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  1. Is there any way to prevent the 3-rings? Also, does it damage/ruin HDD? Want to know please because I really don't want to lose my Reach data if this happens to me.
  2. And George Lucas says the opposite of that, so who cares about what Kreia has to say? Apart from that, how could Kreia talk about the characters from the movies, when those happened almost 4000 years after her death? She was obviously talking about everyone until KOTOR, though I don't think that she was all that consistent in her comments. If Revan was like the heart of the force, how would the ancient Jedi and Sith be that far ahead of everyone? History always tends to glorify people who are long gone. I'd say Kreia is kind of guilty of that as well. This does make sense, considering that the supposed "Grand Masters" of the Jedi from KOTOR II are pushovers (except possibly Vrook).
  3. 1. Mace Windu (he did Create form 7 after all) 2. Palpatine (he can almost fly) 3.Anakin-would be Yoda if he wasn't the height of a 5-year-old. 4.Revan/ possibly Bane 5. Whoever didn't win out in 4.
  4. judging by the intro and the first two areas, it's crap. I think it's a very poor story, for a first chapter, that is. maybe it gets better. the game itself is beautiful, though. a very good engine. the only problem is character animation. the hero look like a cripple when running So its like a changed up Fable?
  5. kingofsquid


    Why is it outside the mental capacities of NK to negotiate a reasonable solution? These days common sense is rarer than capable presidents. THESE MEANS YOU Barack Hussein Obama!!! and bush.
  6. Finally got Halo:Reach and am a Warrant Officer Grade 2, no Xbox LIVE but its still good fun (splitscreen and campaign) : How does matchmaking work, anyways?
  7. balancin between Fable: The Lost Chapters and my Infiltrator on Mass Effect 2
  8. I'm working between ME2 and Assassin's Creed II (not borrowed now).
  9. Borrowed AC II from friend. Very fun.
  10. Playing Soul Calibur IV. Yes, dat is all
  11. Moar! Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.
  12. Watched the Semifinals of My state's high school basketball tournament. The team from my area lost by 4 points. Crap-o-rama. Also I changed my avatar. Boring day...
  13. Insanity, and Force Storm, except when you get low on health in the Sith Cave glitch (Like there I use Storm>Storm>Storm>Storm>Death Field>Storm)
  14. BioShock > Assassin's Creed, Oblivion, Fable. (Cause BioShock gets a movie!) See?
  15. Currently alternating between CoD4 on Veteran, Mass Effect (didn't see the whole thing coming), and BioShock. Hey stupid question: After you install a game to Hard Drive on 360, does delete from HD uninstall it, or just delete the whole game, data and all?
  16. 1. CoD 4: Modern Warfare 2. Mass Effect 3. Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne 4. Empire at War: FoC 5. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption 6. Kotor 2 7. Lord of the Rings Conquest 8. Star Wars Battlefront 2 9. Assassin's Creed 10. Fable
  17. I beat COD4 and am playing ME. BTW, If anyone has the game Left Behind: Eternal Forces (strategy game based on the Christian book series), let me know.
  18. Umm.... Sorry for getting to a response so late.... But, I have a Bible in my lap, and That's not the impression that I get. I get the impression that Jesus means that the rich are not instantly damned, but they (generalization) focus so much on their money that they do not accept salvation. Yes, I am a Baptist.
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