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  1. That stretch goal was reached with ease, so it will be in the final game. Oh man, I TOTALLY forgot about this. It's going to be so great. What a brilliant idea. I like how the achievements play a role as well.
  2. That's a good question. I know your choices from the end of PoE carry over (with regard to your companions, etc). I'd like to think that ones that completed WM there would be some additional side-quests or characters in Deadfire that reference what you did.
  3. I wasn't really talking about voiced prose (only). I dislike narrators in general, anywhere, including “major scripted interactions”, as they break my immersion really hard for whatever reason. Interesting. I found the narrator in DoS 2 to be spectacular and a fresh welcome. I would usually roleplay character voices in my head, along with any narrator bits, but I loved the narrator in DoS2. Wouldn't mind the same type of thing in Deadfire. It's like having a DM overseeing the whole thing...
  4. I'm going to play single class. Never been a huge fan of multi class, as I feel a jack of all trades master of none. With that said I may have to, since they lowered party count to 5. My classic lineup has always been Ranger (me), fighter, rogue, priest, wizard, and additional fighter type like Paladin. Right now in the beta I feel like I'm suffering in battles as my Rogue is not strong enough and only one fighter and animal pulling agro. Any suggestions from long time multi class players?
  5. Agreed. I just freezed about every frame of that vid trying to see if something subliminally flashed and I got nothing. Tried a few code entries using the caps in the description and got nothing. I even tried using the 6 letters in Pillars of Eternity that you can see behind Justin in one frame. Pil Ete....nothing.
  6. It's already at the point where you can have your entire party voiced by Mercer. That's not enough......I.....need.....moar......Mercer!
  7. Yep. I heard this a little while ago. Until I recently played Divinity 2, I wasn't on board with full VO. Now, I can't wait!! Great job Obsidian! I hope Mercer plays a lot of rolls. He's such a cool dude. EDIT: Anyone find a new code in that tweet vid?
  8. I have not had any major issues. I run the following: i5 6000 Skylake GTX 1070 16 gb ddr4 ram I don't know what your 580 compares to when it comes to Nvidia/AMD. That could be your bottleneck possibly (or AMD as a whole ). My only issue currently is the widescreen resolution bug in the current beta build. I've been told it's fixed but not implemented in the current beta.
  9. Lol. Can't tell if this is sincere or borderline internet stalker material. Anyway, as great as Josh's insights are, I'd much rather he devote these final days to making sure Deadfire is the best game Obsidian has ever released.
  10. Thanks so much for the quick reply! As a user of a widescreen monitor, I still hold my breath on new releases. It seems that some devs are slow to add the widescreen resolution, for whatever reason. Not having a widescreen resolution on day one would likely be the only thing that would keep me from playing on release day. Glad to hear it has since been fixed and I'll keep my fingers crossed that it will be available on day one.
  11. Apologies if I put this in the wrong place, but I don't believe it falls under a beta bug. I simply want to know where the resolution is for widescreen monitors. 21:9 2560x1080. I just fired up the Beta for the first time in a few weeks and that option is not there. I could have sworn it was in place in a previous build. I can't imagine there not being an option for this on day one and I understand it's still a beta, but it seems odd that they would have taken it out for the current build. Can anyone update the status on this? Thanks!
  12. Hehehe. I remember playing PoE on my laptop and getting like 9fps. Then, I build my first gaming PC a year later and was getting a smooth 60fps. It was like an entirely new game!
  13. Didn't know the level cap was 20. That's great to hear. I believe in vanilla PoE it was 12? What was it tapped out to on WM expansions? I can't remember! One thing that does worry me is the perks/leveling system in Deadire. At this moment is doesn't seem as in depth as PoE or as many choices...
  14. I'll be playing day one. I've never not played an Obsidian game day one lol. For whatever reason, I don't ever remember coming up to game breaking bugs day 1 and that includes New Vegas. I can't wait to play Deadfire and will not deny myself the pleasure of such.
  15. I just started playing the Divinity games for the first time this past month. As an old school gamer who has played all the Baldur Gates and Icewind Dales, and Neverwinter games, I have to say, that reading the dialogue/script was never a bother for me, until I played Divinity. The narrator in Divinity 2 is so so good. I do believe Obsidian had said they would have a LOT more VO in this game, but not all of it. We will see how it plays out.
  16. So, I just started playing the Original Sin games this past week and I have to say that I'm super impressed that the entire thing was voice acted. In the past, I've never minded these types of games not having full voice acting, as it gives me a way to roleplay the character voices, etc. But after playing Original Sin, I wouldn't be opposed to Deadfire being entirely voice acted. I wonder how many lines of dialogue Deadfire has compared to Original Sin 2? If I'm not mistaken, Deadfire made more money from backing than OS2 did...
  17. Thanks for all the replies. Aarik from Backer Support responded to my email and stated since I filled out the survey already for this I have nothing to fear. Sounds like I'm good to go and my name will be forever etched into history as LORD BACKER OF DEADFIRE.....ahem. Cheers!
  18. Just recently, I started playing most games I like on the easiest difficulty, simply because I don't have as much time like I used to. Especially when it comes to games like this. I love them long and story heavy, but I don't want to take 2 months to complete one of these due to insane difficulty or having to lower the difficulty or restart.
  19. I couldn't disagree more. The music in PoE is brilliant. I went through a stint where I would listen to the whole OST on my way to and from work for a few months in a row. It has such an old school, Baldur's Gate feel to it. I simply love it. Much of it is relaxing, but that's the type of music I like listening too for the most part.
  20. I just logged into my Obsidian account for the first time in months and it stated I had a survey to complete. This was for the End Game Credits where, as a backer, I get to choose my name that will appear in the credits. I had completed this survey months back and now I'm worried that my name won't show in the end game now. I filled the survey out again, just in case, but can anyone shed light on if this will make it in time? I know the game has been delayed until May, so maybe there's a chance?
  21. So excited! I just pledged for $99. I missed the first crowdfunding for PoE1, so I'm super happy to be able to back this one. I am a little shocked Obsidian turned to crowd funding again, as I assumed the world, lore, game engine was already built. Anyway, I'm happy to support Obsidian and thank them for making the games I love the most. Cheers to you guys!!!
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