design, for every difficulty level that is. They stated that for Potd difficulty doesn't match their design so wth are you arguing here? If unnecessary white knights don't understand it... then
  12. While we're at it tho. Do you know spells that work with this? https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Blackened_Plate_Armor I'm trying I'm trying to find out which spells could work with the healing part of this armor. It says damage from decay/poison/disease attacks, it means it has to be tagged as that kind of attack but can actually deal other type of damage like corrosive etc right?
  13. Those 2 climbers play 2 different games. No Haha rekt. Btw Dunehunter you were right. I just watched my stream when I was trying to test it and even tho I was surrounded by enemies few of them were using spears and they didn't actually engage me (there were no red arrows). Only two guys engaged me from that whole crowd so thats why I had +6.
  14. That's artificial difficulty. Likewise the people who want an easy time should just play on the easy difficulties. Path of the Damned was designed for a challenge and is incapable of providing one at the moment. It does indeed not provide a great challenge to characters that are fully min/maxed and using scaling gear with min maxed skills to match these items. It does, however, provide an interesting challenge to characters that are built with a minimum of roleplay where choices are motivated by more than mere stats (like companions and sidekicks are, btw, and there is no denying
  15. Well you can see I didn't use defender stance on eder. He is using a pollaxe without modal, so if you still insist on he has 5 engagement and don't believe me, it's your issue I believe what I see. Ima produce same screenshot with my wizard surrounded by 8 melee guys engaging me and show you +6 defenses. Then it will be your issue? I'm not arguing for the sake of it. I'm just saying in my game I had different results. How would you explain this?
  16. Its hard to say just by a screenshot, on my wizard +6 didn't get removed exactly at the moment I started casting, it lasted for few seconds. Anyway I'm standing by my idea how the item work because I had +6 on my wizard that had 2 engagement slots (1 innate +1 from shield). If item worked like you said I'd have +15 also so... Yeah u're right about chest, its op nonetheless even tho I had to check enchantments on it because on main item it says just against deflection.
  17. You are wrong sir. I said i tested it and I know i'm right. Maybe you tested it on char that have multiple +engagement i dunno. I don't see anything about flat deflection on Gipon in item description, it has enchant that give you stacking +deflection and reflex on being hit that caps at 10 stacks which is strong but not as strong as saying it has flat +20 deflection. I'd say the +40 reflex at 10 stacks is waaaay more op. p.s wording on a ring is confusing but I'm telling you I tested it to the bone lol. I had it on wizard with shield giving +1engagement and i was surrounded by melee attac
  18. Etonia Signet Ring give you defenses not per engaged by enemy but how many enemies you engage. You need to actively fight in melee with multiple ++ engagement on gear to make it give you more stacks. Shield gives you +1 engagement so you can get +6 but once you stop using your melee weapon and lets say start to cast a spell, then engagement is broken somehow and you loose that bonus. I tested it. If you wanna build for +4 engagement then you'll have that 15 def from it. Gipon gives you deflection vs disengagement no? It doesn't have flat 20 deflection on it. Giftbearer cloak i admit
  19. I'm thinking of going for a Sage (Monk/Wizard) multiclass for the Arcane Reflection spells in order to protect my Nalpazca's drug benefits. Could also wear one of those rings with "Suppress Affliction", I suppose. Suppress affliction rings won't help, they give you the level 1 priest spell which is a spell used reactively to counter afflictions, and I don't think it works on arcane dampener. Also doesn't seem to work on charmed/dominated/etc, which *really* ****ed my world up. It works on those, you obviously can't use suppress affliction because you can't use item/cast sp
  20. Just boost your will save and resist it, as you said, those casters that use it use it only once most of the time. Its easy enough to boost will by like +30 as Nalpazca with a drug, even more if you also want to pick +will defense as a passive. Once you got solid Will save you should be resisting it fairly often (unless you're in zone that over levels you by far). That's just the obvious way to deal with it. There are more sophisticated like using some sort of dot damage (granades, poisons, aoe from multi classed spells like chill fog, touch of decay etc) in tandem with potion that gives
  21. I think you don't understand mechanics of shooting, there is nothing to be fixed there, its just slow I admit it... but correct with mechanics of the game. There is reload but there is also recovery and action speed itself.
  22. I wouldn't touch Evoker even unless you want to build Rng wizard based on fire spells completely and use sun and shadow for 33% chance to recast fire spell after 0.5 sec after cast, magran fire axe for extra fire power levels etc. That could potentially work as a multiclass assassin wizard to open up from stealth and when rng god is on your side drop like 3 fireballs or sth like that. For solo loosing chillfog and arcane veil because they are in schools of magic you can't use is a massive hit.
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