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  1. I presume the limitations are to do with multiclassing. If Druids and Priests just learnt all their spells upon gaining a new power level and Wizards could just learn spells by copying them from grimoires then at level up any Wizard, Druid or Priest multiclass would be able to dedicate all their ability points to their other class' abilities. It also helps with learning what the spells do. By having to select known spells at level up it forces you to read and understand the options, while in PoE1 I frequently found myself frantically searching through all the Priest spells to see if I
  2. Matt is everywhere, sometimes twice! It always amuses me when you are playing a game and you hear a Matt Mercer voiced character bantering with another Matt Mercer voiced character. In Pillars 1 there is an encounter near Cliaban Rilag where Matt as Eder has a conversation with Liam and Sam as looters. Great to hear the rest of the Critical Role gang get in on the action too, although having seen the Critical Role portraits up on versusevil.com/critical role I may have to roll up an ocean folk wizard of some sort for some Gilmore action!
  3. This is why I find it strange that the entertainment industries in the US release things mid-week. It encourages people to take time off/call in sick. Releasing on a Friday would make much more sense, IMO. You would still get people taking the day off, but who is productive on a Friday anyway. As for me, whether I take time off or not depends on the release time. Anything that unlocks at midnight means taking a vacation day. For Deadfire, I think it is supposed to release at 10AM Pacific, which means 6pm UK time. I just need to make sure nothing keeps me in the office after 5. Edit:
  4. I'm not sure that means anything other than he likes the quote. Apparently the Critical Role cast have been given the OK to announce which companion character(s) they voice. Liam confirmed on last night's Talks Machina that he voices Serafen and Sam confirmed that he does Rekke. If either of them voiced multiple characters like Matt then I am sure they would have announced it. I expect the other cast members will announce their characters at the start of this Thursday's Critical Role.
  5. I've been able to buy food and water just fine. However, in one transaction I was doing a general restock of supplies; the ammunition, food, drink and repair supplies were added to the ship's stores but the medical supplies were not. I sailed around for a bit and then went back to resupply and could then add the medical supplies.
  6. I've only been playing on Classic difficulty but agree that the developers have overcompensated on the difficulty of this fight. The buffs to the Engwithan Titan have definitely improved the feel of the fight but the spawning of three greater sand blights all dropping Sciroccos within seconds of spawning is a bit too much. Making them normal or lesser sand blights would be enough. As it is the only way I've been able to win this fight in the latest beta is to draw the titan away from the entrance to the ruins. Round by the side entrance should be far enough but I prefer to go to the X
  7. Turned "Smart Camera" off as suggested and it didn't solve the issue. Reinstalling the game didn't help either. The only thing that seems to work was to set the camera scrolling speed to x4 or higher. At x2 or above the key controls started working but intermittently (i.e. can scroll up but not down, left or right). At x3.5 the left and right scroll return but with a lag.
  8. This is obviously a reaction to all the comments about the Titan fight being too easy, however, I think they've overcompensated a bit. Playing on Classic with Critical Path scaling up only turned on (so this fight should be unaffected) once the Titan gets down to Near Death I have 4 sand blights turn up, at least one of which (if not 2) are greater sand blights. Their first actions are to cast Sirocco, which is a medium sized AoE that deals an average of 17 damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds (and applies a debuff). Unless you can interrupt or run away your party is going to die very qui
  9. Having explored the Tikawara village, ravine, glade and Poko Kohara exterior maps I've noticed that the camera only responds to the relevant keys on the Tikawara village map. On the other three maps the camera only pans when the party moves to cause it to track or if I click and hold the central mouse button. When opening the controls menu I see that the default assigned keys are the arrow keys and W, A, S and D. Remapping the bindings does not appear to correct the issue.
  10. This is also not working for the Dank Spore scripted event either. I can understand that there may be some scenarios where the Stealth capabilities of all party members are checked individually but both of the scenarios in the beta are perfect examples of where you would send a scout first to recon the area and then report back.
  11. Sounds like you need to get a breakfast/laptop tray with fold down legs designed for use in bed.
  12. I like the system, it seems like it could be fun but there are too many bugs/problems with the current version of the system for me to vote anything more than "middle" at the moment, many of which were apparent and or mentioned in Zotbot's stream with Josh. Hopefully the next beta update will address at least some of these issues and we can get a better idea of the system's potential.
  13. Thanks, but that's not what I was looking for. He said via game files. Within the PoE2 install folder is /PillarsOfEternity2_Data/exported/design/gamedata. This contains a number of .gamedatabundle files, these are just JSON files. Notepad++ can open these and you can get a plugin to restructure the data into a human readable format from here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/nppjsonviewer/ Create an 'override' folder in /PillarsOfEternity2/ and create a 'gamedata' folder within your 'override' folder so the filepath is now /PillarsOfEternity2_Data/override/gamedata. Copy the game
  14. No. Most companions have their own unique subclasses they have to be. Eder and Aloth seem to be the exceptions, in that they have to be the base class (and potentially all the Ys in X+Y have to be the base class too). Maia's a gunhawk, Teheku's got a unique subclass for both his base classes, Pallegina's presumably either a Five Suns Palladin or a Kind Wayfarer, Serafen's a wild mind if you make him a cipher (not sure about whether he also has a unique barbarian subclass), Xoti's either a priest of Gaun or a sister of the reaping moon. I don't think we know about the sidekicks beyond Fessi
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