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  1. I don't want to start a war here, that is not my intention, but I found this interesting: PoE Kickstarter brought in $3.9 million Deadfire FIG brought in $4.4 million Divinity Original Sin Kickstarter brought in just under $1 million Divinity Original Sin 2 Kickstarter brought in a little over $2 million Now, I know as close as these games feel to each other, there are some vast differences 3D world/vs 2D backgrounds, etc, but I just recently played both Divinities for the first time and I was blown away by the brilliant mechanics and overall writing. The character abilities are most excellent too and both those games are longer to play than either PoE game if you check howlongtobeat.com Point is, I wonder if PoE/Deadfire cost more to make? One would think that the Pillars games raked in a ton of money, but compared to D:OS games, they are shorter and not as up to par when it comes to story, etc. I am not trying to bash Obsidian. I love them and I love the old school feel of both Pillars games, it just seems odd that for how much these games got from crowd funding, they seem a step below to some things that D:OS has done, including full VO and narrator.
  2. So, how long DID Deadfire take you to beat, OP? This has been an important question on my mind. My original PoE gameplay took the following (roughly): 60 hrs - Main quest plus 90% side missions 34 hrs - WM 1 & 2 96 hours total I was really hoping and praying Deadfire would be the BG2 of modern cRPG's, when it comes to tons of content (with most of it being really good), but I have a feeling it's not. I really, really hope Obsidian goes all out for PoE3 and drops some of these mechanics (ship battles) that many do not like and goes first and foremost to story and really great side quests. Again, I feel like the ship stuff is equal to what Rocksteady did with the Batmobile in Arkham Knight. TOO much focus on, dare I say, gimmicky stuff. @Obsidian - If you need any help I would gladly join your team as an additional writer. PM for details on my previous work.
  3. No. Not 3D backgrounds for a game like this. We have D:OS for that. I would much rather have Obsidian stick to the tradition cRPG formula.
  4. It’s coming from love, to hate. I am leveling Maia and all picks look dull and unappealing. I will admit, and this may be heresy, but the ranger skills in D:OA are far superior.
  5. All these down votes on Ranger. Careful people. If I find out who you are, I'm sicking my bear companion on you and he won't let go until you change your mind!
  6. Single Class Ranger. All day, every day. If Ranger's were ever to be removed from PoE, I would definitely have to start a revolution. I have always loved the idea of an outdoor archetype with a strong bond to nature (not those crazy tree-hugging druids though), affinity for animals and the ability to be a deadly sniper from long range using a traditional bow. It's everything I want in my current life.
  7. Deadfire's skill tree is just PoE's level up design with everything displayed on the same page and a few more abilities and upgrade. Eh, is it? I remember a ton of passives you could choose from, under multiple categories. Sure, there are many I never chose, but having those options really make the level up experience that more enjoyable to me.
  8. Well, I'm nowhere near completing Deadfire yet, but my quick thoughts for PoE3: - Location: Back to the typical Medieval Europe setting. I need more wilderness and more snow environments - More meaningful maps (so far, most Deadfire maps seem small, minus Neketaka and the 4 level dungeon I came across) - Bigger dungeons. Give me something with some meat on it, like Endless Paths - Go back to letting me choose spells to put in a grimoire - I enjoy the naval battle/ship stuff, but it's kinda a one off. Not needed for next game - Get elves and dwarves involved more. I'm already getting tired of the Vailians and Aumaua/Huana - Keep the Ranger class! - Bring back PoE's level up design as apposed to Deadfire's skill tree - Need more spells - Ability to name pets - Keep the stealth stuff coming. More ideas and options would be welcome - Keep the reputation wheel and all the rep and ability stuff in the dialogue. Really helps out when choosing what to say and how I want to roll play - Would really love PoE3 to be the Baldur's Gate 2 of this generation. Let's go out with a bang. 150+ hours, sweet dragon battles, tons of maps. Let's go all out, Obsidian! I'll edit my post if/when I think of more.
  9. I forgot to mention the viewing cone and hearing circle that have been added to Deadfire. That's a really great mechanic too! EDIT: Also the ability to reverse pickpocket, ala' Fallout! Grenade in the pocket anyone??
  10. I chose Cipher. I just don't understand the class. I didn't get it in PoE either. Never used the Cipher companion in that game either. With regard to all the negative Ranger comments in this section.....I hate you all!!!!!!!!
  11. I get that, but we all know Obsidian has limited resources and this really isn't something that should be worried about right now IMHO.
  12. I'm just 20+ hours into the game, but this may have the best stealth mechanics and moments I have ever seen in a traditional CRPG. I'm so used to the typical CRPG having rather plain stealth mechanics; go into stealth mode (or sometimes fail in the older Infinity games), to sneak past an enemy with a strong possibility of that action failing, or using stealth to move through a dungeon, helping you to spot traps and hidden items easier. In Deadire, stealth is very straight forward again, but with a twist; I've had moments in the game where I can don a disguise to fool guards, throw a sound distraction device to help me sneak past enemies, and even plant a device in a very "Hitman" type moment. As someone who loves stealth in video games, these are all very welcome and fresh ideas in a traditional CRPG. Again, I'm only 20 hours in or so and I look forward to hopefully more moments like this. Do you like the stealth mechanics in Deadfire? Do you think Deadfire has the best stealth mechanics/moments in a CRPG to date? Sound off!
  13. I really don't get these arguments. Everyone keeps saying: "I can read faster than she does the narration." Well, of course you can. I can also read faster than the characters speak the dialogue in conversations. Yes, you have the ability to click "Continue" or your response, but if most are doing this, then what's the point to having ANY of the game VO? Here's what I do: When it comes to voiced dialogue or narration, I fight the urge to read along and force my eyes on the scenery at the moment (this really helps with the narrated parts). The whole point of VO is so you don't have to read what's on the screen and if the VO is done correctly, adds emotion to the scene/dialogue. I just don't get all the hate for this when there are bigger problems that need fixing.
  14. I'm not big into wizards, though I always have one in my party and I'm only 20 hours in, but it appears that I can't change spells in the grimoires? That decision really bothers me and I don't like the fact that each level only has two available spells. I feel it really cuts down on experimentation. I find myself using the same two or three spells. They really seem to have cut down on the creativity when it comes to doing that to the grimoires. Not a fan.
  15. Ahhh.....I was trying to drag and drop. Funny that I didn't think to do the single-click. Will try when I get home...
  16. For what it's worth, remember that the player's ship is his stronghold. And there were plenty of people who wanted a more involved stronghold for PoE2. I was NOT one of them. I was happy with a low maintenance stronghold, and find this new stronghold as ship to be entirely too tedious. As for the Endless Paths, I agree and did the very same thing. Heck, I expect that most people did the exact same thing. About the only way to really be able to handle the EP without stopping and coming back would probably have been to wait until your character was closer to the end of PoE1 and was strong enough to handle the final levels. of course, if you were able to do that, then the early levels of the dungeon would have been ridiculously easy. It really wasn't a dungeon meant to be completed in a single, top to bottom visit. I'm fine with the ship being the stronghold this time, although I never had issue with Caed Nua in the first game. I loved upgrading it and doing the bounties. I also loved the patch that came later that let us send them out on missions. The only thing I didn't care for was having to race back home to defend it. That was annoying. Owning the ship and being the captain has a fun sense of entitlement to it, just like being the owner of Caed Nua gave me the same feeling. One made you feel like a Lord, the other, like a Captain. I just wish there was more to "unlock" for the ship. 15 hours in I bought the captain's quarters and pet farm. Other than purchasing new cannons, etc, I felt there was more sense of upgrade progression with Caed Nua.
  17. I'm only 20 hours in and the biggest "dungeon" I"ve come across was 4 levels. I for one loved the Endless Paths. I remember going back to it a few times because I would progress only so far before it told me: "You are too weak, leave now" (aka I would get my arse handed to me). As much as I love the ocean setting and boat mechanics, I kinda feel like Obsidian treated this like Rocksteady did for the batmobile in Arkham Knight. EVERYTHING revolved around the batmobile. I have a sneaking suspicion that EVERYTHING is revolving around open water and ship management/battles, and less on nice meaningful maps and multi level dungeons.
  18. Does no one else have the captain's hat with the eye patch? Am I missing something? I've been wearing mine since I started the game, although, the eye patch doesn't quite cover my eye correctly on the character screen, which is mildly disappointing.
  19. Sigh. The old 5 vs 6 party debate. As an old school gamer, I still miss the 6 member party. It's just what's supposed to happen in games like this! I will admit - When playing Divinity Original Sin 1/2, the 4 member party felt fine and I don't know why that is. Honestly, in Deadfire, the 5 member party "feels" fine, but that might be due to my bear taking the 6th slot, or the fact this game is easier when it comes to difficulty. I really hope they go back to the old tried and true formula of 6 party members. I miss the Ranger, Fighter, Priest, Wizard, Rogue, Paladin line up I always used in Icewind Dale, etc. I'm not a fan of multi classing and knocking down a party member makes me feel like I NEED to multi class in Deadfire to make up for the loss of one member.
  20. I think for me, I've forgotten so much of how my main PoE play through ended, that I didn't even notice Eder's story was bugged. All I really remember is that he didn't die in my play through. I don't remember the mayor thing or anything. I like Eder as a character, but I guess it didn't make that big of an impact, since I didn't remember much. As much as I love story in these games, I guess I just like the general overall aspect of playing CRPGs. I'm still blazing ahead in my play through, only about 20 hours in. Right now, my biggest complaint is that the captain's quarters and pet farm seem to be bugged. I spent a lot of gold on those two items!
  21. Yep. Same issue here. I bought the animal farm one and the upgrade to my Captain's quarters and neither will apply. I thought it was an issue with needing a bigger ship. From what I read here, it's a bug? That is disappointing, as I dropped like 5k on both those items combined. Could have used that for a nice weapon or armor piece...
  22. I think I can speak up on this one, since I'm a ranger first and foremost. The choice of animal companions is always limited to "wild" animals. It's part of what makes a ranger special in games like PoE. Sure dogs are awesome, I have one in real life, but the "pet" slot fills that need. I'd much rather be super friends with a wolf like I was in PoE or a bear, like I am in Deadfire. Plus, seeing a "wild" animal injured or killed, as opposed to a domestic animal like a dog is much easier on your typical person playing a game like this.
  23. If this was the case, they would be spewing out lame FPS and Battle Royale games. It's part of their old-school mentality and sticking to their guns that has led me to love them so much. I think many people forget what games were like in the days when patching something was either a) impossible or b) took A LONG TIME. Does Deadfire have a ton of bugs. Of course. Will the majority of them get fixed. Of course. This forum is a great place though because they do take our ideas into consideration and make changes/updates when it's something that can better the game as a whole.
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