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  1. I think the most important thing is that big head mode works flawlessly. Anyone check yet? P.S. There. Got my random Monday rudeness off my chest early on.
  2. All I know is that every battle includes at least two enemies jumping over to your ship up by the captain's wheel and coming down the stairs to flank your casters/weaklings. I've since gotten wise and immediately send a tank (usually my bear) that way to cut them off. The whole being outnumbered like 12/14 - 5 is not fun (I don't count my ship mate NPCS in that battle, they are lame).
  3. you need mechanic to pick lock and you can do that without being a rogue . I gave that job to eder . and left aloth as a wizard . Edit: Also..you can reset his skill (not class) and make the best out of the choice you made . Maybe pick abilities from the rogue tree that make him nimble and avoid damage and such , since wizard is very squichy . But I think resetting skills is bugged currently. As much as I hate some of my choices, I told myself going in I would live with whatever choices I made in play through number one....sometimes those choices are poor. Very poor lol.
  4. Why would you do that when Mechanics is a skill that everyone can put points in? It was the same way in PoE 1. At the time, the only person that had mechanics skill was myself. I didn't want to invest those points into me. I think part of my problem is I'm a traditional Infinity Engine gamer who is SO used to rogues having to do all that stuff.
  5. I've never been a fan of multi-classing in any "Infinity Engine" type game, however; against all regard, I broke down and multi-classed Aloth to Rogue/Wizard. I was nervous that there was not going to be a proper rogue companion in this game and going down to a 5 party team (NOT a fan of 5 party), I figured someone would have to be able to do rogue stuff, so Aloth was the choice. I feel that it was a poor decision, as I'm using him as a wizard in battles (I'm afraid to engage him in melee) and he feels under powered spell-wise. He is working out good for lockpicking, which is why I wanted a rogue in the first place. I don't know. After playing him multi-class for about 8-10 hours, I'm still not sold on the idea. I don't think I ever will be.
  6. You had me until you said the Witcher 3 replaced BG2 . Anyway, as an America, localization is not something that affects me, but I've heard the Italian is bad. From your post above, it seems that your English is very good, so I would assume you are not having too much trouble understanding the dialogue so far. I have not had too many performance problems. On the first day, about 2 hours in, everything in the game started glitching frames, even though my FPS were good. Today, I experienced my first crash. It was leaving a dungeon back to the island world map. Other than that, performance has been fine for me and the graphics look beautiful on my widescreen monitor. I'm understanding more of the world this time, due to playing PoE a few times and the text words you can hover over to read really help. I'm fine with the story and chasing a huge statue across an ocean. Cool stuff. Although.....I did hear Eder say the statue was 70ft. tall. That can't be possible. Wasn't the 15 level dungeon deeper than 70 feet?
  7. Also, the crew will eat whatever you put in the left most slot, first. Once they consume that, they will move to the next item to the right that you have slotted in for them.
  8. I'm not hating ship combat or the narrator at all. With that said, I appreciate that Obsidian is trying to change up the old, tried and true CRPG system of one big world map with tiny maps you go point to point from. Something like this ship combat is completely new to "Infinity Engine" type games. I'm 12 hours in and have defeated all three ships I have fought. I have bought so new cannons and completely have a full crew with a few extras. Everyone is placed where they should be on the ship. A post above was something I never ever tried yet; using the chain shot on the sails! Totally forgot about this type of tactic. Anyway, I don't know if I like Deadfire better than PoE yet. I need to complete the game. I'm still getting used to the world map exploration stuff. It feels like I'm on the world map a lot in this game, moving a cursor a lot, and coming across maybe one "dungeon/map" per island I visit. I'm hoping some of the Deadfire is more populated than just Neketaka.
  9. Uh, in this case, I believe Defiant is a proper noun. It's the name of something. In this case a boat. Thus, the article could be dropped, unless of course it's in the possessive form......oh for crying out loud. I just watched like three episodes of Sherlock in a row. I need to stop this high-functioning sociopathic behavior right now!
  10. Err, didn't think encumbrance was a thing in this game; this isn't Skyrim. Maybe it is and I never noticed. Likely, your party member that is complaining is wounded. This game, wounds make certain things happen, like lowering a stat, etc.
  11. Eeesh. Rough post. Look, this is a CRPG, it's not something to scoff at. There is a TON of dialogue. More so than combat. I would suggest you maybe start with Icewind Dale if you haven't played this type of game before. That was a little more combat focused. PotD is bugged currently. This stuff happens. Not giving them a pass, but it will be fixed shortly. If you are in Neketaka (really big city), then yeah, take a break and go back to the open sea. Kill some pirates. Loot some ships. Discover islands. Kill monsters. Just change it up a bit. I just got to Neketaka last night and while I want to "time" myself to see how long it takes to complete that whole area, I know I will grow impatient. At the point, I will set sail and do the above things I just mentioned.
  12. No. It was all delayed. I believe they mentioned it a few weeks back. I would imagine we should start getting are stuff soon (fingers crossed). I really wanted the book and mouse pad for day 1....
  13. This should probably be moved to the other forum about support/bugs. But that sure is a weird one. So, you can no longer use your Watcher abilities in battle? Can you still see souls???
  14. No problem. If you add the four images to the portrait folder, you go the 'character' or 'inventory' screen in-game (can't remember which), and beneath your image there's an option to change the portrait. Make sure the files have the right titles when you add them to the portrait folder too. An example would be: Large color portrait = human_x1_lg.png Small color portrait = human_x1_sm.png Large watercolor portrait = human_x1_convo.png Small watercolor portrait = human_x1_si.png Hope this helps! This is great! Thanks!! I was wondering how to add these. Didn't realize I had to add all four portraits. Thought I would just need the two watercolor ones...
  15. Here you go! Wow! Thanks!! That was quick!!! Now, does anyone know if I can add this portrait to my existing game? Replace the current one I'm using?
  16. Great tutorial. I used GIMP quite a bit many years ago when I was making a Wolf3D mod. My problem currently is time. I seem to barely have time to play Deadfire now, let alone make a watercolor portrait. Still, I really appreciate this tutorial!
  17. If someone could ever be so kind and watercolor this for me I would be forever indebted: Just the head area would be enough! Thanks!!
  18. At the top of the screen is a boat with an arrow I believe. Click that to return to the over map to sail around.
  19. Hiding pets is not something I approve of. Also, I had no idea there was an option to do so. Obsidian should be ashamed of themselves! I do like that pets give you bonuses, however; I find myself not changing out pets now because of a certain bonus one may give. I would love to use that lil' space pig with the captain's hat on, but it's not the bonus I want.
  20. Yep. Same here. It shows up in my DLC library on Steam but cannot download it. What was this anyway? I can't remember...
  21. I'm still not sold on the smart camera. I like the idea on paper, but I find it annoying when I'm trying to click on a barrel/loot or magnifying glass to read and i can't seem to click on it because the camera is still moving until my party gets to the set location. I agree with production value. That $5 million was put to good use. Although, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in the sound so far. The music has a lot of rehash from PoE and the ambient sounds just are not up to par with what I expect and love from CRPG's. Ambient sounds definitely need their own slider. Still these are mostly minor gripes (although ambient sound issue does bother me a lot). I love the game so far. I just haven't had a chance to dedicate a super long play session yet.
  22. When the feeding time is up and you are on land, crew doesn't consume food - only gets paid. So far I didn't have to buy any additional food since I got some rice and wine during the tutorial (first port). That said I have been exploring only island on the way to my destinations, and I have hunted a ship or two. Geez, new ships are expensive. When I got to Neketaka and checked the Supplies i was blown away by the options available up front. All the ship options available to buy and ships themselves. Think I had a measly $5k on me. I think one ship was like 60k!
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