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  1. I also agree with the OP Paladin feels somewhat dull and underwhelming. Hope they get some improvement. I will play one anyway because I always play a paladin in these type games
  2. Hi all Early on I loved the combat and feel of the game. I still love the game in general. However, there are aspects to combat that are really frustrating. One particular example is when fighting things like Shadows. Every single time without fail at least two will teleport to my mage and smack the crap out of him before I can do anything. I even leave my wizard back out of the fighting and without fail they still teleport back to him and beat him silly before I can even get a cast off or move a warrior to protect. He is just too squishy or I don't know what. I think the problem is the combat has way too much reliance on a dedicated sword and board maxed out defense tank. Too MMO like imo. Something definitely feels off about it and I am not quite sure what tweaks to suggest to fix it. I just had to take a break from playing because I got a bit too frustrated. It wasn't that I was loosing the battles it was just irritating to watch the wizard get destroyed every single fight.
  3. I agree with this as well. I really wish you could select which person you want to scout, vs. it just making everyone scout. Not to pick on anyone but I don't understand this. You can just scout with one person. Click the character you want to scout with. Click the scout button and move that character only. Leave the others behind. Am I missing something?
  4. Yep I like the orders for sure. Like I said if they added maybe 2 more orders with the more religious focus it would just about perfect (one goodyish one baddyish maybe)
  5. Yeah I was torn between that one and the kind wayfarers. Decided to go with kind wayferes for now. Nothing wrong with theses orders at all but I feel more drawn to the old school deity based paladin I guess.
  6. Up front. SO far LOVE the game. However, I decided to read some of the background in the collectors guide ( the one with the lore) and I really enjoy it. I love the details about the different gods but it leaves me a little disappointed that none of the paladin orders are focused on the deities. Would be nice if there were one or two more Paladin order with a religious focus. Anyway back to the fun! Great job so far Obsidian!
  7. I agree with pretty much everyone else. I have not been this excited about a game release since I was a kid. I am proud that I was able to be a part of the kickstarter that got this going! Can't WAIT to play the game and I hope it becomes a smash hit!
  8. wow pretty neat to see the excitement for pre-loading the game
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