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  1. This makes me glad I did not take work off on Thursday. Living in the USA Eastern Time zone this game isn't releasing until 2pm in the afternoon. Weird. Another strike made by the "Left Coast." Oh well, at least work will help keep my mind off the game until I get home.
  2. I love this post. Great stuff. I'm not a backer. Not because I didn't want to, but because-somehow-I didn't hear about this game until last November. I have since pre-ordered the Champion Edition on Steam and ordered the Strat Guide and Lore book from Amazon. I've been watching beta backer videos daily for months on end wishing I could experience the beta first hand. I've been checking Steam everyday since I pre-ordered to see if it was ready to pre-download . I got home tonight at 10:30 and smiled when the download started. But, like everyone else here, I can't play the game until it's released. I can understand why longtime backers would be frustrated that some "newbie" like myself came in two years later and already has the game on my machine. But guess what? We are all here for one reason-because we love games like this. I've spent the better part of a decade or so playing Baldurs Gate and Icewind Dale games. I never thought we would ever see this type of game made again. So, we all need to step back and just appreciate what Obsidian is doing here. In les than 48 hrs we are all going to be playing a brand spanking new cRPG!!!
  3. I bought the Champion edition and ordered the Official Game Guide and Guidebook Volume 1 from Amazon. I really wanted a hard copy of the books and not just digital space.
  4. I love this topic and completely agree with the OP. IMO, this generation of gaming has been the generation of the "M" rated game. I understand that gaming is a form of art and expression and there are mature themes that can be explored. But to this day I still don't understand why an F-bomb needs to be dropped 100 times in a game (being somewhat sarcastic with that number). More and more games are turning me off with the heavy use of strong and explicit language. With PoE, I did see that line of dialogue you mentioned and I can only assume where there is one strong expletive, there will be more. I hope this isn't the case, especially with the "fantasy" background this game has. Something about F-bombs in fantasy worlds feels totatlly out of place and off-beat. This topic is polarizing and many people have strong opions about it on both sides. This is just my two cents worth...
  5. I pre-ordered my copy on Steam the other day. I was WAY late to the party, only stumbling upon this game the end of last year. I am SO happy to see a game like this being made again. My nostalgia level is at an all time high. I am also equally excited to see what new features await us in a throw back game like this being given a modern touch. I would of backed it had I known when it first hit KS. Lord knows I will back the expansion and PoE2!
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