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  1. @Pop-Spam is not appreciated. @Purkake-Can i re install without losing my saves? I have like 35. And TZ is the leader of the Zann Consortium, which I am playing the campaign of, in which I got this taks.
  2. Um, yeah, I was looking for some help, because i suspect a missing file or two. And I am desperate.
  3. Currently I am looking for help with EaW expansion. So I can finish it.
  4. Er. Just a basic knowledge of how to start a ground battle. Geez. Anybody with anything helpful??????
  5. Very.....nice avatar. DO THAT ARM THING!

  6. Hey, I feel ya, I have to reinstall Age of Empires if I want to play it. Hope you can find some help, sorry, I can't.
  7. I need some help. On EaW: Forces of Corruption, I have gotten to the part where my task is to "build a ground force including Tyber Zann and Urai Fen, and move it to Bespin to begin a ground battle". Now, I have built the force, moved it to bespin orbit, and tried to drop it on the ground, but it stays in orbit. Will not move into Ground Spot. At all. Help, please, because I really enjoy this campaign and want to see the Eclipse.
  8. Madison, Mississippi? Is that in northern, southern or middle MS?

  9. Well, later, once you are at Nar Shaddaa, you will face a thing as soon as you leave your ship, and you may well have a bug if you don't get a FP option there.
  10. Well, Silver is pretty rare, but at is the best place.
  11. Star Wars game music is good as a whole, but it never differs. Seriously, I am currently hearing a track on Empire at War that I heard on Rebel Strike and Jedi Academy, and Episode 5.
  12. Ah. Interesting. Well, if my lucks good Ill get it today, if not, i don't know when.
  13. RRODs suck. Hey, BTW, also on ebay I found a 360 RRod repair ebook, Buy it Now only for $0.99 USD. I have an RROD story, but, only if you ask. Now then, to post before this, I MIGHT be interested, but as a last resort (you can understand privacy issues).
  14. Thats........OK. How much does Fable 2 and Halo 3/ODST take up.
  15. Not really playing anything, as of now, working on getting my 360.
  16. Wha? I have to BUY the memory? It doesn't come with it? That's BULL!
  17. Found a good deal for an Arcade, 6 games, and a controller bundled in one for roughly 125 dollars. Ends in about 4 hours.
  18. The Kingdom Hearts II Theme (Sanctuary ) is interesting to say the least.
  19. Vectorman....I haven't played you since my Genesis blacked out, oh Vectorman you ROCK!!!!!!!
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