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With the delayed release date my time off work was thrown off and now I don't have as much time as I'd like to sink into Deadfire when it releases in the next few days.


Yeah, I think I might *cough* be getting sick :p  May have to call in to work.


Favourite get out of work excuses aaaaand GO

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Lol I work for the corporate man.  See some things about the man is good.  Basically he expects you to understand missing work is bad, and if you do it too often you gonna lose your job.  So when you call out, he doesn't care why, he just wants to know you aren't showing up and is someone else covering your work.

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If you are English you have to tell them you have Diarrhea, if you are European just say a semi distant family member has died.


Not sure what the American excuse is. 


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This is why I find it strange that the entertainment industries in the US release things mid-week. It encourages people to take time off/call in sick. Releasing on a Friday would make much more sense, IMO. You would still get people taking the day off, but who is productive on a Friday anyway.


As for me, whether I take time off or not depends on the release time. Anything that unlocks at midnight means taking a vacation day. For Deadfire, I think it is supposed to release at 10AM Pacific, which means 6pm UK time. I just need to make sure nothing keeps me in the office after 5.



Edit: Got bored so I thought I would Google it. Interesting article from 2012 on Eurogamer website that explains why release dates are Friday for Europe and Tuesday for the US: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-11-23-why-are-we-stuck-with-games-being-released-on-a-friday

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