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  1. Nice reveal can't wait to learn more about the flaws system and see more gameplay!
  2. After you return to the backer portal, generate a Steam key for your season pass, and then enter it into Steam so that Steam knows you’re supposed to have access. Thank You I forgot about needing to generate a key.
  3. I bought the season pass through the backer portal when will i be getting my season pass code for steam?
  4. I think reviews will be good with complaint’s that POE 2 is to simaler to POE.
  5. May just start with a Druid for all the shapeshifting they can do with the edition of getting healed after each battle.
  6. It will be interesting in the DLC if they add levels or a option to prestige your class. How would that work with multiclassing?
  7. I watch the first couple of hours of Cohh's stream and what i have seen has impressed me. Looks much bigger in quests and how you tackle each quest.
  8. Ah one of those 24-48 hour "bugs" lol. I have taken vacation to play a game but won't for Deadfire.
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