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  1. During the battle with Neriscyrlas, Maia was reduced to zero health but didn't die. She kept fighting without regaining any health and she continued through the rest of the game at zero health without me being able to restore her (resting, resurrection, healing spells, etc.)
  2. I'm using the latest patch, 2.0.1...when going through the dialogue in Winding Pass to bluff the eotens into thinking one of them is hiding food and choosing the option "My friend here saw it happen", it always says that Rekke failed no matter which companion I select. I didn't even recruit Rekke yet.
  3. Since I installed the new patch there is a very annoying bug where, when I load a saved game, my party order keeps getting switched to the order in which I recruited them rather than the order I placed them in. Also, I got the letter inviting me to the area where Beast of Winter takes place as soon as I board my fixed ship at the beginning of the game. Is that supposed to happen or should it be coming later in the game when my characters are at a higher level?
  4. I have no issue with a period of refinement. The game isn't bad as is, it just isn't as engaging as the first one. Hopefully they'll take the most common suggestions to heart for future updates and any DLC expansions. Yes, but the game has been paid for and released. It is perfectly reasonable to expect it to be in fine shape, which, judging by these forums, it manifestly is not. The game isn't terrible. I still enjoy it. There are just some things that take away from that enjoyment at times.
  5. While the game is good, I don't think it lives up to the original Pillars of Eternity. I hope future patches and DLCs will deal with some of these points. Even after the first major patch, there are still some bugs: 1) Movement stuttering when in Fast Mode. It seems like the characters don't know exactly which way to go. 2) Manual save files will periodically delete themselves from the saved game list. 3) When going to ship view, some companions won't appear on the upper deck unless you go to the lower deck then return to the upper deck. 4) When returning to the world view from ship v
  6. For Fig backers, what was the minimum pledge level required in order to get the future DLCs included? I'm trying to find out if I should purchase the season pass.
  7. Since updating to the 3.06 version via GOG, companions that I remove from the main group end up losing a majority of their health when adding them back to the party, requiring me to rest immediately. The AI auto-attack setting switches itself back to defensive when switching companions in and out of the party. Also, starting up Pillars of Eternity now causes GOG galaxy to launch. Very annoying.
  8. The bug with Geyda and Azzuro is still an issue. Have updates stopped for this game?
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