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  1. I see, then I have yet to discover that loved the scattered hints of Fulvano's pursuits in PoE
  2. What I am missing is the teased "Fulvano's Voyage" dungeon, theysaid it was going to be like Endless Paths of Od Nua :/
  3. Tbh I have the feeling that they kind of overlooked some things in this game, or frankly forgot them. Not saying I don't enjoy, still got big love for it.
  4. It seems like there's no way of compromise for some of the relations between the companions. I wonder if that's true and if, why? If I have high as **** diplomacy for example, I kinda want to be able to handle this kind of situation without losing one or the other.
  5. Turns out that I can play the game in 1920x1200 (although the TV's native resolution is x1080) It may just be an issue from the TV's side. Do you still want pics?
  6. If it happens, I'd love to see: - Interesting regions with interesting landscapes like Readceras or Old Vailia - Maybe a new protagonist and entirely new companions - Concelhaut again - Taking away the ships and isles stuff of Deadfire (although I really enjoy that so far) and replacing it with good old large and interesting maps (some maps in Deadfire could have offered more to explore, like in PoE1) Also an idea of mine: Why not combine companions and hirelings? Like, create a party of 5 and decide which background and story they get. Though this may be very hard to implement.
  7. OS: Win 10 Graphics: AMD R7 260X CPU: Ryzen 7 1800 Hello, I'm having problems with the 1920x1080 resolution; the UI is cut off at the bottom of the screen. Only happens on my LG TV though. Best regards
  8. In germany you just take a day off work a day before release and nobody asks why. Lol.
  9. Fighter/Chanter; AKA War Caller because it really fits my rp as I will take my Watcher from the first game with me. And tbh I just loved Kana's awesome summoning powers.
  10. More importantly, as the video has shown, can we now find, conquer and name new islands in the archipelago? Seems like an awesome feature to me.
  11. The amazon version is activated via steam-key and will have all the preorder bonuses. It should say so in the description on amazon too, btw.
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