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Let's name this game.

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Soul Man: The Blue World (now with no darkspawn!)

Dragonless: The Other Game About Souls, Demons, and Magic

Soulful Return: The Last Isometric

The White March: (censored)

Twin Elms: Bowing Ashes Walk With Me

Brass Crown, Steel Crown: Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

The Palatinate Prophecy

Solace Vale: A Story of the South

Pearlwood Souls, Steel Crown Hearts

A Legend of Echo Bay

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"This is what most people do not understand about Colbert and Silverman. They only mock fictional celebrities, celebrities who destroy their selfhood to unify with the wants of the people, celebrities who are transfixed by the evil hungers of the public. Feed us a Gomorrah built up of luminous dreams, we beg. Here it is, they say, and it looks like your steaming brains."


" If you've read Hart's Hope, Neveryona, Infinity Concerto, Tales of the Flat Earth, you've pretty much played Dragon Age."

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Anima Mundi


Means the "world soul" in Latin.


Because Latin just sounds cool. :p


I think this thread proves that naming isn't an easy task...

No, there's already one of those gay porn Japanese games called that.

I'd say the answer to that question is kind of like the answer to "who's the sucker in this poker game?"*


*If you can't tell, it's you. ;)


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Considering that Obsidian already has its list... Well, whatever, just for silly fun:

  • Romancescape: Torment.
  • Not without my soul.
  • Soul Predator.
  • Alien Soul.
  • Philosopher's Creed.
  • Soul Raider.
  • The Wheel of Souls.
  • Soul Effect.
  • Soul Age.
  • Souls on a plain.
  • Soul Empire.
  • Alpha Soul.
  • Echo Bay Nights.
  • Soulcop.
  • Soul of War.
  • Soulcrusher.
  • I know what you did last summer in New Heomar.
  • Soul in the shell.
  • Soul Sematary.
  • The Shadow Over Telaneir.
  • Soul Master.
  • Obsidian Pie.
  • Soul's Company.
  • The Soul Saga.
  • Romance, She Wrote.
  • Souls of Future Past.
  • Soulgate.
  • Soulchaser's Song.
  • Soulnauts.
  • Charname and the Soul Factory.
  • Fleshbound.
  • The Gods must be lazy.
  • Soul Wars.
  • Thundersouls.
  • Hypetrain 2014.
  • Fortress Alone.
  • Romance of the Three Factions.
  • Soul Fantasy.
  • Soul Crisis.
  • Souls from the Crypt.


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My favourite option? The developers propose 4 or 5 alternative titles, each one resonating with the game (saga?) overarching theme....And let the fans decide throughout a mail survey/website/forum poll (so that all the fans who are willing to voice the opinion will be able to do that, not only registered forum members).


Would be quite a great move by Obsidian, IMO. What do you think?

I like this. Barring that, Project Eternity is a good title.

Do you like hardcore realistic survival simulations? Take a gander at this.

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Return to the Isle




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A long, long time ago, but I can still remember,
How the Trolling used to make me smile.
And I knew if I had my chance, I could egg on a few Trolls to "dance",
And maybe we'd be happy for a while.
But then Krackhead left and so did Klown;
Volo and Turnip were banned, Mystake got run out o' town.
Bad news on the Front Page,
BIOweenia said goodbye in a heated rage.
I can't remember if I cried
When I heard that TORN was recently fried,
But sadness touched me deep inside,
The day...Black Isle died.

For tarna, Visc, an' the rest o' the ol' Islanders that fell along the way

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Currently not enough info about the game world or story line, but just blue skying, I'll toss in:


Eternity: Lost Souls

Eternity: Shattered Souls


Of course, i have to admit nothing tops Soulyent Green yet. Nicely played, nikolokulus.

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I would keep it as Project Eternity. That sounds cool enough already.


It ALSO sounds like "James Bond Goes Into Space" instead of "medieval swords and sorcery".


There may also be some pretty nasty trademark problems with using the title "Eternity". So the game itself may have a radically different name.

Grand Rhetorist of the Obsidian Order

If you appeal to "realism" about a video game feature, you are wrong. Go back and try again.

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Whatever Obsidian wants to call it is fine by me.

Grandiose statements, cryptic warnings, blind fanboyisim and an opinion that leaves no room for argument and will never be dissuaded. Welcome to the forums, you'll go far in this place my boy, you'll go far!


The people who are a part of the "Fallout Community" have been refined and distilled over time into glittering gems of hatred.
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