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  1. Everyone have a mouse with scroll >.<. But it makes no difference if you use a mouse or keyboard. I tried both. The problem is that when running the game at high resolution, everything seems small, especially you can't zoom in close. I play at 1920X1080 and I can scroll right up to my group. Not super close on their head or anything. What resolution are you guys playing at? It may only scroll in so far. Oh and not all mice have the scroll wheel on top. :/
  2. My biggest problem thus far is I can't find enough time to play due to real life.
  3. I use my mouse wheel to zoom in. Didn't have to change any settings it was automatic. I take it you don't have a scroll wheel in the center of your mouse?
  4. I did get two cards so far for playing. Only had a little time between kids going to bed and coming to work. :/
  5. Agreed. Huge Paladin player here for over 20 years. I just did the one that is most like a traditional Pally the The Shieldbearers of St. Elcga .
  6. Skyrim released at midnight in every time zone on Steam. It was great. So no matter where you lived, when it hit midnight on 11/11/11 for you, the game unlocked. Wish all game releases did this. :/
  7. OK I got it officially from Steam. The game won't be unlocked for play until 10am Pacific time.
  8. Obs is in California, Pacific Time Zone. Game releases at 9AM Pacific. 9am. I miss the brick and mortar releases at midnight of the day the game is to be released where you get the game, go home install it, & play. To work I go then. Thanks...
  9. It looks like on Steam the game won't release until 1300hrs (1pm) on the 26th in the Eastern US time zone? That's midnight in Tokyo? Is that where your home business is that it releases at midnight in Tokyo but the rest of the world has to wait? 1300hrs is halfway through the 26th. Might as well have said it released on the 27th and let everyone be surprised it came out a few hours earlier. I originally took the night off to play at midnight, but I guess I'll be going to work. ::steps down from soap box:: *******update******* Steam unlocks the game for all at 10am pacific time on the 26th. Save your midnight release party for another game.
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