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  1. Newsflash. People have different tastes in drawn art. One person likes another style and another person likes something else. I personally find Justin Sweet's art unfit for "portraits".
  2. There's a big difference in saying "you look nice today" and the stuff people posted on the stream. Try saying some of that stuff in a bar to some random girl and his boyfriend and see what happens.
  3. Signed 100%. It was seriously embarrasing to read all the f***tards on the comments. You could imagine most people commenting were under the age of 15.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLh4iHNzHHs It still pains me that they never released this game in English... As for Tingle in Project Eternity? Yeeaah, not really necessary I think, I think they should keep pop-culture references to a minimum, maybe something from Planescape or other BIS or Obsidian games if they want to but that's it.
  5. It's not only the simple case of "training harder" though. You need to have the build (ie. genes) to be a world-class athlete. A heavily build man for example won't become the next 100m world champion no matter how hard he trains. Or a short guy with short legs won't be much of a high jumper. You really cannot say that just because you are a man, you'd be a better athlete than ANY woman on the planet.
  6. Gender doesn't need to affect stats in the game, it's a minor thing. It should affect dialogue and the first impressions you make on different groups and individuals. Also, anyone who claims that men are not stronger ON AVERAGE than women is a delusional fool.
  7. The story is a major part of the "gameplay" of RPGs like Fallout, BG or Torment. Combat was easily the weakest part of Planescape: Torment and the aspect I least enjoyed about the game personally. It was all about the world, the characters and the story and your choices, combat was something to tolerate.
  8. I have to laugh when the so called "hardcore gamers" get all up in arms when someone dares to ask an easy mode in their precious game (like in the case of Dark Souls where the "fans" had an uproar when they said they would include an easier difficulty mode). The "easy mode" won't affect your enjoyment of the game, they already said they'll include the super-hard options and perma-death option. Jesus, let people enjoy the game how they want and don't be morons.
  9. Since when did Baldur's Gate 2 have a player house? Other than the De Arnise Keep? Or have I completely missed something? Anyway, an Inn which you can run for me. Loads of potential for stuff there what with people from all over the world visiting. Dealing with thieves who want some "protection money", listening to rumours, getting your party members wasted for funny dialogue, running gambling tables, making your own hooch, bribing (or murdering) corrupt city guards, bouncering troublesome adventurers, listening a bard tell tales of your grand adventures etc. the possibilities are endless.
  10. Personally I prefer the portraits of Baldur's Gate. They have more personality and emotion as they are face portraits. There was a nice amount of variety too (there were some unattractive female portraits for example).
  11. "A den of STINKING evil!" "A SKULL-BREAKER!!" Agreed. Voices add personality to characters. Korgan or Minsc wouldn't be half as funny or memorable without the voice actors' contributions for the game. I also think cutscenes could be scrolling text only with a good narrator reading it and some nice painted pictures, again like in BG2. Don't need any cinematic videos.
  12. Centaurs would be cool, not many games have them. I want a pair of mercenaries for a companion, a centaur and a dwarf (maybe even a crippled one) who go to battle as a pair. The centaur would be heavily armored tank with melee weapon and a large shield and the dwarf would ride on his/her back and fire guns or sling spells from there. Also, they would constantly argue with each other. How awesome would that be?
  13. Like Fallout and Baldur's Gate did it. Voices for the main characters in important situations, mostly just text though. A few different, short voiced greetings for not-so-important NPCs like in Baldur's Gate too.
  14. Anima Mundi Means the "world soul" in Latin. Because Latin just sounds cool. I think this thread proves that naming isn't an easy task...
  15. The most important thing to me is, that the motivations of the villain are believable and perhaps even ones you can relate to and understand the twisted logic behind them. The villain doesn't necessarily have to be super-evil, he might simply oppose your views and have a different world view / morals. That and awesome spiky, black platemail full of skulls.
  16. Thanks for the quick answers. I thought the same as you Lizard. I know I'll regret it if I don't order the boxed version now if they will be out of print after the Kickstarter.
  17. Hey fellow Obsidian fans, my first post here, although I've lurked around from time to time. As the question in the title, I'd be interested to know if the boxed version of the game will be available commercially after the release or will it only be available for Kickstarter backers? Any info on this is appreciated as I'm considering whether to fork over the $80 for the boxed version or not. Thanks.
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