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  1. Ah, thanks. Seems like the damage equals to the unarmed feats damage, which is fine I guess. Just means for me Helwalker is a damn near necessity when multiclassing a Monk. That additional Might is gonna make a difference AND since I'm into being an off-tank it'll help the healing too.
  2. Yeah, I'm looking into that, Monk+Paladin maybe, but it doesn't explain how the Monk's unarmed attack scales when multiclassed. I mean I could just use a weapon but really if you're a Monk and you don't punch why are you here?
  3. Like the title asks, does anyone know how it works? I originally planned on making an offtank Monk/Pally but apparently multiclassing severely diminishes the unarmed progressing, but I've not been able to find out by how much. Does it works like the unarmed feat? How much faster/slower is the progression exactly? Is it even worth going unarmed if you Multiclass? These questions are important because I wanna punch Eothas in the face eventually but not if that punch is more of a tickle
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