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  1. The issue isn't Frostseeker, the issue is how Swift Flurry works with multi-shot weapons that also trigger AEs. ANd I'd say you definitely cannot get 71 hits from a *SINGLE* spell. All the combat log I'm showing is from one single attack, combat literally started and arrows just flew and AEs triggered and arrows flew. Maybe I didn't make it clear enough - I attacked ONCE with a basic attack in the image above. There are no AE spells that compare to that~ And yeah, it "only works on weaker enemies" .. until you buff up your accuracy, get hits->crits gear, flank, debuff the enemy and rail
  2. Okay, I hate to say it, but we gotta be honest, these combine WAY too well, hands down. There should probably just be a limit to the number of triggers or something from a single attack! I say that because I just triggered literally, I counted, 71 attacks off a single attack using a weapon that fires three shots which, when they crit, trigger an AE, which seem to then count as "attacks" on other targets and, thus, trigger another salvo of three shots on that target, which triggers another AE, etc. etc. They don't all even fit in one screenshot with the combat log expanded, there's a whole
  3. As it says! Just finished a fight and was carrying on when it happened. It'd be real nice if the game's menu had some kinda 'send report' type thing so as to avoid having to hunt down the forum, register/login, make a post, zip the files, and then attach them. 2018-05-21_160836.zip
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