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  1. Yeah I set it to only scale upwards and I can see the skulls. Only scaling up seems like the best setting imo because when encounters are level appropriate through scaling they're still pretty easy anyway, I find.
  2. I feel like this is a great idea for Pillars of Eternity 3, if such a thing ever comes. Single class characters would also need a unique skill to make it fair. That being said it'd be quite a difficult request, there wouldn't be a new skill for every subclass combination of course because that would be ridiculous, but you would still need to make sure that each of these skills is functional with any subclass it could be paired with. Doable, but tough, and probably difficult to balance. Not to mention even with just 1 skill per class/multiclass, there'd be enough new skills across the board that they could have made a few brand new classes with them, that's the amount of effort we're talking about here. Still, I think it's a neat idea that would make your multiclass feel more like an actual thing, and not just two single classes clumped together. It would also give you a little something to make you feel rewarded for going as a single class. In theory I like it.
  3. I don't really care cause I have a large amount of filthy, filthy disposable income.
  4. With my experience with it so far, Multiclassing doesn't suck, you just need to make sure your classes synergies well. Take my mindstalker (beguiler cipher + rogue). The drawback of beguiler is your soul whip only does full damage on targets vulnerable to sneak attacks, but I'll be going for sneak attacks anyway on account of being half rogue, and I'll get a lot of spells that allow me to setup sneak attacks on account of being half cipher. Yes, I could go pure cipher and get better spells, but my sneak attacks would be substantially weaker and I wouldn't get the rogues nice escape abilities and interrupts. Yes, I could go pure rogue but then I wouldn't get soul whip buffing my sneak attacks and all of the ciphers nice spells to aoe debuff the enemy and help me set them up. Yes, I could have a pure rogue AND a pure cipher but that takes up more party slots, the cipher still lacks escapes and rogues substantial sneak attack bonus, and the rogue lacks the ciphers soul whip, at which point it may be better to go in melee and focus on backstab damage instead. Regarding companion buffs, there are many buffs including the two I mentioned above that cannot be given to another class without multiclassing, and lets not forget that multiclass characters can still receive buffs from other characters. Barbarian's carnage is another example. I've heard of people having success playing warlock (barbarian + wizard), and summoning Citzal's Spirit Lance which has inherent aoe damage. It synergises well with carnage in a way that CANNOT be done outside of that multiclass. There is a reason the game says multiclass characters are not recommended for new players - and that reason is to make them good you need to find synergies between the classes, and not just mash them together into some sort of abomination. That being said, even a mashed together abomination can be decent if your party doesn't have the space for those two classes individually, but would nevertheless benefit from the advantages of each. Your party could use a support buffer/debuffer but could also benefit from having another tank? Combine priest with fighter and have a Cleric. Sure it'd be inferior at both roles compared to pure classes, but it'd still be functional and serve multiple purposes like a Swiss army knife, opening up another party slot for something else. Regarding skill points for multiclass characters, you get one for each class at lv1 and one for each class at every power level increase. I think it's fairly well balanced. I've posted this a few times in the past but here it is again:
  5. Yeah I understand that, still seems a bit odd though.
  6. Hi, I can give you a save file if you still want it, (though you'll have to tell me how). That being said, I don't want to give her the gloves and buy them back, I fully intended to steal them when I started the quest. There's no reason why I shouldn't be able to just use them as an item.
  7. If you're referring to the quest I think you're referring to, you didn't steal the man's life savings you refused to return them to him after he gambled them away. He put him and his family on the street; you're simply refusing to bail him out of a problem he created, then lied about, even at the expense of another person's reputation and at the risk of exacerbating an already tense situation between two groups of people. You actually did steal from the Eothasians. *shrugs* in character I did steal from him though. As soon as he mentioned wanting me to get his gold back I was like "Suuuure I can do that for you buddy." I then guilt-tripped the woman into giving it to me and then pocketed it, never to visit the man again.
  8. I did the side quest velvet glove, brass fist and got the gloves Rokowa's Fingers, but I can't equip them or move them around in my inventory. I presume I can end the quest by giving them to the lady that wanted them but I planned on just stealing and using them.
  9. Doesn't bat an eyelid when I steal a man's life savings condemning him and his child to starve but I steal ONE THING from some Eothas pilgrims and he gets sassy with me. How have your adventures been going?
  10. Will you be importing your old character from pillars 1, or making a new one? If you're importing, will they act the same way they did in the first game, or will their character develop and change? If you had to apply a DnD alignment to your character, what would it be? What class(s) will they be, and how (if at all) does this impact their personality? Are they stereotypical for their class, or do you have a barbarian who prefers not to fight, or a druid who's not particularly fond of animals? If this sort of stuff matters to you it can help to put it down in writing to solidify who your character is as a person. An unfortunate effect of the medium is it's impossible to create characters with particularly quirky personalities because you can only select from a list of pre-written dialogue options, but there still should be enough room for your adventurer to have some semblance of an identity. I'll be making a Mindstalker (beguiler cipher + neutral rogue). He'll be a new character because admittedly I never actually finished Pillars 1 (though I did watch a synopsis video covering the story). His name will be Riftis, because that's what I always name my first character in RPGs. He will be true neutral leaning towards neutral evil. He will always be on the lookout for what he can gain from situations, and only if there's no option that will directly benefit him (or perhaps in heat of the moment, split second decisions) will his conscience sway him to do the right thing. Personality-wise, he will be cunning, perceptive, arrogant, and a bit jovial; so pretty stereotypical for a rogue+cipher I would say. He will lie frequently for personal gain, or just for the sake of it. Despite that, he'll be agreeable enough, if only in a sell-swordy "Ill do it... If you pay me." sort of way. That being said his generally agreeable personality covers a potential layer of sinister intentions. Given the chance he is not opposed to betraying people, and if anything he's actively looking for opportunities to do things like this as he genuinely enjoys being deceptive and thrives on creating the 'Surprise!' moment. (of course, this may never come up as it depends on how the story goes in deadfire). Here is the portrait I intend to use for him: I was a bit late looking into portraits and I only found this one recently but if someone could do the water colour versions of it I'll suck your- be very grateful.
  11. Honestly this is more or less what happens to me except I barely make it past the introductory sequences before changing, over and over again. I'm going to try to make an active effort to just STICK with the first character I make this time, dunno if I'll be successful in that though. I've put a lot more thought into my character this time around compared to pillars 1, so maybe I will.
  12. Rogues sneak attack was changed from a flat 50% to 30% that scales up with power level. We don't know how much it'll scale yet, but there's still a case to be made for single class rogues just cause they'll get a more powerful sneak attack than a multi rogue. Take everything you read on the forums with a pinch of salt cause the game isn't released yet and we can only speculate about the balance of a lot of things. Just play what you want I say.
  13. I realize I'm making this request when there's less than a day before release but if someone could do water colour versions of this I'd be eternally grateful: I don't need it before release of course cause I won't be playing for another 9 or 10 hours since as far as I'm aware it's coming out at 2:30am for me and I'm not gonna stay up for it, and even if you do it later than that I can always edit the portrait in after the fact somehow.
  14. The description of soul whip is as follows: "Causes the cipher's weapons to generate a field of parasitic energy that lashes out at the target, increasing Damage inflicted and generating Focus for the cipher" Is your animal a weapon? No, it's your friend. I disagree with your sentiment.
  15. You could multiclass into ranger, -20% reload speed would be nice. Also, (though I'm loathe to say it) you could multiclass with black jacket and weapon swap through multiple sets of firearms for early fight burst damage and focus generation. It combos well with ascendant. It's a potent combination, if a little cheesy. Edit: You could also just go pure cipher, getting access to dominating spells like puppet master and ringleader earlier would be sweet and some of the high tier abilities are cool also. Edit Edit: You could also do what I'm doing and go beguiler cipher + rogue and focus on debuffing spells and getting sneak attack damage from range. Rogues sneak attack damage starts at 30% I believe, and it scales with power level, so at power level 2 as a beguiler cipher your sneak attacks will deal over 60% with biting whip, and it'll only get higher from there. We don't know exactly how much it scales with power level yet but it already sounds potent even without the scaling. Does all this clear things up for you? No? It only confuses you further? You're welcome.
  16. I say go Assassin/Black jacket, have dual weapons for your full attacks, and a 2h weapon for backstab, maybe have a powerful ranged weapon or a blunderbuss for your first backstab, or run dual pistols/scepters for a ranged option for your full attacks or just an alternative opening move before you swap into melee. I'm biased though cause I have a softspot for black jackets that aren't just cycling firearms.
  17. There's no reason rangers have to be played at range though. There's even a subclass for melee rangers.
  18. I seem to have derailed this thread from its original question. I'd recommend watching It's a bit long-winded but it is at least somewhat relevant to your question, and an interesting watch if you're a nerd like me. Edit: to answer your question more directly, I would say yes perception is important for monk if you wanna go crit monk
  19. I could never drop a stat that low just for roleplaying reasons. Dex of 4, you're so uncoordinated you can barely walk on a slightly uneven surface without faceplanting let alone wield a weapon but you have godly strength and endurance that's nice.
  20. Yeah if you wanna make a devoted best to use a weapon with two damage types just to be safe. Who knows what you'll be up against. Edit: that being said, if you go for one with only one damage type it'll probably be fine for you for the majority of your encounters so long as your penetration is decent, and devoted characters CAN use weapons they're not devoted to, in the few instances where they may actually need to. Also don't all characters get an unarmed proficiency by default? I'm not sure if this applies to devoted but if it does you could have that up your sleeve also.
  21. Maybe go swashbuckler as black jacket / assassin to quickly switch between dual wielding and two handing to get the best of both worlds? It was mentioned several times around here somewhere that black jacket is best with four guns. Something about shooting swiftly as a Gatling gun Blasphemy!
  22. Maybe go swashbuckler as black jacket / assassin to quickly switch between dual wielding and two handing to get the best of both worlds?
  23. Either way, Mindstalker is the multiclass to take if you wanna stack sneak attack damage. i think you would be better of dueling with a wizard because of the wizards self buffs. The cipher has hardly any self buffs that are good apart from time parasite and a multi cant get that (level until level eight ) If you want to play a stealthy, backstabbing assassin your going to be very close to the action. The wizard has the abilities to really keep the rogue alive and with the latest patch all wizard buffs and weapons summons are nearly instant cast (0.4 seconds) I think a cipher will be to flimsy Oh missed this when I made my above post. I'm not gonna be focusing on backstabbing. I'm gonna be a ranged dps with rods and scepters, and a club to reduce their will if they get in close so I can dominate them with cipher spells. That's the plan, anyway.
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