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  1. As Epicurus said, soul is an unknown thing made of unknown material needed for unknown purpose.
  2. In theory it could make an useful feature. Not to make a Diablo controls, but eg. to move multiple characters simultaneously in one direction without changing their formation. The idea of Diablo- like attacks in a game similar to Infinity games is, however, complete nonsense. With a little luck maybe also incompatible with the combat mechanics. edit: My previous graphical depictions of what I think about OP suggestion were eaten by a dragon, so I must write it once again. I completely disagree with what OP wrote. I assume he has either terribily bad taste or writes here with very, ver
  3. If the camera will turn out to be as bad as in DA or NWN2, I won't even touch PE. I won't even bother myself with purchasing it from TPB. That's what I think about isometric games with fully rotatable 3D camera. Bonus negative points if it's also fixed to a character.
  4. Joker_and_here_we_go.gif I have reasons to believe, this guy lives in his own world and shouldn't be treated seriously. Check his intelectual gems from Food thread. I omit his mutually exclusive statements, where he has nothing against limited things (just walking out from partially exterminated location ruines his immershun)
  5. Limited ammuniton for everything. Unlimited ammo is almost the same thing as god- mode. At least as long as it isn't about items rare, magical and very expensive. In other thread someone wanted unlimited ammo, because otherwise, after running out of arrows, he'd have to walk out of dungeon to buy more. A game punishing for bad management, scandalous, isnt it? Wouldn't mind if Eternity brought some suffering to those all lazy mindless casuals.
  6. Amazing what people are capable to write, to protect piles of pixels from virtual abuse. Yeah, no gender or racial discrimination, no abuse, no slavery, none of real things which are maybe an important part of fictional world. Death and wounds also have to be removed to stop you from worrying, or maybe you let it mercyfully be? I thought Eternity isn't planned to be about LARPing a hero in a toy world full of candies and correctness.
  7. Well I guess? I did do a lot of walking around as you have to go to a lot of random places to complete quests and you can't fast travel to places you haven't been to. I suppose that's a separate thing to exploration? Since you aren't just randomly around looking for things to see and do? I'm not sure how level scaling relates to exploration though. I thought even a man of a simple mind could see scaling being directly related to exploration. Basically there's no point in walking around to check dungeons, since every place has the same set of scaled enemies and the same sca
  8. YOU CAN BE WHOEVER YOU WANT DO ANYTHING YOU WANT GOTY 2011 BEST GAME EVARRR Level scaling was one of the major flaws of Skyrim. It killed any motivation to explore the world, unless someone enjoys walking for walkings sake.
  9. There is no such thing like a game with properly developed level scaling. In the end it concludes to rats turning into either dragons or epic rats. Keep this crap away from this game and leave it for Bethesda.
  10. Totally on player skill. You should have known the all classic cRPGs were meant to look like modern FPPs. Only the technical limitations didn't allow for that.
  11. If you're unable to manage your resources right, especially before a long dungeon raid, you deserve for every penalty.
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