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  1. I've been going through a few of these threads and haven't seen any ones converted to watercolor that are from BG/BG2, IWD/IWD2? Did I miss where these are? Would be great to have these to choose from in subsequent playthroughs.
  2. Tbf I am pretty sure POE1 was beatable in about thirty hours but it took me 110 I think. I do agree that the main quest is massively lacking but the game overall is not lacking in content and I mean story content not pointless filler content. They have just put a lot into factions this time around and they probably consider that main story content too as it does tie into it. So PoE base game took me 60 hours. With both WM expansions I topped out at 96 hours. I loved it. I will say, the quests in this game are great, even the fetch quests in Neketaka! I mean, fetching ingredients to make a drink so a guy could throw up a gem?? Brilliant. I will say, I tried to reverse pickpocket a bomb onto him, so he would blow up and save me the gathering, but alas, the way he was positioned, I couldn't be behind him to do so. Anyway, I'm 24 hours in, still have not visited the Gullet in Neketaka and have probably opened (fog of war removed) MAYBE 15% of the Deadfire world map. I really feel I'll put more than 50 hours into this game. EDIT: I believe that fetch quest I mentioned above actually happens in a different city, but you get my point.
  3. I don't know. I use priest for heals in some battles. Sounds good to me. Plus using that lantern to catch souls is too cool. I love it.
  4. I haven't used any summons in this game yet. Likely, because combat has not been too difficult (which is fine by me).
  5. I don't know anything about that. All I can say is......"Ahh, we are all heroes, you and me and Boo, hamsters and rangers everywhere, rejoice!"
  6. I kinda skipped your review, since I'm only 24 hours in. I have not had much time to play since release and it's killing me. On of my concerns was the fact that people are beating this game in under 50 hours. When I think of classic cRPG's, I think of games taking 80+ hours to complete. Seeing that you are at level 16 and 90 hours in, gives me great hope! I'm level 9 and 24 hours in. I believe the base level cap is 20? If so, that puts me way over 50 hours for my first play through. Mind you, I'm playing on Normal mode and I don't read all the lore books (I may at one point), but I will explore every inch of that map!
  7. That's a good point. If you compare to 99% of games, 50 hours is fantastic. But we have to compare Deadfire to other cRPGs, and those tend to be very long. For 2D cRPGs, I've played Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, Icewind Dale 1 and 2, Fallout 1 and 2, Planescape: Torment, Pillars of Eternity, and Tyranny. I would say the average across these games is probably somewhere around 80 - 100 hours for me. So 50 hours compared to other 2D cRPGs is pretty short. Agreed. Classic cRPG's (like this is is emulating) have always been VERY long. Nothing around 28 hours, etc. PoE took me 60 hours and with both White March expansions I tapped out at 96 hours. I'm disappointed to hear how short this game is, especially with the level cap being much higher in the base game. When I heard that originally, I thought this base game was going to be huge and take a massive amount of time to complete. EDIT: Tyranny was a VERY short game. As much as I want to call it a "traditional cRPG," I can't just for the simple fact it was so short.
  8. Good example. Other good examples would be Flemeth (as mentioned) or Morrigan from DA, and there are plenty of others. I do wonder if it was the actress herself or the person telling her what to do, as it's a clear case of rather extreme overacting, with an overemphasis on trying to sound empathetic. Yep. I've listened to this intro SO many times as I've played Icewind Dale 2 SO many times. If I'm not mistaken this is the same voice actress that voiced my female character voice I would choose in the game. "Into the fray!" I love her voice. Never did find out who she was.
  9. Old city is likely the biggest dungeon with three levels and quite extensive areas per layer. I would say there is a dungeon missing similar to the watcher's keep and the endless stairs, a dungeon that takes a couple of hours to go through with hard fights, riddles and bosses. What I certainly do not miss though are dungeons that tire me with long fights against trash mobs and bullet sponges for every room. However, with the current difficulty issues I think the current approach of three-room-dungeons with a boss is not helpful either. I think though it is hard to please the crowd, the setting naturally allowed for smaller dungeons and the hunt for special characters, like famous captains, sea monsters, slavers and whatnot. Added to that you have dozens of islands and islets with their own environments ranging form crazy new stuff to the traditional. The possibilities are endless. And you can rightfully say that if you expected this all, Obsidian did not deliver. However, naturally this sheer amount of content can not be created with the optimal amount of content. Yeah you could have ships with three levels and multi-stage ship fights, as an example, but with 30 or so ships on the map this would get just as stale. As doing Firkraags Dungeon in BG2 for 45 minutes, and that was one of the best multi-stage dungeons. Edit: THough one has to remember that the Watcher's Keep came available with Throne of Bhaal, so we might see something similar with the DLCs. Not saying that there will be a full expansion, or a really huge dungeon, but we should expect something to deepen the game experience that we have now, be it sea monsters or bigger ships or whatnot. Great point about Watcher's Keep; forgot that was with ToB. I really hope one of these DLCs is something like that. With regard to Firkraag.....I will never, ever, ever forget that quest. Greatness at it's pinnacle.
  10. Unfortunately, the days are gone when an expansion is created after the fact due to overall performance of sales and or fans wanting more. Sadly, we live in a time where gamers as a whole have a "want it now" mentality and are willing to drop EXTRA money for things that used to be included or unlockable in games back in the day, like items, weapons, skins, etc. The whole DLC thing has become so lucrative that every publisher and dev has jumped on board. I'm not saying this is the case with Obsidian. I genuinely trust them and they have produced many fine games throughout my lifetime. I do think that the announcement about the DLC release dates was premature, considering how much needs fixing in the base game, but this is what all companies are doing now.
  11. Big city's always have lot's of dialogue and many of those quests revolve around said dialogue and/or fetch quests. I do appreciate that Obsidian has made some of these typical quests into actually leaving the city, exploring and coming back to complete the quest. Kinda breaks it up. With regard to less combat and wanting more, if I remember correctly that was a minor complaint with Baldur's Gate. The Icewind Dale games focused a little more on combat and party creation than it did on story. I prefer more story in games like this, even though I prefer Icewind Dale series as a whole over the BG series. I think Deadfire expansions will add more combat, at least in one of them. Here's to hoping one of the expansions has a decent sized dungeon in it.
  12. Ahh, this thread really bums me out. This has been a big worry for me and I'm only 20 hours in. There are no big dungeons. I really don't like that decision and there really is no argument why this is the case; other than they put way too much emphasis on the ship and naval battles. This is disappointing.
  13. I for one like the ship combat. It's a nice side quest mini game kind of thing. I suppose the question that needs to be asked is: Would you prefer Caed Nua or the ship, taking into account all the work that goes into both (unlocking rooms, ship battles, etc)? IMO, for the Deadfire setting, the ship fits perfectly, but overall, I would much rather be an owner of a huge castle and all the bonuses that come with it. Truthfully, I never had an issue with much of it in Pillars (minus having to travel back to defend it). I hope IF there is a PoE3 that we get a stronghold again. All this negative talk surrounding both may make Obsidian say: "Screw it." I hope that's not the case.
  14. I read this title to mean there was a patch for stealth in the game....
  15. I still like the music to PoE better. Also, the ambient noises were much better in PoE. Where is the hushed tavern talk in the background?
  16. Ugh. News to me. What does this mean for PoE 3??? I hope it doesn't end up with only 2 games. It will be like Baldur's Gate 3 all over again!
  17. https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/8jpwee/deadfire_qa_w_josh_sawyer_51518_summary/ A reddit user made some great notes from the Q&A with Josh. Some highlights: - Patch pushed back to later this week - Level scaling is being fixed - Ship battles are hand built, not procedurally generated - Re-working naval combat - Free DLC next week! Rum Runners - PotD fix is taking time - Josh is not the the game director for the expansions/DLC The biggest news to me is that Josh is not the game director for the DLC. Why is this? Was this the case with White March? Just curious as what to expect because of this.
  18. I get what you are saying, but BG2 was like 150 hours. By all due respects, Deadfire is like 50 give or take. I don't know, I'm just biased toward the 6 member party. For whatever reason, when I came across certain characters in BG, I could tell almost immediately if I wanted them in my party or not. I think that's where Obsidian is missing the whole "Alignment" thing. I think it needs to be implemented badly. Maybe don't say Neutral, Chaotic Evil, etc, but this would really help when it comes to party composition and knowing who would be a bad or good fit.
  19. I completely agree with this theory, however; Deadfire is pretty easy across the board at this time (maybe a patch will change that), so the weight of my choice for character choice doesn't feel as heavy as it should.
  20. You know what would make ship battles better??? If they were narrated. *drops mic and runs out of room.....
  21. As much as I like the ability to get to my stash anytime I want, there should be an option for, because it does make personal stash useless. Anyone else miss the days of finding a bag of unlimited holding?? Such a great feeling!
  22. My initial fear of the 5 party was breaking my traditional Infinity Engine party, but until now, I never thought about how it could limit party member story and interaction. I remember Obsidian stating something about moving to 5 member party would help out combat and limit bad path finding and would limit micro management. My question is....these types of games have ALWAYS had micro management. That's the whole point of real time with pause combat system imo. I suppose Obsidian is trying to please both sides; veterans like myself and new comers to this genre. EDIT: With regard to path finding, I don't see why this matters for a 4, 5, or 6 party team. D:OS has some of the best path finding I've seen in this genre. I know they only have a 4 member party, but I would imagine that path finding is more of a coding issue than a party size issue? If they are coded to run around fire and not through it, should it matter how many members are in the party?
  23. I know there has been a ton of controversy around Obsidian's decision to drop from a 6 person to a 5 person party. I was not a fan of the idea then and after playing Deadfire a little more, I can confidently say I'm still not a fan of the decision. Let me explain another reason (4,721) why: This morning before work, I played for about 20 minutes and was finishing up exploring the second map of Neketaka (the one north of the starting map/dock area). I came across a Water Guild building where an additional party member can be obtained. I am roughly 18 hours into the game and currently have 5 party members. Through these hours, I've learned more about each member and now it's come to a point where certain members are concerned about other members and want to help them. One of these said members is someone I would like to drop, but since I can only make a 5 party group, this is something I don't want to do, since their relationship is starting to form. This means I will miss out on the party member I just obtained from the Water Guild. An argument could be had that this inspires multiple playthroughs (something I'm fond of), but knowing that I used to have a 6 party team still sticks in my craw, since I could have instantly added this new party member and started using them and learning more about their story and their abilities. What I'm getting at is due to the 5 member party decision, I feel I'm missing out on more character development and story. I feel the decision to move to a 5 member party has really limited the story and character stories in this regard. Please sound off with your thoughts.
  24. So, a story on my phone's news feed just came across saying someone beat Deadire in 26 minutes. Using Beraths' Blessings and killing Eder immediately. steamed.kotaku.com I get that speed runs are always insane and using Berath's Blessing unlocks could potentially make it a lot easier, but this should never be able to happen in a traditional cRPG.
  25. Well, howlongtobeat.com show Deadfire is 10 hours shorter than Pillars across all play throughs. That's disappointing. Of course, I usually go at a slower pace and explore a lot, so maybe I'll get more out of it.
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