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  1. But, but, taco shells by themselves will surely make you thirsty! I don't believe the 12 beers can account for that! Anyway, this is a CRPG, man. It's Mountain Dew and Cheetos or bust!!!
  2. I loved the gambit system in FF12. Unfortunately, when it comes to CRPG's, I love to micro manage every single character during battle, so not sure how much I'll use the AI truthfully. I wonder if this reviewer actually finished the game through to completion. When they say I could spend 100 hours in the game, I hope they meant that and it wasn't a rough estimate.
  3. It's a good thing that I could care less about reviews, then. All reviews do is try to sway me one way or the other. I've been here with Deadfire from the beginning, backing the game and giving feedback along the way. I'll be my own judge as to what I think of this game. P.S. I'm not worried one single bit.
  4. Well, I initially found the beta tougher than PoE. But then again, I don't play for the ultra challenge. I play for the story and enjoying some difficult battles. I am no way into PotD by any means.
  5. I dunno, I never thought he's as into DnD that he says he is. His witchhunter thing he did on nerdist didn't convince me that he's been playing tabletop RPG's for 20 years or whatever he claims. I felt the same way when I watched the Critical Role episode, but in this vid when he geeks out about Gary Gygax, it was just hilarious.
  6. Critical Roll is great. Well, should I say, Matt Mercer is great. One of the best DM's bar none. And yes, he voiced Aloth and Eder in PoE, so it's awesome he and now his gang are back to do more VO for Deadfire. If you are into D&D or if you are curious, I strongly advise you to check it out. Also, for those that don't know, Vin Diesel is a D&D nerd as well. Everyone one needs to check this out: It's at the 25 minute mark. For any who question if he's "really into D&D," he totally nerds out. It's amazing.
  7. Thanks everyone. I was so silly. Totally didn't see the key for the full game in the portal. I redeemed the key and the game shows up in my Steam library now, ready to go!
  8. I have a question about unlocking the CD key on Steam. It's been so long since I used the CD key, I'm questioning if I actually did so. I mean, I've been playing the Beta for a while now, so I assume I used the CD key already. I'm just a little nervous, since the store page for Deadfire says I need to buy the game still. When the game goes live Tuesday, will the Beta become the full game, or do I have to use a CD key again? Thanks!!
  9. Bummer. I too received the email late last night. I did not order a physical copy of the game, but I did order the paintable figures, pen and paper game, mouse pad, and the book. I really wanted the book and mouse pad for day of launch....
  10. Lol. Great post. This is the one form of "extra content" I always go back to since the inception of the DLC model. ToB was a true Expansion. It was made because the fans wanted more. And it wasn't some crap like extra skins, or more weapons, or a 2 hour "story" mission. It was an honest to god expansion; something like 40 hours long. Unfortunately, many publishers have used the DLC model to milk money out of gamers and include crap like extra skins and weapons (which used to always be unlockable within the game); or worse, actually have the content already created and "locked" on the disc in some instances. When it comes to a company like Obsidian, I trust them. They are old school. And while they have "jumped on the DLC bandwagon" so to speak, I'm not worried to throw more money at them because: 1) Their history of expansion/DLC content is above average to great. 2) They are a small developer who have "stuck to their guns" and not got sucked into a wretched contract with a AAA publisher. 3) CRPG's history of "extra content" usually means MANY more hours of enjoyment. Anyway, there are my two cents. EDIT: Reason 4) CRPG's are inherently long (50-100 hours), so I always feel like I've not been cheated by "cut content." I do not believe Obsidian cut content in the case of Deadfire.
  11. Lol. Apparently it was too early for language skills as well...
  12. I wonder how long these are. I hope they are proper expansions along the lines of WM and not something I can complete in an hour or two. Also, on my backing of the game I'm a bit confused as I thought it said the DLC $20 was included, but I've since heard the DLC will total $30. Do I not get one of these?
  13. Too early for maths. Anyone care to do the math on how quickly 35gb will download on my 100mbps network speed??
  14. Unless they postpone again... That would explain why no new codes are released. You could be right! Although I have a gut feeling they've committed to this date(I pray). As i speak a new code is up! Thanks for the share Josh mentioned in his talk the other day that Deadfire is finished. I have to imagine that they needed to have the completed game to the manufacture a while ago in order to have disks inside the packages that go on shelves, get shipped to Backers, etc. Interesting. I don't remember there being an announcement that they were gold certified.
  15. In the last three days I've started seeing PoE2 advertisements on youtube. So there's that. I'm not a game developer, but I have released Wolf3d mods in the past and from just that LITTLE bit of "game development," I can tell you that they are FOR SURE swamped and SUPER busy with all things Deadfire as the deadline grows closer. This isn't a huge dev with a major publisher backing them and their marketing team probably consists of a handful of individuals at most. In my eyes, they have done a solid job with marketing Deadfire, when all things are taken into account. Worry not, the game will get a lot of praise when it releases and when it eventually releases for the consoles, word will spread even more.
  16. Wait... What are those portraits? Just new player portraits or like ship crew? I must've missed something. It's the Critical role VA thing. I think they are making portraits out of the characters they (Critital role) had for their Vox Machina campaign. If I understood it correctly. I didn't know what they were until a week ago. Yeah, i have no idea what any of that means. Critical Role is a D&D session webseries run by veteran voice actors that got popular in the last few years. Matt Mercer, the DM, is playing both Edér and Aloth and three others of the group voiced characters in POE1 as well. For Deadfire, they brought the entire gang (most of them voice companions/sidekicks) and decided to add their season 1 campaign (called Vox Machina) characters portrait and voice sets so players can use them. Matt Mercer is one of the best DM's ever. This is fact.
  17. The thing I'm looking the most forward to is starting up another brand new CRPG. I just love the feeling of character creation (or even more so, party creation like in Icewind Dale) and setting out on a grand adventure, discovering new environments, creatures, and items. Also, as with any CRPG, I expect a nice looooooong game (preferably 100 hrs or so) with a great, engaging story. All in all, I can't wait. I'm so happy we are this close to launch and that Obsidian has stuck to their guns, to give some of us old school gamers something that can bring us back to the early days of CRPG's. I've also really enjoyed being able to back this time. Being there from day 1 and watching this thing grow has been very fullfilling!
  18. It definitely doesn't feel "goofy" but perhaps a little lighter, which is fine by me. So many things today are so dark, dark, dark, and depressing. I'm fine with some humor and optimism. In fact, one of the things I truly enjoy about the Divinity Original Sin games is the humor thrown in. With regard to D&D being all dark and serious, have you ever watched the PAX D&D sessions??? Dude. They are a must watch for any role playing geek.
  19. Flippin awesome! As a long-time Ranger, I'm having a hard time pulling away from the Sharpshooter type. Seeing this makes me want to make a full party of Rangers that can do this. BTW - Did you play the whole beta with the group? If so, were they viable?
  20. Well, I just tried the 6 digit code in the web address on that reddit thread. No dice. 8cpydj = Fail
  21. Whether Obsidian is considered "indie" or not, I think we can all agree in this day and age, that sometimes getting a big publisher to back your game is not always a safe bet. Too many great studios have been ruined in the past decade due to "certain" publishers I will not name here. The fact that Obsidian is currently "indie" is a great thing, as they have total creative control over PoS. I pray the kickstarter/fig thing continues to work for them for future projects. I have way more trust in their work than in some big publisher taking them on, only to have certain "demands" that hinder great creativity and fairness to the end user (us). I get that it's probably a super tough business decision not to have a big publisher on some of this stuff, but I'm really glad Obsidian has stuck to their guns with PoE. It's working great for them AND for us.
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