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  1. I know I'm necroing a post, but the post I made got removed for some reason. I still have this problem, or one like this at any rate. The game will freeze for asinine periods of time. For example, loading screens take way longer than they should. Simply pressing "Options" in the main menu causes a 10 sec freeze. When I EVENTUALLY get into character creation, switching from options, such as male to female etc, can take up to 2 minutes before the freeze stops. Don't have any network except my wired one. Disabling the network card doesn't work. Disabling Ipv6 protocol doesn't work. My hardware is sound, so it's not performance related, can't be network related, the game worked on launch (relatively, had other issues then, instead of these freezes I'd have micro-freezes during combat. I attributed it to my 1gb vram at the time and have since bought a new gpu), so I have no idea what might be causing it, and I can't find anyone with the same issue. Anyone help, please? EDIT: This thread is closest to describing the issues I'm seeing http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/70629-435-freeze-on-interaction-with-character-creator/ It's from well over a year ago and it still hasn't been fixed. I'm getting very tired of this considering I dropped a lot of money on this game because I wanted to support it, and I can't even play it. The ONLY solutions I can find online are "disable your hamachi"-esque responses. First of all I shouldn't even have to do that, because the game SHOULD work without doing that, and secondly I don't even have hamachi installed, or any other similar thing. This is ridiculous. I'm also salty over the fact that my topic I posted on this issue before christmas was removed, I don't know why. I just know I can't find it at all and it's not in my profile anywhere. Does anyone know if I can contact someone over at obsidian and get direct support? Reading through forum posts is getting me nowhere and neither did asking about it before. EDIT 2: Found another thread where the first post describes almost exactly what I'm experiencing. These problems persist WELL after Beta. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67805-character-creation-extreme-lag/
  2. Amazing, if I wasn't excited before, I sure am now. I'm looking forward to these art updates, especially because of the humor aspect.
  3. The experience is very much enhanced by having played the original though. When you go into KotOR 2 without knowing who HK-47 is, you're missing out.
  4. Hugo in Lost is a hero I didn't read any more by the way, sorry for the context. Hugo isn't what I'd call a hero. Still one of the best characters in the show though.
  5. If you buy the strategy guides for the games, there's some solid info on the skills and stats of everything. If you are ready to do some tinkering to make it work with your desired system, that could be worth looking in to. That said, I've never touched a Pen and Paper RPG before so I don't know how hard it would be to implement.
  6. I finished KotOR 2 before 1 and I must say, it is confusing as all hell if you don't have the wiki to help you. To be safe, play KotOR 1 first. I think you'll be able to appreciate the plot points better then. That said, KotOR 2 has some amazing writing in it's own right, especially if you listen to Kreia.
  7. Not to burst your bubble or anything, but there's a logical reason as to why the hero is quite often not a big guy or gal. It's because he/she is the hero! When you're fighting the forces of evil everyday, you would need to eat A METRIC TON to put on weight at all. Not to mention the fact that it would be pretty impractical if the whole party had to stop every few minutes because the main character has no cardio what so ever. I don't mind NPCs that are large and I certainly don't think every character has to be a supermodel, but the main character as a fat person would just be nonsensical. This isn't a question of acceptance, I'm fat myself. This is just a matter of common sense. Also, what? Healthy body image? Being overweight is not healthy, doesn't matter how you spin the issue. This whole "everyone's a princess" mentality is getting on my nerves.
  8. Remember that you could make armor types that are combinations of other armor types. An example would be the Champion Mage armor from Dragon Age 2, in that set the chest is leather while the shoulders, gloves and kneecaps etc are made of plate. I feel like if you made a system where you could upgrade your armor in this way would be cool. Let's say I'm a mage who thinks robes are for sissies, since there are no logical reasons for wearing them. Let's say that I choose to wear something like a magyfied* leather armor. It would be cool if I could go to a smith with my [seer's Cuirass(Leather)] and attach some plate to it, perhaps some neat shoulders. Maybe it could then become a [Reinforced Seer's Cuirass(Leather+Plate)], the appropriate dexterity values and stuff could be altered accordingly, since the mage is now not wearing full plate, just small pieces. Just my two cents. * = made to look like it's for mages. Lots of strips of cloth and stuff everywhere.
  9. I'm stuck between KotOR 2 or The Witcher 2... I think however, in the end, I'm going to let nostalgia and Kreia win me over. KotOR 2 is my choice.
  10. Sorry, I read it completely wrong, I don't know how it happened. I read it as 1 mil when in reality it was 100k, like some of you pointed out with unnecessary bruteness. I still think it's a bit peculiar that one developer is a stretch goal though. 100k isn't all that ridiculous for one developer I guess. It's about 8000 USD a month for a year, which is still a lot of money, but not for a veteran designer. It's still a bit weird though, I think.
  11. In what way is a single developer worth a million dollars? No, in my opinion you should change that goal to something worthwhile.
  12. I think the most important thing is to make gold less frequent. A problem I had in Skyrim was that a beggar could eat for a week on only 5 gold, and yet within an hour of play I could easily make 1000+ gold from doing basically nothing. I'd like gold to be a bit harder to come by, or atleast make the amounts you aquire less extravagant.
  13. Keep in mind people, that all of this would be optional, I can't stress that enough, I wouldn't want them to ruin the game for everyone who liked the classic feel of Baldur's Gate and company. The only problems that could arise would be if the alternate control methods couldn't be implemented because of how the game works at it's core. I don't see an optional control method as having to change that core to make it work, I would rather that they mold the optional method to suit the core. All I'm really looking for is a way to get even more immersed in Obsidian's marvellous storylines, the old IE games don't do that for me though :/ No matter what though, I'd still gladly pay 60+ dollars for this.
  14. No, I don't write here with "bad intentions", and taste is entirerly subjective. The click to attack thing was covered by someone on page one, saying that it would screw with the attack speed, I hadn't accounted for that, which makes my suggestion in retrospect rather silly. I'd still like to move by simply holding the mouse though. Besides all that though, what you said was completely uncalled for, I would have thought the Obsidian forums would be a bit friendlier than your average forum. You can disagree however you like, just keep the personal attacks against "my taste" out of it.
  15. I don't see what the problem is to be honest, if Obsidian doesn't want to do it, fine, but this is a suggestion for an OPTIONAL feature, exactly what is negative about it, is there any reason for them NOT to do it? Because I see none, and you guys haven't presented me with one.
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