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  1. Playing Civ IV as Washington, and finally was able to get Nukes, when it turns out that I can't nuke cities.
  2. I'm playing Oblivion: GotY for 360. The Shivering Isles is fun!
  3. Ow. Well, I've picked up the Left Behind series again, and I'm on Tribulation Force. Gotta admit, even for a nonreligious person, it would be a good read. Kinda creepy if you're a Christian and you think about it. Scary, even.
  4. I don't think that, but those who follow him obviously think differently and, according to his moral system, he would be. Well, yeah..... Hey, are religious threads allowed, if they don't get too....."fighty"?
  5. Right. If anybody here actually thinks Osama Bin Laden is a good, moral person, say it, I dare you.
  6. Well, you can fit a decent amount of stuff on there, just do not install games. It takes up +10 gigs for one game, Fable II takes about 12 and in the name of all things sweet and holy don't install Oblivion. I actually got mine last month, and installed 2 games, played about twenty, and have 40ish gigs left (Pro)
  7. You know, I found out about this on wikipedia Friday. And now I see it here. Quite odd. And Wrath of Dagon, I believe you are right.
  8. Well, nearing the end of AC, and I'm finishing my Mercs 2 Chris profile. Oh, and BTW, not sure if i ever mentioned this, but this WoW talk got me thinking, and if I remember correctly, Rise of the Lich King came out the day after I beat Warcraft III: TFT. Since the end of that game is Arthas becoming the Lich King, this seems odd to me.
  9. I'd have to agree. Right now free unrestricted access to infomation via the web is still common enough in all but the most restrictive countries. But with the US (since the new admin came into power) and UK starting to take measures to censor web content and restrict access to certain web sites I think we are quickly beginning to move away from that. I think more and more over the coming years we'll see governments trying to limit the information it's citizens can reach in the name of "fairness" and "balance". Well, I'm moving to Australia if the web becomes like the internet at my school. ANYTHING that could be considered offensive to ANYBODY is blocked: Youtube All Forums Every wiki but wikipedia much of wikipedia Game Cheat sites Yahoo Games Some News Sites Flickr And A WHOLE lot more
  10. Who's Mr. Squid? I am a squid, but I ain't not no none Mr. Squid.

  11. Well, tell him to play more games then. Where I live, PC gamers are nonexistent, but everybody has a 360. Speaking of 360s, I got another controller (Wal-Mart is unrealistically overpriced), so I am able to enjoy Halo 3 more now. It still sucks eggs though.
  12. Guess who? Sorry, just a bit of comedy
  13. Well, don't spoil anything, please! I'm almost done soooo... @Krookie: My best friend has AC2. He says its awesome, best game he's ever played.
  14. I'm gone for 2 months, and when I come back there's so many posts it would take a year to view em alll on dial-up. Anyway, I'm playing (ON MY 360, WOOT!) Halo 3, Fable II, and 'Creed 1. Halo 3 is disappointing. It's basically a souped-up Halo 2. Halo 2 beats it into the dust on single-player (1 360 controller+No Xbox Live= sucky Halo 3, but not 2). Assassin's Creed is nice. Graphics are amazing, and gameplay is easy enough that you can't get permanently stuck, but hard enough that you have to try, not like Halo 3. Fable II is awesome with a capital woot. They took one of the best RPGs ever made, and made it better. 'Nuff said.
  15. Replay the campaign? Checking LucasForums, thank you for making remember that I was a member.
  16. They are for the 360, he's talking about the original.... I think. Yes. And Maria Caliban is correct. I was able to get Halo 2 working JUST long enough to beat it with my profile on this Xbox. It froze once the credits started. You know, this is my fourth crapBox. 1st stopped working completely, had it for over 3 years, 2nd had for 1.5 yrs, barely would play jack, 3rd worked perfectly for an hour, then I went to church, came back, and instantly got a RROD, and now I am on my fourth, which works mediocrely
  17. I actually have the workaround for this problem. However, Lando and I happen to go way back, so I don't want a battle to take place on Bespin. Sorry, I won't help you. I believe this counts as spam.
  18. No cheats at all. That I know of.
  19. Sad? How? Please include spoiler tags.
  20. I must restate: Obama has done nothing to deserve this.
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