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Best game themes


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Hard choice to make, many games have memorable main themes. My favorite is probably the one from the Unreal Tournament series (I make no discrimination here, I like the remixed versions from UT2004 and UT3 just as much as the original theme). I clocked a lot of hours in these games so I've heard the theme a ridiculous amount of times.


UT99 theme:

UT2004 theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViTKJFhffKY

UT3 theme:

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I always loved this track from TA - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qP2spT0TwCw

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Self-censorship is the worst form of censorship. nono.gif


I was afraid of getting disqualified for posting non-theme themes! :thumbsup:



I was thinking more along the lines of:


Battle at Eden Prime


And since I can't find the second one I really would have liked to post, the Feros Battle track, here's a bonus non-action track:

You're a cheery wee bugger, Nep. Have I ever said that?


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The Tropico 1 music, here's the main theme:


So goddamn awesome, definetely one of the best soundtracks I know of. Tropico 3 is gonna be great just for the fact that it will include music in the same style. It'd be awesome if someone figures out how to put the Tropico 1 music (including the expansion music) into Tropico 3. Then we'd have like 45 tracks of pure awesome.

Listen to my home-made recordings (some original songs, some not): http://www.youtube.c...low=grid&view=0

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