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  1. I think TOR kinda rules out most KOTOR era stuff, and anything that happens after TOR needs to wait until the MMO is finished telling its tale.
  2. I think there's too much EU material to make Episode 7 - people will either have seen it before in a book, novel, or comic if they don't wander too far beyond Ep. 6 or people will have no clue what's going on if they do.
  3. Easy, in the special thanks section, mention "all those who made financial contributions to the development of this project"
  4. But should characters only be one archetype? I think a combination of 3 archetypes can make for a good character.
  5. I could see a couple of EA's subsidiaries trying that just for teh lulz. I don't think Obsidian's that type of company.
  6. If I'm to be making an investment into this, I'd like to know I'm not investing in crap.
  7. As long as they're native speakers and not those doing fake accents...
  8. Will we have lefties in this? From what I've witnessed, the only genre where lefties have any sort of visibility happens to be in sports games. It'd be nice to see that group receive a little more attention in games.
  9. If so, they should be easily moddable. I may want tattoo options that aren't available in game.
  10. The only thing I don't like is having to choose between a powerful fighter who's an idiot, or a genius who can't fight worth squat.
  11. Just remember you'll always be placed upon the constraints set by the censorship boards who determine ratings for entertainment material.
  12. The next question is, if we are bringing in multiple races (species), where would that leave interspecial breeding? Will humans be able to breed with elves? Will dwarves be allowed to reproduce with orcs? Personally, I'd rather that humans could only breed with humans, and elves only with elves, but that's just me.
  13. Originality died AGES ago. Everything you read/watch/play came from somewhere else.
  14. I think most series tend to have limitations on what magic can do to avoid that dilemma. That said, I wouldn't mind some no-magic fictional medieval settings.
  15. But will they shoot fireballs from their fingertips?
  16. Distinguished usage of foreign languages. Everywhere you go the people either A: speak English (or the localized language that the player understands) or B: understand every language at a proficient level.
  17. The world has an uncanny resemblance to Western Europe.... just without the British Isles. ^^ We'd need to know the climate and weather patterns. You never know, it could be the north that has long summers and the south that has long winters.
  18. And within a few months, the game's wiki will have the right combination of responses readily available.
  19. Could this also include losing companions due to non-plot-related deaths when their HP reaches 0? It would put enemies a bit more on par with allies.
  20. Will this have minigames? Especially those that you could spend hours playing over and over again?
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