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  1. That is cool stuff right there. I haven't had the chance to complete a ship battle in the final release. Looking forward to all of this. Any word on if the Scavenger Code items help out initially? I don't actually recall most of them having any bonuses on them, but I could be mistaken. They seemed mostly cosmetic, though the food (captain's gourmet meal or whatever) is a crazy +10 morale and awesome boons if used for camping, and you get 10 of those. The cat was pretty good, but not quite as good as pets I'd found in the game. The cosmic pig has the same bonus, for instance, as another pet I'm already using (reduced armor recovery for the Watcher), but it's party wide bonus (+5% ranged damage with rifles, I think?) isn't nearly as good as the Party Wide Effect on the amazing dog I found (+15 health, modified by individual Might, gained when a party member drops an enemy). Ahh, yes. The cannon. I figured that would help. Does it replace a current cannon on the ship, or is it an additional one?
  2. Just wanted to chime in on all the complaints in this thread and others. We all know games like this are infamous for being buggy. We all know Obsidian has a record of releasing buggy games at launch. We also all know this game and the previous one would have never been made if they were under the hand of some big AAA publisher. I get the complaints. People spent their hard-earned money for this game and to back it and give feedback via the beta, but I think we should all just be a little more patient and appreciate what kind of games we are getting from Obsidian. They are a super small studio with limited resources. If you've watched the Road to Eternity video there is literally is a person who does the coding and some marketing, and some project management, etc. The game is really fun, even with these issues. If it's bugged with PoE1 import file that stinks, but I'm still having a fun time. I know I will be playing through it a few times, so I'm just pushing ahead and enjoying what I've played so far.
  3. The dlc was $20 for FIG backers. $30 for everyone else I do believe. As far as minimum pledge level, I can't remember. I did the $99 tier, but I think you could get the DLC included for less than that.
  4. I'm currently at Really? I haven't had much time, but I'm just on the verge of leaving Starter Island and I'm 90-odd XP from level 5. Not sure where all of it came from, to be honest. But the game seems to rush you through levels. Though in many ways this is better than PoE1, since the low levels were very badly balanced against available content, and the low levels were by far far the worst and weakest. So maybe the early rush is by design... I'm currently at level 3, but still have more stuff to mop up on starter isle. I do know there are more levels in this game (thank goodness), but level 5 does seem high for leaving just the first island.
  5. I was wondering about this. Since it had been so long since I fully completed PoE, I couldn't really remember all of my choices, but it sure felt like there was not a lot that ported over. Even some of that opening dialogue was asking me questions, even after I chose my save file. Why ask me the questions when i just used my end game save file? It was really weird.
  6. That is cool stuff right there. I haven't had the chance to complete a ship battle in the final release. Looking forward to all of this. Any word on if the Scavenger Code items help out initially?
  7. Wow, I never even thought about this. Would be a nice option to have. Although, did we have it in PoE 1? I don't believe so? Anyway, when I level up, it's like a minor accomplishment. I take a breather, look at the tree then and try to look ahead for the path I want to go down. For now, think of having to wait to view the tree as a little reward for leveling!
  8. And I died. In the first ship battle. Not to borrow a nautical pun, but way to pull the ****ing wind out of my sail for the game on the first night of play. My other deaths were fine because they were results of choices and such I made, but man, I am getting a bit of backer's regret here. I am feeling about as salty as my dead crew right now. I would argue that you died in the ship battle due to the reason you explained above: "they were results of the choices and such I made." Ship combat is not easy in the first few go arounds. Also, it's possible you sailed too far initially and got involved with a superior enemy/pirate. Just like a random encounter in the field. You go too far too fast and the game lets you know. I hope you don't have backers regret from a single battle. It's a new system we all have to get used to. The game is great so far. Just give it time.
  9. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/95782-the-deadfire-scavenger-codes-we-found-them-all-cutthroat-cosmo-bonus-pets/ That thread has all the info and codes needed.
  10. I don't think it has anything to do with dislike. I just think people in general prefer to play other races ahead of the dwarves. Well, as an Elf Ranger, I can clearly say that i don't care for dwarves. At all. They are SO 'beneath' me. Well then, you ain't getting a like from me, mister! I gave you a like for your dog avatar. I like animals.
  11. I saw people claims the game has just 32 hours of content (then that person confessed he didn't do all side content), while another took more than 70 hours to finish their game (not idea if they did everything or not). I think like POE1 the rushed (34hrs) vs leisure (190hrs) divide is going to be wide. It depends too much on difficulty level, party composition and if the players use the accelerated speed all the time outside of combat or not. Nice. The more I think about it, it probably goes like this for most reviewers: "Ok, i need to get this game completed so OUR review can be out on DAY ONE. EVERYONE must read our review so we get the most views. Sooooo, that means I'll skip these 27 side quests I have in my journal. There's just not enough time to complete them before day one review launch."
  12. I don't think it has anything to do with dislike. I just think people in general prefer to play other races ahead of the dwarves. Well, as an Elf Ranger, I can clearly say that i don't care for dwarves. At all. They are SO 'beneath' me.
  13. So, my first ship battle went about the same way in the beta. I was very confused, didn't understand the compass, etc. Give it one or two battles and it will feel a lot more natural. Also, it won't take as long!
  14. Nice! Thanks for these! I'm not a fan of the watercolor portraits so far. I like to add additional portraits to the game and the watercolor decision is throwing off the immersion when it comes to normal portraits, so this thread and others out there really help!
  15. Since the original thread is now locked, I just wanted to say thanks to all that took the time and effort to find all of these. This was a really fun event and great marketing on Obsidian's part. I look forward to using all these goodies when I finally get off the first island!
  16. My first impressions (4 -5 hours in, still on first island): - The game looks beautiful. The detail to environments or even hand held items in game look amazing. This is by far the prettiest CRPG I've ever played. - I love the all spoken dialogue. Didn't think I'd be a fan of it, but I truly love it. Also, VA is top notch so far. Also, despite everyone else, I loved the narrator! - Storytelling is very good and far less convoluted. I believe this is because of A) Returning players have a better feel for the world and lore. PoE 1 had A LOT of world building. B) The Tyranny "hover words" that explain in detail help immensely. C) The VO work brings the story to life. D) Well placed humor (Eder "Sooie!" anyone?) - More variety of items. So far, in my short time playing, the items I've come across this early in game are really neat. Not just boring +1 Longsword stuff. - While I haven't got to sailing or ship battles, I played the Beta and know what to kind of expect. I loved that touch. Such a major change from your typical RPG. - The Empower ability. I haven't used this yet, but I LOVE the idea. - The Reputation system. I simply love the Rep ring and how it works, especially when it comes to companions. - The continuation and expansion of the "choose your own adventure" moments (when the story book thing pops up and you have to choose what to do). I love how this has evolved and is a little more in-depth now. - The dialogue faction/lore/attitude being displayed. I love how there is so much of this and how it plainly affects rep. Still up in the air: - 5 party members vs. 6 party members. I was not a fan of this decision. I only have two other party members currently, so I'm looking forward to how this plays out when I have the full five member party. - Length of game. In PoE 1 (including WM 1/2) I put in 96 hrs. I've read reviews saying this game is 40-50 hrs long. That seems a tad short imo. Everyone plays these games at a different pace, and I usually play at a slower pace, exploring everything, doing all side-quests, etc; so I expect to get more time than that out of it. Still, I was hoping to break toe 100 hour mark. Maybe the DLC/Expansions will put me over this mark. I believe PoE 1 minus the WH expansions clocked in at 60 hrs. I hope Deadfire is at least this long. - Number of maps. I've read through a review or two that this game has less locations/maps than PoE 1. I'm not sure I believe this. Time will tell. Anyway, I am very happy with the game so far, even if it lacks the classic CRPG setting that I love so much. The Deadfire looks beautiful and I can't wait to explore all of it.!
  17. I loved her. So sad that she departed after the opening scenes. I would love to have her back. Also, she's the one that now says: "You must gather your party before venturing forth." I am so used to that same guy saying that!
  18. A little over 2 hours in, biggest bug I've found is when the camera scrolls the whole screen jutters along with it. My FPS are holding good at 60fps for the most part, but the stuttering camera follow made me just quit. Gonna reboot and see if it persists. May have to turn the camera follow off...
  19. Ugh. Mine is about halfway there now. Wish they could have started a half hour earlier. I have a work meeting in 10 minutes! Priorities people!!
  20. Gosh it's still downloading even though it says completed at 16.9GB. Argh matey!
  21. Hmm. Mine still says Pre-Launch on Steam.... SCRATCH THERE. Here we go!
  22. Currently getting my elf ears on and my bow ready to go. Trying to get this bear under control. It darn well better be ready to go in 20 minutes! That's what you were looking for, correct? If not, umm, err....I digress.
  23. Can anyone help me remember what time the game releases? I live in EDT in US. I believe they had said 10am Pacific Time? If so, that's like 1pm where I'm at. Ugh.
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