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  1. People should be more concerned about achieving real stuff and not so much about videogame achievements.
  2. No VO. Unless everybody speaks Simlish. Choo wagga choo choo Blursh! Meshaloob! Blursh! Benzi chibna looble bazebni gweb
  3. I must say that Voyager is my favourite of all ST series. It has its weak points too but I found it rather enjoyable compared to stuff like DS9. Or Enterprise. I do prefer Stargate though. Any of it non cartoon incarnations. Where is the reboot???? Still too soon? Just make sure it's not like the "I want to be Star Wars" reboot of Star Trek... Er... and PoE is not mediocre. Because I say so. There. Not totally off-topic.
  4. I'd go for 4.5 but that not being an option, maths say that I must round up to 5. Which is ok to me because clocking more than 140 hours with it in the first weeks is a good sign in my book. Some more patches (as needed) to fix what's broken, improve some of the stuff and then for "Wheel of the Betrayer" or "Storms of Adra" or "Champions of the Vailian Republics" or ... whatever name for the expansion.
  5. "I would also say that any sufficiently mediocre game is indistinguishable from a bad one" Ignorance! Ignorance! Seriously. Also, DoW II portraits? Really? That broke my immersion of the review. Worst game by Obsidian? Haha. To each his own, of course.
  6. You don't fix it. Should we remove classes because some people may not use them ever? Do you force level scaling so completionists don't feel less challenged for doing all the content they can find? You have content and let the players play it in any way they like. Maybe some people should do more content in their playthrough, others should do less (specially if they plan to do more than one). Altough going completionist in a non level scaling game and then complaining about it becoming easy... *shrugs* To each his own. Hell, maybe Obsidian should sell the game only to selected people. "Do you have your hardcore ID? Yes? Ok, you can buy/play the game. You don't? Sorry, you are going to waste our content.". I'll play in any difficulty I want and no one has the authority to tell me how to have fun and/or with what I should be having fun or if I fit their subjective labels. And don't get me started on people having different skill levels and such.
  7. Fighter. Since Neverwinter Nights I have the tradition of starting each new rpg I play (and that allows it) with a sword dual wielding fighter. Also, it's one of my favourite classes. Hell, I'm doing a full fighter party playthrough right now (tank, melee dps, ranged dps).
  8. Main playthrough is about 93 hours and still pending: -Levels 8-15 Od Nua. -Lighthouse what? -Some companion quests like Sagani's. -Two of the initial four bounties (not sure what's after those). -Birds. -Jump into endgame after making a choice. I have "wasted" some time reading the cyclo... er... bestiary. Checking recipes, gear, debating with myself about why sadly I must remove Sagani from the team, sightseeing, stuck in some conversation screens trying to decide what to choose, shopping, defending the stronghold,....
  9. I'll let you guess. Here is a hint: http://i.imgur.com/z6nxbSB.jpg
  10. Aliens. But without being Aliens because licensing. So.. "Xenos". Or something. Recycle whatever they had before Sega cancelled it.
  11. I go dual wielding swords but anything else (maces for DR could be sweet) including ranged should work. Other classes being better at those is irrelevenat unless you must go for most efficient/effective OR difficulty setting (PotD?). No knockdown but disicplined barrage (which I wish I could get extra charges much like you can with knockdown) so you get boost to accuracy early. Weapon focus/specialzation for extra accuray/damage. Modal for DR. Stuff like Unbroken for the protection side of things because damage happens. Mostly in bosses/bounties. A DPS fighter is good. A rogue would be better but fighter is still good if you like the style. In my party, only Aloth (which has never left the party since he joined) is close to damage done*. Sagani was raising fast for a late comer but I have switched for Pallegina in last part of the game (need more melee to distract big ogres and stuff like that while Aloth and Mother do their mumbo jumbo). * and only Edér is close to damage received....
  12. When you have classes and all those fancy skills, talents and such... yeah, combat better be a big focus or you have been wasting in those. I do like this combat system, barely ever use any potion, never food (yet?). The story part? I like it too and it has been a very long while since I have been staring at some conversation screen trying to decide what to choose because of story consequences (inmediate ones at least as with almost 90 hours, I haven't finished the game yet). TO each his own and I'm having fun with this game. If only I could manage to figure out how to make a wizard I'd like to play... becuse as in IE games, I don't like wizards. XD
  13. Stronghold event list: change the "ORDER BY" to "DESC", please. Recent events? Up! Up! Up! The expansion thing, I would not mind they giving it away for free to all the backers but some of us paid for it. And while I'm extremely happy wit the product (in a reasonable way) and sharing the joys of the expansion with KS backers would be nice, money was paid. I'd not be butthurt but I'm not everybody else...
  14. 79.5 hours to finish Act II (and Od Nua level VIII pending on a fampyr). Bugs suffered: Edér got a minor stats improvements, sanitarium buggy hostility, visual effects (mostly strikes?) seem to be off but with my crappy rig who knows. Not sure if NPC stats resetting after coming back to the party is bug or feature (should read the manual, I guess). And yet, you are still a fan of yourself, dear customer. Every game released gets the usual "gamer" who complains about buggy releases and how he is never to buy again or some other similar stuff. And yet, people still buys. Maybe a thread to vent... offer feedback, is not the answer you were looking for. Hail Dwarf Fortress' development cycle!!!
  15. I read that Steam achievements are to be doable. All of them. If it cannot be achieved, you cannot have an achievement for it. For reference, I read about it for the Impossible/IronMan achievement in XCOM:EU, where a single tester made it before release.
  16. It does for Obsidian, they wanted to use this KS and game to finally get rid of publishers and their rules. They would have to sell to super duper level to get rid of them for all their future titles. KS is good for ideas that publishers are too picky about. But to fund PoE 2 without punlishers or KS again, they would need good sales of PoE beyond the KS backers. Very good sales? Tanks, cards... those seem fine for traditional model of being paid by big guys. Maybe cRPGs have a comeback to the mainstream... with all the risks of watering-down/streamlining involved by the big bucks.
  17. My sword dualwielding high dex fighter (in Normal) ended using heavy armor and perk to reduce penalty because sometimes enemies hate her, Edér cannot simply engage everybody,... Even with it, she's almost over 2k damage received compared to Edér (that guy has quite better defenses with the shield and all) so I don't want to think what the number would be using light/medium as in the very beginning. That said, I'm not unhappy.
  18. Killing children in a videogame is bad but killing adults is ok? Context matter not too? Dude, why don't videogame villians make armies of children? Hell, videogame villians should try to conquer the world WHILE they are still children. "U can't touch this!"
  19. Sex not meant to produce offspring is meant to be done for fun. Not that I think that prostitutes get much fun out of some random dude/dudette but they do it for money anyway. Are you implying that people are such idiots that they will try to get "bonuses" in real life by imitating the use of prostitutes in a videogame? Should we be shaming Obsidian for including killing in the game too? Just saying...
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